Vengeful Gobul
Vengeful Gobul
Titles Vengeful Lantern Fish Wyvern
Nicknames One Eyed Gobul, Deadeye Gobul
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Flooded Forest, Wet Rainforest, Murky Bog, Haunted Grove
Size 2604.5 cm
Relatives Gobul
Signature Move Inflating Needles, Whirling Vacuum
Elements Element Water Water
Ailments Element Water Waterblight
Element Light Lightblight
Status Paralysis Paralysis
Status Stun Stun
Status Mudded Muddy
Weaknesses Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Cottonmouth255

The Vengeful Gobul is a particularly violent Variant of the Gobul species.

Taka Icon

English: Vengeful Gobul

Japanese: Fukushū Tankyū-sha Chanagaburu

Latin: Lataos Terribilis

In-Game Information


Basic Information

Monster Class: Leviathan

Weakness: Thunder

Element: Water

Status Ailments: Waterblight, Lightblight, Paralysis, Stun, Muddy (A-Rank), Pin

Habitats: Flooded Forest, Wet Rainforest, Murky Bog, Haunted Grove


  • Feeds on Epioth or Aptonoth to restore stamina
  • Cannot use its whirlwind attacks when low on stamina
  • Drops an item when fished out of the water
  • Huffs white smoke, back inflates, and eyes glow yellow when enraged
  • Cannot use its lantern attacks when its lantern is broken

Physiology and Behavior

A particularly violent individual, the Vengeful Gobul is an otherwise normal Gobul motivated by its hatred of the one who scarred its eye. It is a very large individual that has no distinguishable features besides the scar over its right eye. It has proven particularly good at using scent to track its prey, and is an active hunter rather than an ambush predator.

In combat, it has proven to be an exceptionally tricky individual when it comes to tactics. New maneuvers it can perform in battle include sucking a hunter into its jaws and swallowing them, rolling while discharging paralysing spines, and launching beams of light from its lantern. It is thought that its experience and hatred has taught it to use these attacks.

Frenzied/Apex Behavior

Vengeful Gobul cannot be infected by the Frenzy (yet).

The existence of an Apex Vengeful Gobul has not been confirmed.


Vengeful Gobul can be carved three times, have its tail broken and then severed, have its lantern broken, and drop an item.

Note: Items are listed in order from most common to least common.


Icon Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Purple Gobul Lividpiel Pure rage absorbed into the hide of a Gobul has given it a strange vibe. Tingles unpleasantly when touched.
Claw Icon Dark Purple Gobul Deathspike Something about this Gobul spike seems... off. It looks sharper and deadlier, even though there's no physical difference.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Purple Gobul Lure A Gobul lantern with a strangely eerie glow. Perhaps it was used for things more vile than tempting prey close...


The Vengeful Gobul can use any attack that the regular Gobul can use. All additional attacks, or variations of regular Gobul attacks, are listed here.

Land Phase

Wide Bite: Opens its mouth wide, then lunges and chomps down on the target. It can instantly do a second lunge if the first misses.

Double Flash Attack: Lowers its head while sparking up its lantern, then raises its head with a roar and releases a blinding flash of light. It can do this twice in succession. (Stun)

Funnel of Death: Burrows into the ground, approaches a target, and then emerges and exhales a watery whirlwind. It will end by jumping up out of the ground. (Waterblight)

Paralysing Spines: The Vengeful Gobul can now leave spines behind on the ground when it does its Rolling Pincushion attack. They vanish after a short amount of time. (Paralysis)

Flying Fish: It can now do this on land, burrowing into the mud before launching itself into the air. It will land on its back, which, when enraged, will produce Paralysing Spines. (Paralysis)

Land Vacuum: The Vengeful Gobul can perform its Vacuum attack on land, rapidly sucking air into its lungs and drawing the hunter forward and into its mouth. This results in a Pin. Can be escaped from with a Dung Bomb. (Pin)

Roar: Unlike the regular Gobul, the Vengeful Gobul can produce a deafening roar when enraged. It will puff up its back, open its mouth, and release the roar. Can be blocked with Earplugs.

A-Rank Only

Chomp-Lunge Combo: Starts off with a Wide Bite attack, and then immediately bites again if it misses. If the second bite misses, it will perform a Charge-Pounce Combo similar to the Purple Ludroth.

Double Rapid Spin: Similarly to Lucent Nargacuga, the Vengeful Gobul will ready its tail and rear its head back before doing two 270-degree spins in quick succession. (Paralysis)

Mud Blast: Sucks up mud and small plants from the ground before forming it into a projectile and spitting it at its target. (Waterblight, Muddy)

Lantern Beam: It will spark up its lantern five times (instead of the usual three), rear its head back and roar, and release spinning beams from its lantern, similar to Kuarusepusu. (Lightblight)

Puff 'n Roll: Similar to Uragaan, it lifts its head way up in the air, inflates its back, and then throws itself forward into a rolling attack.

Water Phase

Wide Bite: See "Land Phase".

Double Flash Attack: See "Land Phase".

Vacuum: Now, this attack results in a Pin if the hunter gets caught. Can be escaped from with a Dung Bomb. (Pin)

Triple Flip: In the water, it can puff up and roll over three times in a row. (Paralysis)

Roar: See "Land Phase".

Mud Blast: See "Land Phase".

Lantern Beam: See "Land Phase".

Puff 'n Roll: See "Land Phase".

Flip-Charge Combo: Does a Triple Flip attack immediately followed by a Hungry Charge attack. (Paralysis)

Inflating Needles: Rears its head back and inhales as if about to do its Inflating Flip attack, but instead stays in one place and fires its needles in all directions across the map.

Whirling Vacuum: The Vengeful Gobul will begin to slowly suck water into its mouth like the Ceadeus. Its back slowly inflates as it gathers water, and when it is full, it will begin to spin at dizzying speeds while blasting the water out of its mouth. When finished, the attack's recoil will cause the it to slowly spin off in a random direction before stopping. (Waterblight)



Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -20
  • Water +30
  • Thunder -30
  • Ice (0)
  • Earth +10
  • Sky +10
  • Dragon -10

Skills: Wrath Awoken, Status Atk +1, Latent Power +2, Meat Lover, Defense Down (M)


Vengeful Gobul weapons are all upgraded from Gobul weapons.

Sword + Shield

Maddening Balgang --> Maddening Balgang+ --> Disgusted Madgang

Dual Blades

Raging Stunswords --> Raging Stunswords+ --> Livid Vengeswords


Vengaluku Aquir --> Vengaluku Aquir+ --> Gobul's Angraluku


  • Its Japanese name means "Vengeance Seeker Gobul".
    • Its Latin name means "Terrible Wide Mouth".
  • If the player has the name "Cotton" or "Taka" as their hunter name, Vengeful Gobul will be enraged for the entire fight, only calming down when tired which is much shorter to the point of the Rare Species Rath's tired period.
  • It is implied that the one who gives you the G-Rank Vengeful Gobul Urgent Quest is, in fact, the hero of the Central World, the person that the Vengeful Gobul is after.
  • Most of its new attacks were taken from the HC Gobul and Gobul Unknown Species that Cotton created a few years ago.