Xeno Asalis
Titles Extraterrestrial Dragon
Nicknames Xeno.
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Dragonflesh Cave, Crater Forest.
Size Large
Relatives Proto Asalis
Signature Move Self Harm
Elements Element Fire
Ailments Status Defense Down Status Corrupted Poison Status Bleeding Severe Fireblight
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator YukiHerz

The Xeno Asalis is an Elder Dragon found in the Dragonflesh Cave and the Crater Forest surrounding the entrance.


Xeno Asalis has the physical build of a Teostra, their bodies are covered in multiple sharp bones and carapace, its skeletal wings feature a transparent membrane, its face has a transparent elongated dome, where the brain and two glowing eyes can be seen, it has a long tail of arrowhead-shaped bones, ending in a large razorsharp tip.

Its body is jet black, its Carapace, Wing Membranes and Dome reflect light, when enraged, its wing membranes turn into a solid red color, its carapace starts steaming and after a while they turn red, and its head dome starts phasing between yellow and red.


Xeno Asalis
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A unique dragon found in the Dragonflesh Cave and the forest surrounding its entrance, it is important that this species is controlled as otherwise they could equal the Fatalis in ecosystem destruction.

The Xeno Asalis is such a rare and powerful dragon that the guild sometimes tasks Guild Knights to take them down rather than Hunters, a lot of information about is is kept in secret, to the general public, the Xeno Asalis is a powerful dragon species that live in the Dragonflesh Cave.

What the Guild doesn't tell

The Xeno Asalis' direct ancestor was the Ultimate Predator of another, smaller, habitable planet, where it devoured every other animal, effectively killing the planet, then it used its ability to withstand and store hellish temperatures to break out of atmosphere in direction of the closest planet, dying of suffocation, and crashing into what is now the Crater Forest, ending up inside a cave, the dragon bursted into guts and blood which were sprayed around the dragonflesh cave and the crater forest, eventually tainting the environment with the regenerating tissue and a strange virus, Xeno Asalis is born in the giant beating heart in the deepest reaches of Dragonflesh Cave, as Proto Asalis.


Xeno Asalis' fire can melt down a Teostra with ease, its sharp bones and carapace rival the Shogun Ceanataur and Seregios in sharpness.

Its most well known tactic involves tearing off parts of its own body and lunging them at targets, causing great damage and creating pools of liquids that can cause poison or defense down.

When enraged it will gradually turn red, its body defenses are reduced but being close to it deals progresive damage, its attacks will also cause severe Fireblight.

When fighting under the blood lake it will also exhibit an ability to create a flamethrower-like twister with short range, it is an above-average swimmer and can hold its breath for a long time.


  • Inspired by H.R.Giger, most importantly, his work with the Alien franchise.