The World's Ravine is a place cracked open in the sea behind the Sherin Peaks by Dasamios. It is here where the battle between the great dragon is fought.

World's Ravine map


  • Base Camp: This is the inside of the Dragonship which is present for the battle with Dasamios. There is only a supply box here and once Phase 2 begins the place shifts down to Area 2 and catches fire. After 20 minutes the inside collapses, making the supplies impossible to reach.
  • Area 1: The Ringed Crater: Right in the middle of the sea, this area is easily shifted by Dasamios' hands. Some rings get pushed up while others sky high. The Dragonship's ballistae can be used to fight at a distance, but they can also be shifted. The Dragonship's Dragonator can also hit Dasamios if close enough, at the hunters own risk of course.
  • Area 2: Underworldly Chasm: A massive hellish place meant for Dasamios' true fight. From the high up ceiling pours water, or steam as it looks like. Surrounding the area are chasms and tunnels indicating how Dasamios has dug out the area. The area is at first flat, with attacks from Dasamios the earth cracks turning the advantage towards or against the hunters. Some even break up the walls in the background, expanding the area giving off a more hellish look and even more ground to stand on.


Before the Dasamios arrived this was nothing but sea that surrounded the once known Sherin Forest and nothing more. But, the day the Dasamios decided to emerge from the depths of the world at this spot the place was changed. The quakes it created cracked the very earth and forged mountains on the coastline and devastated life on the north forest. And in the spot where Dasamios broke out became a gaping fiery hole that acted like a volcano. The hole became known as the World's Ravine, and thanks to it the Sherin Forest became the Sherin Peaks, a place which became notorious thanks to the newfound presence of the species known as Cantios that where attracted to the place thanks to the appearance of Undrea ailment substances in the area and the different environmental traits the place has.

The World's Ravine's clouds are mostly from Dasamios, which blots out the blue skies above, leaving the Sherin Peaks in a dull light.


Thanks to YukiHerz for the map.

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