Valorgod Barufaruku
Valorgod Barufaruku Artwork by Chaoarren
Titles Valorgod Dragon
Nicknames Valfalk, Blue Valfalk, Blue Barufaruku, The Blue Comet, God Of The Skies, God Of The Deviants, Sky Ruler, Azure Comet Legend Barufaruku (JPN Name)
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Ruined Ridge, Heaven's Mount, Battlequarters, Defiant Stronghold, Forlorn Arena, Tower Summit, Verdant Summit, Lighthaven Mountain
Size Large
Relatives Barufaruku, Zenith Barufaruku
Signature Move Flyby Gunnery
Elements Element Dragon Element Fire Element Black Flame Element Thunder
Ailments Status Dragonblight Severe Fireblight Status Bleeding Status Magnet Severe Thunderblight Status Paralysis Element Black Flame Status Undrea DragonResistDown Status Poison Status Sleep
Weaknesses Element Water Element Kanade Element Crimson Demon
Creator Chaoarren

Valorgod Barufaruku are Deviants of Barufaruku.

Valorgod Barufaruku Render by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis

Aesthetic Differences/Appearance

Valorgod Barufaruku
Valorgod Barufaruku Icon by TheBrilliantLance The skies are not for man to rule. The Valorgod rules and watches over the solstice of the world with an endless perfect gaze while flying endlessly in heights too extreme for many a monster and man. Should its eyes catch the sight of one that it sees a danger to its home approaching, it shall dive down and with ease purge them from existence, leaving nothing but faint smoke in its wrath. Mere hunters are usually not of issue for it, but if should it grant them the opportunity for battle, it will hold no power back. Requires special permission to hunt.

All of its parts are more developed, with a more sharper beak, larger claws, a edgy tail and most of all, its wings. Its wings have developed in such a way that it can shoot more projectiles and fire them faster, like to the speed of a machine gun in a way. The design the wings have are five blades, with several vents across it which get smaller the closer to the wing base they are. This makes a total of ten blades and ten main vents. Design here: It also processes eyes that can see further which as visible clearly unlike with normal Barufaruku when enraged, their eyes are pure blue. Valorgod Barufaruku are also larger than normal Barufaruku.

The Valorgod's scales are a lighter white than the standard species, and most notably, all of its dragon element flames are now blue instead of red. Once it enrages, its scales all over its body tint a faint light blue with its dragon energy flowing, flames begins burning from its wing vents, more parts become blue tinted and its eyes become a piercing blue glow. Also its wings gain a slight electric current as they now begin to attract electric properties.

When it enters its second true rage mode its scales are tinted deeper in blue, the flames merge both fire and dragon, becoming Black Flame. The Black Flame also emerges from its head and eyes, which makes the eyes leave an after glow. The electric conductor energies now move across its body, allowing higher build up of thunder and magnetic powers. The beak begins to emit a fluid that reduces resistance to dragon element. And when it uses flames enough grey smoke emits from that part which inflicts Undrea. In this state, its chest can now allow it to expel inflicted statuses such as Poison, Paralysis, and Sleep out of it before they can cause too much harm. Finally, the sounds it makes in this mode are different, sounding more holy like now.

Explanation For Differences

A male Barufaruku that was literally born in the sky, carried by its parent. This constant exposure to being in its parents height limit and being able to practice its flying at its youngest stage of life managed to make it more resilient and protected from the radiation of being in such heights from advanced scale growth. In return however the Barufaruku became much more fuelled with the Dragon element in order to sustain itself in such conditions. This combination of Dragon element and endless high altitude temperatures along with the wind has turned its dragon element blue instead of the usual red, along with giving it a lighter tint of white on its scales. Some of these scales have also tapped into the electric current that resides in the clouds, and thanks to its wings and other powers it can use the thunder to create magnetic forces. This constant life in the sky managed to make it grow into a Barufaruku beyond normal standards, gaining new abilities in its life that challenges even the strongest foe.

Story Behind Secondary Name

Since the most ancient of times, there have been sightings of red comets across the skies. Each sighting was a special one, as it would have been in those days as man or wyvernian had the means to climb the great mountains of the world. Even in those times a few special people knew that those red comets were actually dragons known as the Barufaruku, but since they only had their own eye witnesses to them these people were often ignored, told that it is complete nonsense for a monster to be able to fly that fast. This also meant that they never got to witness the other type of comet, a more brilliant one.

When airships came into full use, the red comets were truly identified as the Barufaruku, an Elder Dragon identified for bravery and valor. But this valor was a double edged sword, while it was seen as amazing, if they saw them as a target, then it became their worst nightmare as most airships are not capable of escaping in time.

