Witch Royal Ludroth
Titles Ghoul Eater

Witch Species

Nicknames Witch Luddy
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Towers, Ruins, Dragonflesh Cave
Size Large
Relatives Royal Ludroth
Signature Move Spring Bite
Elements Element Fire Element Water Element Ice
Ailments Severe Fireblight Severe Waterblight Severe Iceblight

Status Paralysis Status Poison Status Defense Down

Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator YukiHerz
 The Witch Royal Ludroth is a powerful variant of Royal Ludroth fought only in G-Rank.


Normally, its shape is the same as Royal Ludroth's, but the Witch Ludroth can also expand and shrink itself length-wise, being able to reach 5 times its original size while expanded, and propeling itself forward after shrinking.

Its body features a color combination of a Black Mane with Red and Blue spots, a White Face, Legs, Spikes and Crown, Red Spikes growing from behind its neck and blue tail, the Red and Blue spots may change color during the fight, when they are all Blue it uses Ice, when they are Red it uses Fire and when they are both Red and Blue it uses Water.


Witch Royal Ludroth
Witch Royal Ludroth Icon by TheBrilliantLance
The Witch Royal Ludroth is a variant of Royal Ludroth with powerful elemental and ailment moves.


This monster changes the element it uses during the fight, signaled by the change of color on the spots of its mane, it only uses water when enraged.

When using Fire, its can launch fireballs, use a flamethrower and a fiery bite, when its using ice it focuses on AoE moves and melee attacks combined with ice element and when it uses water it can utilize a variety of moves that counter most fighting styles and starts utilizing the Spring Coil move, where it shrinks and launches itself towards a target trying to bite, sometimes it will also expand while launched for extra reach.

WHen weak or hungry, it will start secreting ailment-inducing liquids, adding Poison, Paralysis or Defense Down to its melee attacks.


Icon Name Description
Scale Icon White Witch Ludroth Scale The milky white scale of a sweets witch, can be processed into edible cream.
Claw Icon White Witch Ludroth Claw Flexible yet sharp and durable.
Monster Parts Icon Black Witch Ludroth Mane The spotted mane of a Witch Royal Ludroth, the spots change color with electric stimulus.
Bone Icon Dark Red Witch Ludroth Crown The red spikes of a Witch Ludroth, they are actually candy-like edibles.
Medicine Icon Red Witch Extract The blood of a witch, adds a cherry taste.
Bone Icon Blue Hollow Tail The hollow tail of a Witch Ludroth, can be used as a cup.


Icon Name Description
Long Sword Icon Magenta Candystick A long stick covered in solid candy.
Raw: 320 Sharpness: White Ailment:Defense Down, 60%
Dual Blades Icon Magenta Caneblades These dual swords are based on Christmas candy canes, but with a new flavor that's cool in the Summer!
Raw: 305 Sharpness: White Ailment:Defense Down, 30%
Gunlance Icon Magenta Sweet Cup Don't play with food! except this Lao-Shan sized ice cream cup, produces cream explosions!
Raw: 390 Sharpness: White Ailment:Defense Down, 50%


  • It is based on the earlier Jester Ludroth and Bebe/Charlotte from Madoka Magica(Which is also the base for Witch Gobul).