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This is the Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter Advance

Wilolu Render by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Accursed Beast
Nicknames Wilo, Lolu,
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Arcane Forest, Paleozoic Mountains, Pride Savannah, The Outlands, Drenched Jungle, Bitterchilled Wastes, Scorched Mountain, White Sands, Stratos Tower
Size Large
Relatives Blangonga? Rajang?
Signature Move Dragon Spray Breath
Elements Dragon
Ailments Dragonblight
Weaknesses Dragon
Creator Gojira57 (Now adopted by T1GREXHUNTER

Wilolu is a Fanged Beast and the Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter Advance.

Wilolu Icon by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting) A Fanged Beast that is highly aggressive and relentless, and unique for using the Dragon element. It is known to make it's bone littered den in caves of any habitat. It's presence near a village is a cause for alarm, due to it not being above killing people if given the chance. Suprisingly intelligent despite it's brutish nature and appearance.


It is a large, primate like fanged beast, with a stance similar to a Rajang or Blangonga, but with large amounts of golden fur on it's back, black and red hide, Red claws, a long prehensile tail, and a wolf skull like face. It is known to take a bipedal stance every so often, but is more often found walking on all fours.


As well as having Brute Physical strength, suprising agility, and a frightening intelligence, the Wilolu is unique in the Fanged Beast Class for using the Dragon Element, in the form of different skills, such as "Dragon Claw attacks" and a "Dragon Pulse".  It's tail can grab opponets as well, and is stronger in strength than it looks.


It is a highly aggressive, and relentless monster. It will not back down from a fight with a potential threat.

It is known to make it's den in caves of a given environment it is inhabiting, which it litters with bones of it's previous victims, and makes marks on nearby objects in the territory with it's claws and teeth, to mark it's territory, which it can find it's way back to using it's sense of smell, to find it's den, which it "Scent marks" with a "Musk gland" it has.

It is also not above eating people, and has been known to have killed many people, including careless hunters.



Wilolu is a powerful Fanged Beast, a group of monsters that include similar monsters like Blangonga and Rajang.

Habitat Range

Due to it's adaptable nature, Wilolu is found in nearly every environment, including the freezing Glacial Spears, and the hot Crimson Abyss. It prefers to live in temperate and cold environments, the latter for the reasoning of using the naturally cold temperatures in the "Ice Caves" it makes it's dens in as a natural "Refrigerator" of sorts, to keep the meat of it's killed prey fresh.

Ecological Niche

In almost any conceiveable habitat that the Wilolu finds itself in, it can easily assert itself as an apex predator of the surrounding area. It's nature and adaptations allow for it to prey on anything it can outpower. This includes smaller monsters, such as Velociprey, Jaggi, Maccao, Giaprey, Kelbi, Gargwa, Rhenoplos and other prey items it can find, but it will go for bigger, more powerful prey if need be, and they are omnivores, so they will eat anything they need to. They also have been known to eat Dragonfell berries in large amounts.

It does have to compete with equally fearsome monsters, such as Zinogre, Tigrex, Khezu, Rathalos/Rathian, Rajang, Lavasioth, Yian Garuga, the occasional Deviljho, and perhaps even certain elder dragons. Deviljho is said to be a major threat and enemy of Wilolu, next to Rajang, but with it's brute power, fearsome intelligence, and powerful adaptations, the Wilolu will not go without a fight for sure.

Biological Adaptations

Wilolu has many deadly adaptations on it's side, along with it's brute force and high intelligence.

It's Tail, for starters, is prehensile, like a monkey's, and can grip objects with great strength and can throw even hunters that are caught in it's grasp like ragdolls. The Wilolu has, on at least one occasion, been seen using it's strong tail to keep a Deviljho's jaws closed forcefully while the Fanged Beast attacked with it's claws to rip out the deviljho's throat.

The Most unique adaptation of the Wilolu species, however, is the ability to control the Dragon Element. This ability is often only associated with Wyverns and Elder Dragons, but the Wilolu can actually manipulate the Dragon Element in different forms, be it a spray of "Dragon Mist" from it's mouth, a Dragon Beam, like a Gravios' fire beam, or even a "Dragon Pulse" that affects a wide area around the Wilolu's body. How the species evolved the ability is a mystery, but it is commonly known that it weilds the element to deadly effect! Their consumption of Dragonfell Berries in large ammounts could be a reason for their ability, but this has not been proven as of yet.

The Wilolu, like Rajang, is very fast and nimble for their size (which is between the average size of a Rajang and that of a Deviljho, so its not too small, but not too large either). They can leap tremendous distances and run quickly, and have good stamina and endurance, so while they might not catch up to their prey at first, they will eventually, as the prey slows down from exhaustion.

When enraged, a Wilolu's face will be surrounded by a mask of Dragon element, similar to a Savage Deviljho in rage mode. In this state, a Wilolu is extremely dangerous, and will act more savage and become more unpredictable than it was before.