Then, it was discovered that a precious little had seen another type of comet, and only one in history had seen its true form. Higher in the sky and much more rare to see was a blue comet with an appearance of that like a heavenly figure flying across the sky faster than an arrows speed. However sadly there were some who feared that this thing meant nothing but disaster for them and took up arms against it. Those ones managed to predict where it was headed and brought with them a travelling ballista in hopes to simply just shoot it out of the sky. Also hiding with them was a young man who just wanted to see the comet for himself. He quickly saw it wasn't actually one. As the so-called saviours aimed for the blue comet it suddenly turned around and began racing right for them. They began firing at it, but they had absolutely no effect, as if the shots disintegrated before they even touched the monster itself. Before they could even properly dodge the comet struck right into them, instantly killing all but the one man who was watching. There was nothing left of the attackers, nothing but a burn mark on the ground. The man could only watch as he saw for the very first time the monster that created the blue comet. It was like the monster he had heard created the red comets but has several differences, the most notable he remembers is its pure blue eyes that gazed on him. For his relief and life the monster only made a short roar at him, then spun around and took back off and became the blue comet again.

Coincidentally this one record was read just a few days before an airship reporting being nearly destroyed by a blue comet identical to that of the legends and that one record. Since the airship has flown over a high mountain range and there was no chance that it was a legend no more, the guild declared the existence of the now called Valorgod, a Barufaruku that will defend its home and sky against all that trespass against it and even will go out and destroy those who repeatedly intrude there with the purpose of killing it. It was given the highest level of Deviant tier, saying that a monster with powers of flight and speed like it, surpasses the rage and brute force of the Massacre Demon Diablos. Only elite hunters with special permission from then on were to be granted clearance to hunt it.


When there are none that it sees threats, the Valorgod Barufaruku is a peaceful dragon, either resting at the highest mountain peaks or flying across the skies of the world as a blue comet. It is however, once the Valorgod sees something it doesn't like the look of, that it will show its true skill in the air and descend down upon them with great speed and aim to destroy them in a single strike. If that fails, then it will proceed to fight them for real, using any power it has necessary.

If ones of the same kind repeatedly attack it for the sole purpose of killing it though, then it will have no issue with flying to their own homes and destroying them there in the same fashion they wanted it dead.


There are two different mount animations for Valorgod Barufaruku.

If mounted on the ground the usual animations play out as normal Barufaruku.

If mounted in the air, the Valorgod will first flair in the air before hunters mount it, and it will land down hard if hunters fail to reach it in time or it is cancelled out (It remains in the air in its second rage mode). If the hunters do manage to mouth Valorgod midair it will dart about midair to try and shake hunters off it.

Rage States

  • 1st Rage Mode: Scales gain a faint light tint of blue, flames begin burning from vents on their own, scales now begin attracting electric current from clouds, gains colour scheme of an normal enraged Barufaruku only with the red replaced with blue, and brown with dark purple, and eyes gain a piercing glow.
  • 2nd Rage Mode: Dragon and Fire elements merge to become Black Flame, eyes now leave an afterglow, scales turn a deeper blue, beak begins emitting a fluid that reduces Dragon resistance, the scales become conductive all around the body and Undrea inflicting smoke emits from vents after they use powerful or enough attacks. The area and mainly sky will also change to become more blue.


The Blue Comet: Area 9 Ruined Ridge (Night): Valorgod G1

The cutscene begins with the hunter finishing his/her climb up the tower of the Ruined Ridge. He/she accidentally takes a look and sees just how high up he/she is in the sky, but it isn't his/her concern in mind. The hunter's concern is finding the monster known as Valorgod. So far the hunter has had no luck in finding any clues to where it is and just keeps looking around. The eyes of the hunter catch a blue lens flare and proceeds to look where it came from, only to see the moon. Interested, the hunter keeps looking at it, which seems to be getting gradually brighter. Soon, the moon appears to have flames coming from it, and the hunter takes a closer look, thinking that this cannot be right. It isn't. Only a second in time does the hunter see that there is a figure inside those flames and gasps, immediately diving just before the flames come out of the moons sight and dash right across the tower.

Now it is clear that this is the Valorgod. The hunter cannot help but have a sense of amazement by the sight of it as it flies across the night sky. The amazement ends swiftly as it flies over again and fires the very comet looking aura on it at the areas center, nearly blowing the hunter off it. Valorgod's form is now visible but still hard to detail due to its high speeds. Next, it fires multiple shots of Dragon element from cannons on its wings and knocks the hunter back down. Then, it makes a full circle of the area and lands dead center. Upon seeing this opportunity the hunter immediately goes for it, which the Valorgod responds by firing a much greater volley of shots in front of itself. As seconds pass by, two glowing eyes pierce through the smoke and dust and the Valorgod Barufaruku is finally revealed in full. As it gets a clear look of the hunter, it shakes its head and does its iconic roar to echo through the heavens. The fight then begins with Valorgod preparing a slowed down version of its glide attack.


Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert ~Shuryou Ongakusai 2017~ Silver Winged Scarlet Star ~ Valfalk

Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert ~Shuryou Ongakusai 2017~ Silver Winged Scarlet Star ~ Valfalk

Normal State and 1st Rage Mode

Selection Of Fate Extended (Dragon's Dogma)

Selection Of Fate Extended (Dragon's Dogma)

2nd Rage Mode (Valorous Judgement Mode)


It keeps all of the normal attacks from Barufaruku, and also gains some from the Zenith Barufaruku.

Normal State


  • High Power Winds: All of Valorgod's wind pressure is Dragonwind, so hunters have to be careful how they attack and move.
  • Wing Nudge: A simple attack where Valorgod will extend its closed wings outwards in a very quick speed to cause minor damage and stop hunters from doing actions other than attacks next to it.
  • Rapid Fire Shots: Because of the several smaller vents on its wings, the Valorgod can shoot far more energy shots at hunters, to the point of it being like machine gun fire.
  • Sharp Blades: The blades of the Valorgod are much sharper than that or a regular Barufaruku. This higher sharpness means attacks from them inflict Bleeding if they hit enough times.
  • Triple Bite: The Valorgod will shake its head and proceed to rush hunters and bite three times while doing it.
  • Double Wing Slam: The Valorgod is able to follow up on its wing slam attack in a style similar but different to that of a Magala. After this it may do a Dual Wing Smash Blast.
  • Wing Smash Blast: During attacks where it slams its wing into the ground, it may do this. Half a second after the slam it will fire with all five main vents on its wings into the ground, creating a blast of blue dragon element.
  • Dual Wing Smash Blast: Similar to a Magala, it makes a screech and raises both wings up in backwards facing position and slam them down, immediately creating an dragon burst where they impact, upswinging hunters.
  • Triple Stomp: Valorgod Barufaruku stomps its right talon on the ground before immediately slamming its wing blade and left foot on the ground. After those two attacks, it will slam its right foot on the ground and both wing blades on the ground for a quick damaging attack.
  • Jumping Claw Slam: If a hunter is a fair distance behind Valorgod Barufaruku, than it may perform this attack. It'll look back at the hunter before slamming one of its wing blades down to turn. Once it has turned around, Valorgod Barufaruku will quickly jump in the air before firing off a jet from its wings once and attempting to land on the hunter. If it lands on the hunter, it'll grip them in its front talons and smash them onto the ground.
  • Quick Body Slam: Valorgod Barufaruku charges forward at the hunter before quickly raising up and slamming its front claws down on the ground. After the body slam, it'll quickly raise up again and bite forward.
  • Aerial Flip-Charge Combo: It charges forward at the hunters and quickly flips in the air to slash hunters under it with its blade wings. After the flip, it'll land on the ground and instantly charge forward at the hunters.
  • Jump Slam: Fires off a single jet with its wings and then slams into hunters hard like the Alatreon.
  • Multi Stab: Valorgod will shape its wings into blades and take a step backwards, then rapidly stabbing forward up to six times while walking in a direction.
  • A Stab And A Slash: With one wing it makes a stab, then dashes forward and does a slash with the other wing. This attack is similar in animation to Gore Magala's pinning grab.
  • Circle Tail Swipe: Valorgod will arc its body and tail, then spin around once with it, which getting by will upswing.
  • Tail Sweeping: While moving its back legs it swings its tail around multiple times and will cut through the ground if it strikes there.
  • Swift Bite: With a quick glance it will jump around at a hunter and do a wide reaching fast bite. This attack can be done mostly if the hunter is at its sides.
  • Backwards Firing: If hunters try to attack its tail or behind it, then it can actually fire shots behind itself to flank its blind spot.
  • Charged Shot: Valorgod will put its two wings close to each other and begin powering up a single energy shot with all ten main vents. They form a swirling orb as Valorgod makes a movement to face hunters, then fires it. The charged shot will create a large blast radius.
  • Overheating To An Advantage: Once the vents fire enough shots or are used enough in general, they won't run dry, but will instead be let to overheat. This will allow Valorgod to inflict Fireblight with some of its attacks, and replaces the dragon in most.
  • Jet Flamethrower: When the vents are overheated it can preform this attack. It will began building a large fire in its wings and then unleash a long blazing stream of blue flames at hunters that it can turn either left or right if needed to that can cause high damage.


