Vraoutos Render by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Shaggy Death, Charging Scorcher
Nicknames Black Bull, Vraooto, Blacky
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Tundra, Polar Field, Freezing Plateau
Size Large
Relatives Thunderous Vraoutos, Kirin (?)
Signature Move Scorching Charge
Elements Element Fire
Ailments Status Crystalization
Weaknesses Element Thunder Element Dragon
Creator Rathalosaurus

Vraoutos is a large, bull-like Elder Dragon, that has recently begun to appear in various regions of the Old World and New World as well as the Belurius Region. It resides in cold environments, which is the reason for its large amounts of black and red fur.


This Elder Dragon's most notable feature are its large red-shimmering horn, as well as lots of long, shaggy fur that covers its whole body. Its main colours are black and red, with its hooves shimmering in a glossy blue and its tail having a dark yellow tip. 


Its horns have the unique ability to summon burning crystals _ something which makes it the polar opposite of Oroshi Kirin - as well as fireballs and a firewall around it.True to its bull like appearance it can charge at hunters at such a force that only Adept or Brave Style users can evade or block its attacks. When enraged, it will melt the snow around it. However, the water freezes instantly, which can cause Iceblight and makes hunters slip and fall over.


Always enraged, it's the males that are the main problem. With their aggressive and fiery temper, they are able to destroy entire cities by setting them ablaze or by causing floods by melting the snow around villages.

Due to these treats, the Guild has limited these monsters to Special Permit Quests.


Vraoutos Icon by Narwhaler An Elder Dragon looking like the devil itself. Previously only known by name and through legends told by villagers, it began to reappear an cause shocking desasters.

Rage and Fatigued States

  • Enraged
    • Fiery aura around head and horns, dripping steaming foam from the mouth and breathing bright flames. Charge attacks leave flames behind and cause fireblight.
  • Fatigued
    • Horns lose colour, hooves don't glow. It can't perform any fire based attacks and will trip after charges.


Mount the same as Kirin, save for its ability to roar. When enraged, mounting it causes fireblight, regardless of the armor resistance.


Vraoutos can perform some of Kirin's and Oroshi Kirin's, so the listed attacks are unique to it.


  • Roar: Scrapes the ground twice before raising its head and letting out a high pitched belllow (the roar is a mashup between real-life bull bellows and higher pitched wapiti bells).
  • Fiery Charge: Charges up its horns until they are engulfed in flames, lowers its head and starts to run. Causes fireblight and if one is hit by the melting snow, Iceblight.



Material Description
Claw Icon Dark Red Vraoutos Firehorn Long and shiny. Whenever it is shook it can summon scorching crystals.
Claw Icon Dark Blue Blue Vraoutos Hoof You can hear the stomps and the snow this hoff has scraped. Beautiful blue.
Hide Icon Black Black Vraoutos Pelt Black, shaggy pelt. Appears to be soft, but it actually has the texture of wire.
Hide Icon Dark Red Vraoutos RedPelt Anger and fire coloured this fur a bright red. The wearer feels its heat and rage.
Hide Icon Brown Yellow Vraoutos Tail One hit with this tail can ignite a fire. Feel the rage!
Claw Icon Black Vraoutos Facehorn Appears to be decoration but is just as deadly as the large horns. No fire powers, but it can impale foes with one touch.
Dung Icon Yellow Vraoutos Ragefoam Burning hot and steamy, it is only produced when the Vraoutos is furious. Used as a painful torture method.
Ball Icon Dark Red Vraoutos Fireball Use it carefully, as it contains the soul and the temper of the mighty Vraoutos. Horror and beauty unite in an eternal dance of flames.
Mantle Icon Black Mantle of Ashes All the ashes concentrated inside the body of the Vraoutos and formed this fragile, valuable mantle. It is ice cold, but hs hidden flame powers that only the destined hunter can discover.


Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Slots Description Cost
Great Sword Icon Magenta Espada Quemante 350 - 5% White/Purple Fire - 67 --O The horn of a Vraoutos that corches everything in its way. 200000z
Long Sword Icon Magenta Katana del Purgatorio 350 - 5% White/Purple Fire - 30 OOO Made out of the hooves of a Vraoutos. The blue and red symbolize fiery might. 200000z
Sword and Shield Icon Magenta Puñal Infernal 350 - 5% White/Purple Fire - 25 --- Can kill an army with a single fireball. 200000z
Dual Blades Icon Magenta Floretes Ardientes 350 - 5% White/Purple Fire - 35 O-- Shiny black blades adorned with red and black fur. Used for evil rituals. 200000z
Hammer Icon Magenta Cuerno Bárbaro 350 - 5% White/Purple none OO- Melted ore, of the Vraoutos are the items needed for this incarnation of the Black Lord. 200000z
Lance Icon Magenta Lanza Negra 350 - 5% White/Purple none --- Made out of flintstone and obsidian. Can ignite a whole forest. 200000z
Gunlance Icon Magenta Golpe de Lava 350 - 5% Blue/White Fire - 45 --- This gunlance wiped out a whole city by setting it ablaze. 200000z
Switch Axe Icon Magenta Hacha del Diablo 350 - 5% Blue/White Fire - 20 --- Each one of its forms has a face on it. One is the devil and one is Vraoutos. 200000z
Charge Blade Icon Magenta Roca Quemada 350 - 5% White/Purple Fire - 23 --O Looks like hardened lava. What is hidden underneath the crust? 200000z
Light Bowgun Icon Magenta Ballesta de Cenizas 350 - 5% One of the rare Bowguns that can use every ammunition, even Dragon S.

