Wagamos by DinoHunter2
Titles Resounding Shell Tortoise
Nicknames Wagawaga
General Info
Species Behemoth
Habitats Deserts, Sandy Plains
Size Big
Relatives Granthur, Murgoth
Signature Move Wind tunnel
Elements Element Water
Ailments Severe WaterblightStatus Stun
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator DinoHunter2
Wagamos is a large, slow-moving Behemoth that can live for an extremely long time.


Wagamos is a huge tortoise-like monster that stands on four wide legs with tough claws. Its skin is warty and thick, and it has a carapace made of rigid lumpy shells that are partially hollow inside. Its head is wide with an immense toothless mouth, small eyes and noticeable ears. Tt has limp skin parts running all over its flanks.


Wagamos sleeps in underground caves, submerging itself in subterranean lakes where it can rest undisturbed. During the day it ventures out into the desert, using the water stored in its skin to keep hydrated and cool as it forages for food. It eats only soft vegetable matter, mostly cacti, and mashes its food into a pulp using hard, bony plates on its tongue and the roof of its mouth. This diet sometimes puts it at the receiving end of Diablos' wrath, as the horned wyvern is not known for its willingness to share resources. Luckily for the Wagamos, it can retract into its shell and endure such attacks.

In fact very little phases this monster. Patient, slow-moving, and calm, it trudges through wastelands and oasis' undeterred by its surroundings. Its massive, hump-like shell makes it invulnerable to attack, and even its loose, warty skin is harder to pierce than it looks. If set upon by small carnivores like Genprey it will continue to go about its business completely undisturbed, knowing its life is not in danger. Though unaggressive, Wagamos is a very large and inattentive monster and may carelessly trudge through villages, crushing houses and devouring crops.


If confronted by hunters, it can defend itself by making a deafening sound with its shell, the segments of which are hollow with loose bony scales inside. Acting something like a rattle or an enormous bell, it can make an incredible amount of noise and knock back small enemies. Hunters at a distance can negate flinching from the attack by having High-Grade Earplugs, but standing too close to the attack will always result in damage.

As a last resort, Wagamos can expel the water from its body, spitting streams from its mouth or inflicting Waterblight with its physical attacks. Doing so will exhaust it and eventually force it to retreat to a cave area to recover.


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  • Each leg can be damaged and its shell can be broken twice, this will reduce its sound intensity.