Wilolus also have musk glands that they use to "Scent mark", their den and territory to tell other Wilolus to back away, or be killed savagely.


Because of their Aggressive, and Relentless behavior, one may overlook the fact that the species is actually intelligent and crafty to at least some degree. But because they have no qualms with brutally killing and eating people, a Wilolu making it's lair near a settlement is a cause for severe alarm.

They often make their lairs in caves and caverns and scent mark their dens and territory, as well as making claw and teeth marks on surfaces like trees and rocks to show it is their territory.


It's adaptable nature means it can appear in any environment, save for areas like the Autumn Hills. This is due to the fact that the Autumn Hills are located too close to the Guild HQ, so hunters try to push Wilolu out if they try to enter.


Dragons Dogma OST(4) The Three Chimera's Heads Boss Battle Theme

Dragons Dogma OST(4) The Three Chimera's Heads Boss Battle Theme

Wilolu Materials

Low Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Fang Icon Yellow
Wilolu Fang A Fang form an accursed beast. Meat is sliced, while bone is crunched.
Claw Icon Yellow
Wilolu Claw A Claw from an accursed beast. Rends flesh like a knife through butter.
Hide Icon Black
Wilolu Pelt A Black, leather like pelt from an accursed beast. More often than not splattered with red blood.
Hide Icon Yellow
Wilolu Goldenfur A Beautiful Gold patch of fur that makes it seem hard to beleive it came from an accursed beast. Stinks like death however....
Monster Parts Icon Yellow
Wilolu Tail The Prehensile and strong tail of a Wilolu. Can send hunters flying with one swing!
Monster Parts Icon White
Wilolu Head The Terrifying Head of a Wilolu is enough to send even Wyverns running for their mothers!
Ball Icon Red
Wilolu Heart The Heart of a Wilolu is disturbing to look at, but a commodity in Revalius!
High Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Fang Icon Yellow
Wilolu Fang+ Beware the Fang that Slices flesh, and crunches bone to dust!
Claw Icon Yellow
Wilolu Claw+ Beware the Claw that rends flesh, and breaks bone!
Hide Icon Black
Wilolu Pelt+ A Wilolu pelt that is stronger than normal, but still is ugly to look at.
Hide Icon Yellow
Wilolu Golden Fur A Beautiful Gold patch of fur that makes it seem hard to beleive it came from an accursed beast. Stinks like death however....
Monster Parts Icon Yellow
Wilolu Tail The Prehensile and strong tail of a Wilolu. Can send hunters flying with one swing!
Monster Parts Icon White
Wilolu Head The Terrifying Head of a Wilolu is enough to send even Wyverns running for their mothers!
Ball Icon Red
Wilolu Heart The Heart of a Wilolu is disturbing to look at, but a commodity in Revalius!
Ball Icon Dark Red
Wilolu Blood Gem A Blood Red Gem form inside the Wilolu's body. Pretty enough, but superstitions prevent it from being sold on the market!
G-Rank Materials
Fang Icon Yellow
Wilolu Bonecruncher Bones of many hunters were crunched to dust by this Wilolu fang.
Claw Icon Yellow
Wilolu Fleshcarver The Flesh of many hunters were rended by this Wilolu claw.
Hide Icon Black
Wilolu Ebon Piel A Black pelt of a Wilolu that is top quality, but stinks like death!
Hide Icon Yellow
Wilolu Lunar Pelt. Golden Fur that glows like the moon in the sky. Rivals even a Gold Rathian's Scales in terms of beauty, despite the stench it often carries.
Monster Parts Icon Yellow
Wilolu Lash A Top Quality Tail of a Wilolu. Strong, yet verastile.
Monster Parts Icon White
Wilolu Skullhead Top Quality Head of a Wilolu. It's looks scare even the bravest Monsters away.
Ball Icon Red
Wilolu Heart The Heart of a Wilolu is disturbing to look at, but a commodity in Revalius!
Ball Icon Dark Red
Wilolu Large Blood Gem A Large Blood red Gem from inside the Wilolu. Said to hold a dark power.

Fan Game Appearances

  • Monster Hunter Advance (as Flagship monster)

Fan Fiction appearances

  • A Wilolu appears in Monster Hunter Hurricurse 1: Journey.


NOTE: Feel free to suggest moves!

Low Rank and Above

Normal Moves

  • Menacing Roar: Will Roar in the fashion of a Rajang or Blangonga, which requires Earplugs to block.
  • Leaping Pummel: Will Leap at the target and attempt to pummel it with it's fist.
  • Tail Grab: Will Attempt to grab a target that is behind it with it's tail, resulting in a pin attack that ends with the Wilolu throwing the target in a random direction, or, more often than not, at another target.
  • Crushing Claw: Will attempt to smash the target with it's right or left claws.
  • Claw Swipe: Will Swipe it's claws repeatedly.
  • Quake Smash: Will smash the ground in the fashion of a Blangonga, causing tremors.
  • Spinning Claw: Will Spin around and around with it's claws out. Often trips after a while, more sooner when fatigued.
  • Spin Jump Attack: Will Jump in the air, spinning forward, doing heavy damage to anything it hits in the process.
  • Excavate and Throw Away: Will reach into the ground and dig up one of various, area dependent types of objects, and throw them at a target. (like Bones, Logs, Boulders, etc.)
  • YOU MAKE ME FURIOUS!: Used when entering Rage mode. Will Start to hit the ground repeatedly, and it's face will be covered in a mask of dragon element, and it will roar. The hits to the ground cause tremors.