Reload Speed: Slow Recoil: Average Steadiness: none

OOO Each shot has the whole power of the Vraoutos. Can you hear the bellows? 200000z
Heavy Bowgun Icon Magenta Cañón Demoníaco 350 - 5% Uses every ammunition, except for Dragon S.

Reload Speed: Average Recoil: Below Average Steadiness: none

OOO Why would you even forge it? It can turn you into a foaming beast. 200000z
Bow Icon Magenta Arco de Gritos 350 - 5% Coatings:Power, Close Range, Element, Poison, Blast Arc Shot: Explosion --O The screams of the killed can be heard when a shot is fired. 200000z



Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Cost
Helmet Icon Magenta Casco Infocato 110~160 - - - The helmet is the incarnation of the Vraoutos. Fiery and shiny. 28800z
Chest Icon Magenta Petto Infocato 110~160 o - - Has a beautiful glow to it. Rocky patterns drip with Lava. 28800z
Arm Icon Magenta Braccia Infocate 110~160 oo - The rocky pattern changes into burning crystals, beautiful when polished. 28800z
Waist Icon Magenta Cintola Infocata 110~160 oo - The clasp has the face of the Vraoutos. Strengthens your whole body. 28800z
Leg Icon Magenta Zampe Infocate 110~160 ooo Furry boots with hooves isntead of shoes. Running is way easier with this. 28800z

Skills: Lava Avalanche, Attack Up L, Elemental Crit, Heavy Polish, Saddle Sore, Thunder Res. Down


Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Cost
Helmet Icon Magenta Casque de taureau 65~100 o - - The face o a bull, complete with red horns. 28800z
Chest Icon Magenta Coffre de Taureau 65~100 ooo Feel how the lava flows, see how it scorches. 28800z
Arm Icon Magenta Bracelet cristallin 65~100 - - - The fur of the armor slowly fades into sharp crystals. . 28800z
Waist Icon Magenta Ceinture de taureau 65~100 oo - Leather belt with crystalline clasp. The crystals are burning hot. 28800z
Leg Icon Magenta Pattes de taureau 65~100 - - - The crystals on the belt and the lower body get smaller again and fur grows over them. 28800z

Skills: Lava Avalanche, Focus, Load Up, Pierce Up, Attack up L, Saddle Sore, Thunder Res. Down


Advanced: Fiery Avalanche
Vraoutos Icon by Narwhaler
Slay the Vraoutos
Reward: 45700z Location: Tundra (Night)
Contract Fee: 7500z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 3500 Subquest: Break both of its horns
Sub.Reward: 7000z Sub.HR-Points: 1800

Other Monsters:

  • Rajang
Client: Crazy Wanderer

What was that? The snow in the Tundra is gone. How? Search the culprit, I'm sure everything is good. Nothing will happen.


  • Must be HR 80 to Unlock.
  • Unlocks the second Quest, Advanced: Filled with Rage
Advanced: Filled with Rage
Vraoutos Icon by Narwhaler
Slay the Vraoutos
Reward: 47000z Location: Freezing Plateau (Night)
Contract Fee: 8000z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 3500 Subquest: Cut its tail's hair
Sub.Reward: 7000z Sub.HR-Points: 1800
Other Monsters:none
Client: Mysterious Red Man

Well, well, what doe we have here? Who is brave enough to face the misterious black lord? He is everywhere, bellowing and snorting in the darkness. Are you the one to save us all?.


  • Unlocks the third Quest, Advanced: Firestorm and Blizzard
Advanced: Firestorm and Blizzard
Vraoutos Icon by Narwhaler Oroshi Kirin Icon-MH10th
Slay the Vraoutos and the Oroshi Kirin
Reward: 94000z Location: Polar Field 
Contract Fee: 16000z Time Limit: 50 Minutes
HR-Points: 7000 Subquest: none
Sub.Reward: none Sub.HR-Points: none
Other Monsters:none
Client: His Immenseness

Two Elder Dragons with mastery over fire and ice have appeared at once at the Polar Field according to researchers. Haruumph! What madness is this? They must be slain at once. Godspeed to you hunters!


  • Unlocks the final Special-G3-Quest, Adv.: Hell is Near!
    • This Quest requires you to hunt both a Nalmados and a Hellish Nalmados


Coming soon...

Introduction Cutscene

  • Location:Tundra, Area 3
  • Synposis: The hunter enters the Area. A Rajang walks through the light snow, and doesn't even notice the hunter. It is focused on something that lies in the snow. It is a shimmering crystal, that has molten the snow around it. The Rajang wants to touch it, as it starts screaming in pain, because the crystal is burning hot. Suddenly a loud bellow is heard, and the floor starts to tremble. Both, the Rajang and the hunter stare in disbelief as the floor suddenly bursts into flames. A gigantic, black bull strides through the flames, as if there was nothing to worry about. It shakes its head and lets out another frightening bellow. The Rajang enrages, because the black beast has invaded its hunting grounds. It rips out a tree and throws it at the bull. The bull stays calm, shakes its horns as they start to glow, and the tree is burnt down by huge flames. The Rajang charges at the beast, so does the bull. The Rajang jumps into the air, as the bull snorts and roars violently. The ape wants to throw a thunder ball, but the bull is faster. It charges itself up, covering its body in huge flames. The Rajang is suddenly covered in scorching crystals. It falls down, screaming in pain. It wants to stand up, but isn't able to move, because of the heavy wounds. Staring at the bull, it takes its last breath. The snow around them is molten. The hunter wants to run away, but breaks a frozen branch. The bull turns around and roars, foaming in rage, as the hunt starts.

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