Vollschnab is a large leviathan found dry, watery enviroments
Titles Hairy Leviathan, Lurker of Lakes
Nicknames Platy
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Painted waterfalls, White Lake, Highland, Marshlands, Primal Forest, Misty Peaks, Flooded Forest
Size Large
Relatives none
Signature Move twirling leaping charge
Elements Water
Ailments Waterblight

Poison Muddy

Weaknesses Dragon


Creator Salastheel

Appearance and Ecology

Vollschnab, unlike most leviathans has a large furred body, but it has on it's head is a large bill (similar to that of a duck on earth), these bills have small thin teeth that use to hunt for they prey of small shrimp. They will also use these teeth and the bills to attack hunters. On the back of their front feet they have claw sized spikes, which they use with their arm like front legs to slap attackers, these spikes are quite poisonous. Vollschnab also have modified hairs which are similar to spines, they will also use these to attack. Their colouration is a mottled brownish gray, their spines are a similar shade of gray, but with with yellowish tips,their bill is black.


At first they are slow with a behaviour similar to that of the Zinogre and Royal Ludroth, showing a calm yet fearsome demeanour yet more erratic in movements. When enraged, they will be underwater more, This enraged behaviour is like that of Agnaktor or lagiacrus

Attacks/ Abbilities

The vollschnab has attacks shared by most if not all leviathans, slides, dives and the like, along with common bites and scratch attacks. Though the Vollschnab will jump in the air, slamming attackers with their undersides, sometimes flipping in the air and landing on their spines. Other times sliding towards hunters, then jabbing them with their backs/spines. Their signature move is leaping/gliding toward hunters, close to the ground while spinning it will do this for 2.5 seconds, while enraged this will poison the hunter. Other attacks include slapping, wrist jabs (poison), back kicks, back ankle jabs and various attacks with the spines. When only enraged, Vollschnab will suck water from the nearest watersource and create a beam of water similar to an Agnaktor's but causing water blight> Vollschnab will also continuously slide sideways towards attackers causing a wedge like wave of mud causing muddy, but while enraged, it can do one of these from shallow water causing waterblight. Vollschnab has two modifiers to attacks that can only be done by an apex Vollschnab, rolling in water and turrning it poisonous, this will mean it's waterwave and waterblast have a 50% chance of doing either poison or waterblight.


Vollschnab live prefer to live in watery, muddy and slightly dry areas areas, this is for it's prey, small mollusks and crustaceans, while also feeding on mosses and weeds. Some Vollschnab prefer cooler and more wet areas, these are reckoned to be the smartest of their kind.


  • I created this because i wanted to have a big ol' monotreme bashin' up hunters, because why not. This is also a reference to my first monster a haired levethian with a heron's head, i had no idea i made a technical platypus

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