Yyillbis by Setheo
Titles Small Bird King of the Jungle
Nicknames Bis
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Deadwood Grotto, Misty Rainforest, Dawn Forest
Size Medium
Relatives Great Maccao
Signature Move Spin Attack
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator Setheo


Yyillbis resembles a mix of Avian and Raptorial Bird Wyverns, it has a big, sharp yellow beak, small wings, strong hindlegs and a feathery tail that will open when the monster gets enraged. Yyillbis is covered in bright plumage that is orange at its sides, bluegreen on its tail and green on its back.


They're aggresive wyverns that hunt in pairs. This way, they can manage to tackle down bigger prey or even steal food from more powerful predators.


Yyillbis' wings are small and cannot be used for flight. Instead, the Bird Wyvern relies on its powerful hindlegs to outmaneuver and outspeed enemies. It will leap at the hunter, the impact being hard enough to send rocks flying around it. Quests for this monster always consist of two Yyillbis, as they hunt in pairs and one will call the other if it feels its life is in danger.

Rage and Tired State

When enraged, some of its feathers will turn red and it will call a second Yyillbis to help it fight. When tired, some of its feathers will turn a pale blue and it will use its pin attack much more often.


Same as other raptorial Bird Wyverns.

Breakable Parts/Weakness Chart

  • Head
  • Wings (each)
  • Tail x2