Wairudokados Artwork by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Adaption wyvern
Nicknames -
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Yilufa Snowy Mountains, Dunes Night/Day, Desert, Volcanoe, Thunderous Sands, Kumbel Wetlands, Volcanic Hollow, SNowy mountains and Frozen Seaway
Size Large
Relatives none
Signature Move Leap Slash, Feathered Swipe
Elements Element FireFire

Element DragonDragon

Element IceIce

Ailments Element FireFireblight

Element DragonDragonblight

Element IceIceblight

Weaknesses Element ThunderThunder
Creator Salastheel

Wairudokados is bird wyvern found in environments with extreme weather conditions. Wairukados translates into Wild card


Wairudokados has a large gathering of feathers around it's head and neck forming a mane of sorts. This "mane" proceeds along it's back, covering a hard shell that starts at it's shoulders. The wings, legs and tail of Wairudokaos are lined with many spines, aswell as bunches of feathers along the shin and at the end of the tail. The feathers of Wairudokados as well as skin, are a dark blue, light blue, teal and green, with the spikes and shell a purplish red as well as the claws. When angered the tail feathers and "mane" feathers will glow deep green and orange and the feathers on the wings will stick up like spikes


Wairudokados's name means wild card, this matches its behaviour, with it jumping between spastic charges and leaping before instantly changing to medium paced slashes and bites.


Due to Wairudokados living in extreme Areas, Wairudokados can manipulate the area by using it's habitat to "enhance" its feathers for attacks. For example, if a wairudokados is in a volcano zone, Wairudokados will move it's way towards magma or lava and swipe it cause its feathers to be set on fire, which will cause fire-blight when attacked by it.


MHFO 2012 OST Snowy Mountains Battle (HR100)

MHFO 2012 OST Snowy Mountains Battle (HR100)


Wairudokados has claws on the end of it's wings that allows it to attack with them as well as it's back legs being able to do kicks. As mentioned before wairudokados will attack with the feathers on it's arms/wings when they have an element on them. Wairudokados can fly and will frequently do attacks from the sky. When enraged, Wairudokados will prune itself, and use the feathers as projectiles. The feathers will stay in the spot they were in for 4 seconds before dissapearing. If the feathers have an element, if the player gets hit, the elements blight will be enacted upon them, whenever they get hit by the feathers and when they step on them

Wairudokados, render by Salastheel


As mentioned before, Wairudokados live in extreme environments such as snowy areas volcanoes and marshes. This adaptability, gives Wairudokados its title and name of "wild card wyvern" and "adaption wyvern".


  • Rathalosaurus rioreurensis: Made the render.