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Titles Toxic Maw
Nicknames Big mouth
General Info
Species Piscine Wyvern
Habitats {{{habitats}}}
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Toxic cloak
Elements None
Ailments Poison, Paralysis
Weaknesses Thunder
Creator Nrex117


With a thick scaleless body and a large head and mouth this is a very powerful predator, but small eyes give it poor eyesight to make up for this however it has evolved it has evolved long and sensitive whisker like barbels to aid it in its search for prey. Yadsom have glands in their skin that diffuses toxic mucus as a defense against other monsters. They are able to take in oxygen through their skin when submerged.

coming soon? A large catfish like Piscine Wyvern that lurks in murky waters waiting to ambush prey with its massive maw!


They are generally lazy creature that just wait in their submerged dens, but are known to become surprisingly aggressive when hungry or agitated. Other than that not much else is known about them.


Coming soon

Rage and Tired states

Coming soon


Their slimy poisonous skin prevents them from being mounted.


They tend to inhabit dark or murky water and are commonly preyed upon by Ferrumos which is one of their few natural predators. They rarely travel on land, but will if they need to travel to another murky lake or pond.

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