Rage Mode Only Moves

All Moves carry on in rage mode, but the ones using it's fists, claws, etc., will have dragon element properties added.

  • Dragon Spray Breath: Will Breath out a spray of "Dragon Element Mist" in a sweeping motion to the left or right. (Dragonblight)
  • Dragon Pulse: Just before the end of it's rage mode, The Wilolu will Release a Pulse of Dragon Element in an Area of Effect Circle around it's body that does heavy damage to those in range of the blast. Depending on the rank, the Pulse reaches farther out. (Dragonblight)

G-Rank only

Rage Mode only moves

  • Dragon Shockwave: Will Cover it's fists in dragon element and punc the ground, causing shockwaves of dragon element to appear, heading towards the target(s).

Armor Sets

Blademaster Armor

  • Total number of slots on full armor set: 10

Elemental Resistances

  • Fire: 15
  • Water: 0
  • Wind: 0
  • Earth: 0
  • Ice: 15
  • Thunder: 15
  • Dragon: -10

Armor skills:

Demon Blade, Dragon Res -20.

Gunner Armor (Low Rank)

  • Total number of slots on full armor set: 10

Elemental Resistances

  • Fire: 20
  • Water: 5
  • Wind: 5
  • Earth: 5
  • Ice: 20
  • Thunder: 20
  • Dragon: -5

Armor skills:

Demon Eye, Dragon Res -20.


Accursed Beast_____ LV 6
Wilolu Icon by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
Hunt a Wilolu
Reward: 5100z Location: Crimson Abyss
Contract Fee: 500z Time Limit: 50 minutes
Subquest: Sever the Wilolu's tail Sub.Reward: 1900z
Other Monsters:

Aptonoth, Ioprey, Iodrome

Client: Guildmaster

I got word that the Wilolu has been sighted in the Crimson Abyss! Do Your thing and Hunt this beast! Quickly, before it hurts someone or worse!



Gold in the Jungle_____ LV 7
Wilolu Icon by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)Rajang Fanon Icon
Hunt a Wilolu and a Rajang
Reward: 7865z Location: The Neotropics
Contract Fee: 750z Time Limit: 50 minutes
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: 0z
Other Monsters:

Bnahabra, Velociprey, Wroggi

Client: Jungle Village Ranger

I saw to rare Fanged Beasts with golden fur walking through the jungle. It almost looked like they were hunting each other. In any case, having two apex predators fight so close to our village is dangerous, so can you dispose of them for me?



[Infestation] Beast of the Glacial Spears_____ LV 8
Wilolu Icon by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)MHAdvance Parasite Quest Icon
Slay a Wilolu
Reward: 10275z Location: Glacial Spears
Contract Fee: 1250z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
Subquest: Wound the Wilolu's head Sub.Reward: 2675z
Other Monsters:


Client: Head Doctor

A Wilolu, infected by Midari spores. If those spores are allowed to mature, it'll be disaster for all of the towns in the Glacial Spears area. I want you to kill the Wilolu and get me a sample of those spores so I can research their weaknesses.



Notes and Trivia

  • It's armor sets have two exclusive skills for blademaster and gunner armors respectively.
    • Demon Blade: Boosts the power of the Demon mode of dual blades by 25% and gives a "Demon Mode" like Boost for other blade master weapons that boosts power by 50%.
    • Demon Eye: Boosts the power of all Bowgun Shots by 25%, or 50% when a critical hit is done, and adds 25% affinity to Bows and increases their power by 25%, 50% when they land a critical hit.
  • It's Armor sets can be considered very adaptable, given the 10 decoration slots in total in the full armor sets, which can be used to cancel out it's horrible Dragon Resistance by negating the Dragon Resistance -20 debuff.
  • It's roar requires Normal Earplugs to block in any given rank.
  • It's face can be scarred, it's back wounded, it's claws broken once each arm, and it's tail severed.
  • It is able to use objects in the enviroment to it's advantage against hunters.
  • In Rage mode, it's face will be covered in a mask of Dragon element, similar to Savage Deviljho.
  • It's Design motif was the Wendigo from Native American Folklore.

Creator's Notes and Trivia

  • It is Gojira57's favorite Monster he has ever done.


  • T1GREXHUNTER for Icon
  • Rio For New Render
  • Chaoarren for suggesting the theme.