  • Hovering: Valorgod Barufaruku has a unique ability not seen in other Barufaruku, it has enough developed enough wings and vents to keep itself hovering midair. This one ability alone grants Valorgod a whole new arsenal of attacks and ablities.
  • Aerial Roar: While in the air, hovers up higher and does its roar.
  • In-Air Glide: Rears backwards and then does its glide attack.
  • Double Glide: When it finishes its first glide attack it'll sharply turn and repeat the attack.
  • Aerial Bite: Makes a lunging bite downwards.
  • Double Aerial Lunging Bite: Moves backwards and does its aerial bite twice while moving forward.
  • None Shall Climb It's Peaks: If its near a hunter who is climbing a wall it can do this attack. Valorgod will first try to burn off the hunter using two of its main wing vents. If that fails, then it will go in and ram its sharp beak into the hunters quickly.
  • Tail Uppercut: Will raise its tail upwards along with its back body and swing it forward upwards.
  • Tail Spin: Valorgod will spin its tail around in a similar way to the Alatreon.
  • Dragon Tail Slam: Its tail will begin to surge with the dragon element before its tail turns blue and it slams its tail on the ground. When it slams its tail, a large surge of dragon will surge around its tail in an AOE after slamming it.
  • Area Flying Sweep: Valorgod flies up high, widely turns around and flies across the area in a wide and fast rush. It can either fly down into hovering position again or go up and repeat the attack a second time.
  • Glideby Gunnery: Thanks to the cannons on its wings it can do this during the Area Flying Sweep. It will make its decent much slower with slightly spread-out wings, then let loose a flurry of shots from its cannons at hunters to hopefully overwhelm and kill them. This attack is quite precise in aim so its advised to start running as soon as the first sign of its preparation is seen.
  • Hovering Gunnery: While midair, it moves its wing a bit and aims them to fire shots from its smaller vents at hunters.
  • Jets Flare: Valorgod will screech at hunters before making a swoop near them and suddenly switching its wings into projectile form to let them have a fully powered large burst from its vents then switch back at lightning speed. This attack can send hunters flying away.
  • Flying Wing Swipe: While hovering it can switch a wing into blade form at quick speeds and do a turning wide slice with it while manoeuvring with the other one.
  • Homing Smash: Valorgod will buckle up high and come flying fast down at a hunter and land on him/her with great force.
  • Comet Fire: Valorgod Barufaruku will fly up high spinning around as if it was about to do the Comet Impact, its normal species ultimate attack. All seems to be normal, until the usual energy ring in the sky that indicates that its about to attack is instead a blast thats audible. The comet fire will head towards hunters, but there is something missing, there is no Valorgod inside it. The comet fire strikes the ground as normal with it doing high damage and upswing if it hits hunters. The Valorgod instead flies without its aura into the area and creates a crater like impact upon landing like in the MHXX intro. Both of these impacts can upswing and do high damage to hunters.

