Yellioda by Setheo
Titles Mystery Slime Wyvern
Nicknames Yelli
General Info
Species ???
Habitats Everywhere
Size Medium
Relatives Unknown
Signature Move Goo Launch
Elements None
Ailments Status Gooey
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Ice
Creator Setheo


Yellioda is a very strange monster, so much that it remains unclassified until this day. This oddity of nature has a viscous, almost fluid white-gray body with small legs. The yellowish green veins on its body glimmer faintly, this turns into a vivid glow at night. The monster has a symbiotic relationship with plants, attaching leaves to its body with which it can produce photosynthesis if food is scarce. Because of this, their appearance varies depending where it's found. Those living in deserts will have cacti attached to their bodies, while those that live in rainforest have tropical plants instead. Their tails are thick, the fatter the tail the healthier the monster is.


Rather shy, Yellioda avoid conflict. Since their eyesight is poor, they use their other senses to hunt. Should it feel threatened, it uses its goo to escape.


Yellioda can produce a sticky fluid within its body, which it uses to trap prey. This goo is produced constantly, as it tail or body drags along the ground it leaves sticky puddles behind. It can also launch it at targets. Yellioda's main melee attacks consist of neck or tail swings.

Rage and Tired States

When tired the veins stop glowing. When enraged its gooey puddles increase in size.

Breakable Parts

  • Head
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Tail (x2, not sever)