Titles Tigerback Beast
Nicknames Vermu, Murus
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Forests
Size Medium
Relatives Snowblight Vermurus, Toxin Bite Vermurus
Signature Move Mud Blade
Elements None
Ailments Mudman, Poison
Weaknesses Ice
Creator YukiHerz
 The Vermurus is a Medium Sized Fanged Beast with Vermilion Fur.


The Vermurus is about the size of Arzuros and Lagombi, it has Vermilion colored fur on its body, while its legs are a darker, almost black tone, its tail has longer hairs with rings of both shades, while its face has a white or beige color depending on its sex, it also has dark Tiger-like stripes around its back and belly, and dark blue shades around its eye sockets.

Vermurus are quadrupeds, they cand stand in their two hind legs like Arzuros, but they quickly loose balance, their skeletons are made for climbing and their sharp hook-like claws help them in this endeavor, its hind paws' skin is similar to the belly of a Lagombi, which they use for certain attacks, its spine is long, giving the monster an elongated appareance which helps it cover more ground with their melee attacks.


Question Mark Icon Red The Vermurus is a red fanged beast that uses mud to its advantage.


When fighting, the Vermurus utilizes its powerful legs for movement and its claws for slashing, it doesn't possess any innate element, but it uses Mud to attack foes, its most well known attack is the Mud Blade, in which it runs towards a target and does an 180° spin with its back on the outer edge, splattering mud at such velocities that it is both highly damaging and can also cover their foes in mud, they are also experts at traversing the environments, they can jump, climb, run and roll around the forests' muddy floors and ominous trees without an issue.

One should also be watchful of their fiery bite, it doesn't contain any elemental attack, but their saliva is known to be highly dangerous to humans and wyverians.


  • They are highly based on Red Pandas and Ferrets.
  • Young Vermurus can usually be seen in the forests, they do not attack but react humorously to certain actions.

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