1st Rage Mode


  • Rage Mode Roar: As Valorgod enters its first rage mode, it will roar to the sky and release a burst of wind from its body, creating Dragonwind.
  • Now It's Serious: Once it reaches 80% health it won't be able to return to its normal state anymore.
  • Fire Particles: From now on when Valorgod does a projectile attack or glide, small particles will be left behind for a few seconds. These are actually contained fires, that explode if touched or ran into. This creates more planning for hunters to make when moving.
  • The Mouth Has Fire Power: From this mode onwards, Valorgod Barufaruku can shoot fire balls or other projectiles from its mouth.
  • Fire Shot From The Mouth: Valorgod will bring its head up and then fire forward a ball of dragon or fire.
  • Triple Fire Shot: Takes in a wider breath and fires three shots of fire or dragon in a row.
  • Running Fire Shots: With a flap of its wings and a blaze of its fire, the Valorgod will begin charging with two of its wing vents active while firing multiple shots all across the area. This attack can prove to be a tricky one to avoid.
  • Triple Claw Swipe: Valorgod Barufaruku will swipe its front claws across the ground three times while running forward.
  • Wing Tackle: Like the G Rank Frontier Gore Magala it will turn its side to a hunter, then fire off the jets in the wing not facing the hunter to launch itself into them by the wing that faces them.
  • Violent Turns: Sometimes Valorgod will fire off a very short jet from its wings to spin itself around to face hunters in an instant and can damage those who were in front of it at the time.
  • Slash And An Underside Blast: One of its wings begin to charge power while another slashes hunters, then they both charge power and it does its Underside Shot Blast attack.
  • Charged Mouth Shot: Valorgod will create and hold a mouth shot steady then jump back and fire it. This shot is longer and has a larger radius to it.
  • Spinning Firing: Valorgod makes a screech then spins around repeatedly, firing its projectile shots everywhere.
  • Multi Wing Claw Swipes: Jumps up once, then jumps to its left and right repeatedly and fast, each jump having it swing its wing claw around at hunters. This attack can rack up some damage.
  • Forward Claw Clap: Valorgod raises its wings upwards and dashes forward a distance and slams them both together.
  • Energy Beams: Valorgod Barufaruku jumps backwards and fires four blue beams at foes from a distance with its wings.
  • Fake-Out Glide: Valorgod will appear to prepare its glide attack, but careful hunters will see it rise its front claws up before it does. It will then launch itself forward using the claws and use its Dual Wing Smash Blast to trick hunters.
  • Blade Jet Spins: A thought-out plan by Valorgod. It first fires up its wings then thins them into blade form and prepares itself as it rears up on its hind legs, then swings itself and ignites the vents. The force causes the Valorgod to make a three wide spins with its blades powered by the jets energy. It will inflict Bleeding if just a single spin hits and hunter and will upswing them.
  • Corkscrew: Valorgod Barufaruku will yell at a hunter before it runs backwards and takes off. It goes up high then comes spinning wildly into hunters. Then, something strange will happen. When Valorgod reaches the ground, it will continue its spinning, tearing up the ground as it does so and sending rocks flying, even going inside the ground for a moment. Then the ground turns blue and a rumble happens as the Valorgod erupts from the ground with a powerful liftoff and lands in a random place. This attack can do high damage to hunters and upswing them.
  • Electronic Conducting Charge: An ability special to Valorgod Barufaruku. Whenever it does attacks where it jumps through the air or flies, it will begin generating electricity through its wings, and once charged enough, hunters will notice a faint electrical current going through its scales and blades. This will give it thunder element to some of its attacks and even give it a few new ones.
When Thunder Charged
  • Slice Electric Shockwave: When thunder charged, the majority of its slicing attacks create a very quick shockwave of lightning in the direction of the attack to increase the radius of the attack to cause minor damage and Thunderblight.
  • Electric Shocker: Valorgod will shake its blades with lightning and plant them into the ground, creating an AOE of lightning across the ground.
  • Electric Shots: Now Valorgod can shake its wings in projectile mode to charge its shots with thunder.
  • Paralysis Waves: It will flap its wings almost like a normal bird and then spread them out hard. The spreading of its wings sends out a wave of thunder from its ten blades to go across the ground. These waves will Paralyse hunters instantly if they touch them.
  • Magnetised: Valorgod Barufaruku will combine the elements of its dragon and thunder as its expands its wings, creating an aura in the process. The wings close for a moment, then expand as Valorgod rears up and makes a screech. Immediately a burst of thunder and dragon energy emits around itself and to a distance from the wings. This power it has created will cause hunters to be inflicted by the Status Ailment known as Magnet, which causes hunters to be drawn or pushed away from it when it does its wing attacks.


  • Triple Glide: With much speed it will fly at hunters three time, each with a hard turn to aim at them again.
  • Shot Mortars: Sometimes the Valorgod may fire shots from its main vents that instead of flying fast, head to the ground in a lengthy distance and explode in a large radius like a mortar bomb.
  • Charged Shot Burst: Valorgod Barufaruku will charge up a Charged Shot with four of its vents then fire it, only for it to fire beams from the same vents to destroy it midair and break it into five separate shots that strike around the ground.
  • Aerial Mouth Fire Shot: Swiftly fires a shot of energy from its mouth midair.
  • Triple Aerial Mouth Fire Shot: Valorgod shakes its head and fires three shots from its mouth in rapid succession.
  • Land On The Hunter!: Valorgod Barufaruku will yell at one particular hunter and fly up high into the sky. Hunters may think its going to do a Comet Impact, but if they look below them, they'll soon see a blue circle that gradually gets brighter. This circle will slowly track them and once it reaches maximum brightness Valorgod will crash into them at full force, sending them flying away or making them faint.
  • Star Shots: Valorgod will charge up four shots with lights that resemble that of stars in the night sky and then fire them in a crisscross fashion. They will unlike other shots track hunters and can each target its own thing.
  • Sky Cluster Shot: Valorgod Barufaruku charges a powerful shot in its two top-most vents while it glides upwards. With a spin it fire the two shots to merge into one. This ball travels upwards for a bit and then explodes into multiple smaller shots that rain down onto the area.
  • Cannon Side Fire: With an outwards motion of its wings it fires projectiles from its wing cannons to cover its flank and sides.
  • Triple Homing Smash: Will pause a moment in the build up animation and then do its Homing Smash three times in a row.
  • Aimed Beam: Valorgod will gain some height and begin charging up beams from all its minor vents that all combine at a single spot in front of it. It will turn as the energy powers up then fire that built up beam at hunters that explodes multiple times in the same spot with AOE. The AOE explosions around it can upswing.

