Vyassa are medium-sized Mollusk that first appear in Monster Hunter Project Gigas.

Vyassa by Setheo
Titles Shelled Brain Creature
Nicknames Vya
General Info
Species Mollusk
Habitats Foaming Cliffs, Southern Reef, Mangrove Estuary
Size Medium
Relatives Vii
Signature Move Minion Summoning
Elements Element Water
Ailments Severe Waterblight Status Gooey
Weaknesses Element Thunder Element Fire
Creator Setheo



Vyassa are medium-sized Mollusk. Its body is a dark red and the tentacles are the same dark red except for outermost part of the tentacle which is a lighter tone of red. Most of its body is protecting by its large shell which is a yellowish-white with dark red stripes across it. The markings on its back are yellow and its eyes are an amber color.


Vyassa only live underwater as they aren't capable of going on land. Vyassa are generally passive and will only hunt smaller monsters when it is on it's own, but when it has a group if its smaller relatives, named Vii, with it they can become very aggressive and will become a lot more bold.


Vyassa are capable of shooting ink balls at its enemies which can cause Gooey. They are also capable of causing Waterblight with their tentacles. They are also capable of calling their smaller relatives to them to help them in battle, which can be thrown at you like darts.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage: Vyassa will start to huff smoke and markings on back will glow. Vyassa will also start to use attacks that includes it's minions.
  • Tired: Markings on shell will begin to fade and all colors will become lighter.


Vyassa is mounted on top of its back behind the shell.

Breakable Parts

  • Tentacles: Tentacles will have scars on it.
  • Back: Back will have scars on it.
  • Shell: Shell will have scratches on it and will be partially broken.


Vii are small Mollusks that are relatives of Vyassa.

They are small squids with a yellow-ish white shell, amber colored eyes and a small red body.

Vii can be summoned by Vyassa to help it in battle and can be used by the Vyassa in attacks against its enemies, otherwise Vii can latch onto you and use Life Drain to take HP from you and then give it to the Vyassa.


  • This monster itself was made by Setheo and Dinoman0310 made all the information.