Wik Render by Ukanlos Sub
Titles The Demon Squids Spawn
Nicknames Mini Wiyska, Chibi Wiyska
General Info
Species Mollusk
Habitats Great Sea (Wiyska)
Size Small
Relatives Wiyska, Solstice Conquest War Wiyska
Signature Move Discharge
Elements Element Dragon Element Water
Ailments Status Dragonblight Severe Waterblight Status Paralysis Status Life Drain
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Thunder
Creator Chaoarren

Wiks are small sized sized Mollusks which are fought with the Wiyska. They are fought in all quests involving them.


Wik Icon by Chaoarren The young of the Wiyska species normally only found with it. Unable to use tar yet it drains blood instead. From them often being born just to be used as attack drones for its parent very few make it past the first day of birth, even fewer live to become Wiyska.

Wiks resemble the Wiyska, but have several major differences. Its body is far thinner with short stubby tentacles. Its biggest difference is that its antenna is as big as its body.


The Wiks cannot use tar yet, so they drain the blood from other creatures like a leech. During the Wiyska fight they will often try to Paralyse e the hunter leaving them in for the Wiyska to deliver a lethal blow. They also have some power over the Dragon Element and will leap to cause Dragonblight.


High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Brown Wik Hide Hide of a developing Wiyska, quite weak compared to what it'll would have gain when fully grown.
Monster Parts Icon Purple Wik Antenna A Wik's main method of hunting at this stage of life. Rather thick and unsettling.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Brown Wik Piel A high quality piece of flesh from a Wik. Though tough, it still had much more developing to do, but will now never see that day come...
Monster Parts Icon Purple Wik Zyave A Wik antenna that was starting to grow more firmly into the head. It is as thick as a trees trunk.


  • The Wiks creation was based from a render from Ukanlos Subspecies (The MHFanon User), who wasn't given precise enough info about Wiyska's design.


  • Ukanlos Subspecies: Main render