When Thunder Charged

  • Lightning Zap: Hardly throws its wings forward to send out several bolts of lightning.
  • Thundering Flyby: Valorgod will go and fly overhead, creating a stream of thunderous wind below it to inflict damage.
  • Para Scrape: Goes close to the ground and drags its blades behind it, releasing sparks that Paralyse.
  • Magnetic Emit: Valorgod flaps around both dragon and lightning and hovers above hunters before unleashing a large sphere that causes Magnet.

Valorous Judgement Mode (2nd Rage Mode)

Once enough damage has been done to it, Valorgod Barufaruku will enter its true rage mode, the Valorous Judgement Mode. When it enters it for the first time, it will emit a scream and begin to fly up high into the sky and then suddenly halt in place and curl up in place, creating the comet aura around itself. The sky changes, it becomes more lighter blue with a light cloud developing and a faint blue tint fills the area. The Valorgod slowly descends, then out of nowhere fly downwards as some of the aura is absorbed into its body and it comes flying down at high speeds. Landing, it creates a large shockwave, then jumps up with the remaining aura on its body and makes a unique sounding roar in a near levitating state. As soon as the roar is emitted a sphere of violent blue wind is emitted as dragon and fire swirl around each other and erupt in a fusion blast, turning them into the Black Flame. A spark goes through its scales and a blue fluid drips from its fangs as it lands in its full unleashed power, ready to slay the hunters. Hunters can actually be damaged by this scene, and possibly even faint from it.


