Velocix are Runner Wyrwens able to spit a gooey substance. They are among the bird Wyrwens with the most feathers, and live in jungles and similar ecosystems.
Titles none
Nicknames none
General Info
Species Bird Wyrwen
Habitats Jungle, Great Forest, Jurassic Frontier, Canopy Sea
Size small
Relatives Velociux
Signature Move none
Elements none
Ailments Status Gooey
Weaknesses Element Thunder, Element Fire
Creator Pabmel


Small Bird Wyrwerns living in jungles. They can spit a substance that hardens, blocking they preys movements

Velocix are slighty biggers than Velocipreys. While having the same bodyshape, they lack the typical crest of other Runner Wyrwerns. Instead of having scales, they are covered in feathers, similarly to real life dromaesaurs. These feathers have a light green color, while the one forming a small mohawk similar to a sulphur crested cockatoa one is dark blue colored.


Velocix like being hidden. They hide in bushes, or, in the main habitat, the Canopy Sea, in the branches under the Canopy. They hunt small creatures, like Kelbies, Mosswines, or even Apnonoths in other areas. They are in competition for food with other Runner or Dog wyrwerns in other areas than the Canopy Sea, explaining why they aren't so common in those areas.


Velocix can spit a blue liquid which hardens, paralysing their preys. The most vicious ones in the Canopy Sea use it while the prey is near to a place from which it could fall (while its landing place isn't close to the ground and its dangerous predators) and wait for the Velociux to push it and then eat it, easelly killing preys which would be hard to kill otherwise.


Same as Velocidrome, with the addition of a Gooey inducing spit.


They are the Second member of a new trio of bird wyrwerns composed of them, Maccao and a last member which will come later.