Yamadios by Setheo
Titles Small Shining Brute Wyvern
Nicknames Dios
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Cruel Mountain, Crystal Canyon
Size Medium
Relatives Uragaan
Signature Move Light Flash
Elements Element Fire
Ailments Status Stun
Weaknesses Element Thunder Element Water
Creator Setheo


Yamadios is a medium sized Brute Wyvern with a big head, broad, stocky legs and a underbelly covered in grey spines. Huge ridges run along its head, back and tail, similar to those of Uragaan's. They can glow white/yellow, like the intrincate patters found on its head, sides and legs, creating a bright flash of light that can stun opponents. Its eyes are green.


Aggresive towards intruders, but will flee if the opponent is too strong.


Like stated before, Yamadios can create bright flashes of light to stun prey or predators. Like Uragaan, it can also curl and roll towards a target, crushing them under its weight. Yamadios wil most often attack using its body, using its size to subdue opponents. It will also bite or use its tail to attack.

Rage and Tired State

  • When enraged, its ridges and markings will shine brightly and it'll be more likely to do its flash attack.
  • When tired it will drool and it will always fall to the ground when doing its rolling attack.


Same as other Brute Wyverns.

Breakable Parts/Weakness Chart

  • Head (Twice, second time one of its head crests will be severed similarly to Barroth)
  • Back
  • Tail (sever)