  • Return To Valor: After the first time its triggered, it'll use this to enter the mode again if calmed down. Valorgod Barufaruku will move its wings slowly in front of its face as a wind blows around it with fire and dragon surging around. Suddenly it makes the unique roar from the special scene with a flash of its eyes and a burst of the fusing of its two powers and then will be in the mode again. It can also do this while in the air, although the animation is very similar to the enraged roar used by Shagaru Magala. Hunters must get out of there quickly, as Valorgod's burst will cause high damage and send them flying.
  • Valor's Roar: The roar Valorgod used in its normal state now can be used like the Frontier Gore Magala's roar. A burst of wind erupts from its body and a stream of more concentrated wind is sent at hunters which will cause them to fall down and cover their ears and roll about, leaving them open for an attack.
  • Deadly Winds: Now its wind pressure is strong enough to damage hunters and send them flying away.
  • One Does Not Simply Calm A Harmed God: Once it reaches 50% health it will remain in this stage until it dies. It will also become slightly more resistant to damage from then on.
  • Always Thunder Charged: When it enters this mode, it will become fully thunder charged immediately and remain in it until the Valorgod calms or dies.
  • No Flash Can Blind A God: Now it cannot be affected by Flashbombs anymore.
  • Smoke After The Fire: Once it does enough attacks from its vents or uses certain ones, a grey smoke will be expelled from them that will inflict Undrea.
  • Liquid Leaking Beak: In this mode its beak will drip with a blue fluid that makes all its bite attacks inflict Dragon Resistance Down.
  • Expel Paralysis: Valorgod will shake around as the Paralysis travels to its chest and wings and gather there. Then, with a body thrust and wing flap it expels the Paralysis in a sphere around itself. This process takes longer if its chest and wings are wounded.
  • Expel Sleep: Valorgod will fight back against the sleep ailments with a drooping head and extend its wings and let loose the ailment in a stream of mist from the vents and the chest to give hunters their own Sleep ailment back to them. This process takes longer if its chest and wings are wounded.
  • Expel Poison: Valorgod will hardly grip the ground with its front claws and begin to drip the Poison from its chest. Then, it uses its wing vents and chest to expel the poison in globs that will give hunters their own Poison back to them. This process takes longer if its chest and wings are wounded.
  • Slash The Ground Into Wind: Valorgod Barufaruku takes its two wings into blade form and then jumps and cuts a wide arc in the right side of the ground and then the left side and then slashes the ground in a somersault. Each cut will release a ravine of wind after a second that will upswing hunters.
  • Wing Slam Swing: Whenever it does its Wing Slam now, it may use the still running jets to spin itself around once and surprise hunters.
  • Valorgod Wyvernfire: Valorgod will stand and charge up a mouth shot for an extended period of time before suddenly turning around to create a repeatedly burning sphere of Black Flame that will send hunters flying away.
  • Projectile Cluster Impact: The cannons on the wings charge up as its vents do. With one burst the Valorgod is launched high into the air spinning, firing its cannons at extreme speed, scattering the shots everywhere to an overwhelming point with the Deviant aiming down for a target. It will then land and slam its wings down hard, making a large burst come out of the impact zone.
  • Multi Wing Claw Swipe Into Burst: Now it can combo the Multi Wing Claw Swipes attack into a Dual Wing Smash Blast as told by the the increasing glow in its vents. When this happens it will at near instant speed rise and slam its wings down and blast the hunters away.
  • Blast The Ground: Valorgod will clink its wing claws together and then repeatedly use its vents to blast the ground left by right wing then ends it by doing it with both wings.
  • Ground Burst: Valorgod will plant both its wing claws into the ground and fire a blast right into it, spawning several pillars of Black Flame around it that upswing hunters.
  • Ground Flame Wall: Valorgod will do a forwards plant of its wing claws and fire a blast into it and then swipe the claws out of the ground, immediately creating a forwards moving wall of Black Flame that sends hunters flying away.
  • Super Charged Shot: Valorgod Barufaruku will run backwards and begin charging a shot with all its vents, even the smaller ones, quickly creating a large orb. When complete it will shoot the orb in an arc upwards to fall to the ground and explode in a huge radius that will upswing hunters.
  • Uppercut Ground Slash: Valorgod will spin to turn at hunters with its two wing claws extended and upwards where it charges up power. It then uppercuts the hunters with the wing claws while they tear through the ground and fire out three rocks to a distance. This is a callback to Redhelm Arzuroses signature attack.
  • Spinning Shootout: Valorgod hops far backwards and charges up its wing cannons along with its wings. Then, suddenly it takes off and rushes towards hunters spinning madly while shooting shots from the cannons all over the area is passes by. To finish its attack it lands back down and delivers a large blast from its wing vents. This is a callback to Hidden Haze Malfestio's signature attack.
  • Double Jet Blade Spin: Valorgod brings its two wing blades together in a defensive stance while powering up energy in its vents and nearly causes them to grind each other. As soon as they touch the two wings take power, making it spin around extremely fast with the blades slicing in circles. It will then repeat this attack again while moving to aim at hunters. This attack is a callback to Hellblade Glavenuses signature attack.
  • Black Flame Vortex: Valorgod creates a charged shot in its wings, but something different happens. The shot is fired prematurely and slowly falls to the ground, where Valorgod opens its wings wide and high, charging up electric powers in its blades, including the magnetic components. It then jabs forward the energies into the orb, making it react violently with a spark of power. The combined powers creates a vortex that can suck in hunters in its close radius, and hunters in a long radius if they have Magnet on them. If hunters are sucked into the vortex they will take heavy damage and be sent flying away from it. This is a callback to Blue Thunder Lord Astaloses signature attack.
  • Wandering Fire Orbs: Valorgod makes an acrobatic jump and spits out three large distorting orbs of fire from its mouth with a head swing, and then does it again in a swing in the opposite direction immediately after. Getting hit by one sends the hunter flying away. This is a callback to Heaven Eye Mizustune's signature attack.
  • Horizontal Wing Blast: Valorgod charges a large unstable orb in its wings and lifts it up, with only a half second to notice what to happen next. It suddenly sweeps its wings across the ground by one of its side, creating a large wide burst that causes high damage and upswings hunters. This is a callback to Silver Ridge Gammoth's signature attack.
  • Flames To Signal The Great Charge: Valorgod will quickly fire a flamethrower over its head in an arc, making a booming sound from the quick ignition that affects hunters like a High Grade roar, then transforms its wings into claw form and tilt towards hunters after releasing Undrea smoke, slamming its tail on the ground once. It will then charge at hunters, using its wing blades as actual claws to accelerate itself while they trample both the earth and hunters. Once it completes the charge it will skid to a halt and sharply turn, then jump and use its glide attack. This is a callback to Massacre Demon Diabloses signature attack.


  • The Valorgod Will Plummet At Enemy Followers: When hunters enter the area with it when it has changed areas and is still in the air, Valorgod Barufaruku will now preform its Comet Impact on them almost immediately to catch hunters off guard and possibly make them faint.
  • Resistance Down Overhead Spit: Valorgod will do a bite and gurgle, then it will fly over hunters and spray a ball of the fluids in its mouth right down at hunters. This attack comes at lighting speeds, so hunters better watch out or suffer a great debuff.
  • Charged Tail Sweep: Black Flame surges around its tail then Valorgod will sweep it around and leave a path of flame behind for a second to make up for its high speed being able to be evaded.
  • Aerial Super Charged Shot: Is the same as the ground except it it now hovering in the air for greater precision.
  • Dirty Tornado: Valorgod Barufaruku slams and slices its front claws through the ground multiple times before quickly jetting off in the air. As it jets off, it'll quickly spin around the rocky marks and form a small tornado that deals fair damage. As the tornado is formed, pieces of the debris will be sent at foes to damage them while the tornado stands in place for two seconds.
  • Spinning Glide: Valorgod will first backflip backwards in the air then turn a direction and then go flying at hunters spinning violently. This glide can send hunters flying and send earth flying that causes minor damage.
  • Flaming Tail Swipe: Valorgod Barufaruku will cancel out of a Double Glide with a spin that engulfs the tail with Black Flame. It then glares at hunters and rushes downwards, then spins around while landing to create a large wave of Black Flame from the tails swing. This is a callback to Dreadqueen Rathian's signature attack.
  • Comet Impact Aftershock: Now when it preforms this attack a aftershock of flames and magnetism will be left on the impact zone that act as a new threat from the attack. This also applies to the Comet Fire too.
  • The Time Has Come... For Your Judgement!: When a hunter is on the verge of fainting or is left at zero health midair then Valorgod Barufaruku will do this attack. Valorgod will turn at a hunter and screech at them with its front claws ready. It then makes a swoop for them and should it hit, the hunter will be grabbed like the Ludroth from the Barufaruku's MHXX ecology video and taken into the sky. The Valorgod will fly until it gains an aura around itself which only happens when its beyond cloud level and then it will do its main part of the attack. The Valorgod Barufaruku will throw the hunter upwards and in a blink of an eye fire the aura at hunters along with Star Shots and then watch as the hunter flies across the sky like a shooting star and then explodes in a big burst that will cause a unavoidable faint. Hunters have no other choice but to either flinch or avoid this attack.
  • The Blue Comet's Impact: Valorgod Barufaruku's second strongest attack. Valorgod will begin to climb and the make a screech in an animation that looks like Amatsu's start up animation for its Triple Hyper Water Beam attack. Valorgod will then rocket into the sky and fire a Sky Shot Cluster at hunters before it begins climbing to heights beyond what any normal Barufaruku can travel. Hunters can see its light getting smaller and smaller until there is a bright thin flash. Then, the Valorgod comes flying down at maximum speed with not only its aura but a mac dome around it. Its at this point hunters must take evasive actions as they don't actually have much time before Valorgod arrives. Hunters in other areas can even see this attack happen. Faster than the speed of sound the Valorgod Barufaruku comes racing at the area and smashes into it at a precise point, creating a massive blast that can cover some entire areas. The blast can very easily one shot hunters as well as inflicting, Black Flameblight, Thunderblight, Magnet and Undrea as well as send them flying away far. The area will be left with a crater in that zone for the rest of the hunt along with a smog of smoke and earth, where Valorgod will expel thick and large amounts of Undrea smoke and then recover slowly from the attack and return to battle. If at half health yet then Valorgod will return to either its standard rage mode or its normal state depending on total health. If returned to normal state, then it will lose all power in its vents, leaving it unable to fly or shoot until it recovers in one minute, if its standard rage mode then 30 seconds, and if still in Valorous Judgement Mode then it will continue to fight like it was only a harder to do attack. This attack can come in four directions in the main area of the Battlequarters, the first three going through the buildings to wreak them, and the rarer fourth one is through the Demolisher, which a direct hit will actually destroy the useful weapon and the platform it is on and render it useless.
  • Valorgod's Heavenly Destruction: The Valorgod Barufaruku's strongest attack only done when it is locked in Valorous Judgement Mode. It will make a piercing screech at the sky and then begin charging up like in the normal Barufaruku's recharge of its vents. The Valorgod Barufaruku will begin to glow as its power builds, forming its comet aura around itself. Should hunters manage to hit its chest and vents enough, it will take damage as it loses control over its power with an explosion erupting from those parts. It then falls to the ground and remains there motionless for a few seconds before slowly recovering. Should hunters fail to stop it, it will rocket into the skies, but not before firing a Comet Fire downwards to engulf hunters. This fire will then unexpectedly consume the area and give it a blue flaming sparking glow. What follows is similar to The Blue Comet's Impact, with Valorgod travelling high into the sky. This time however, it travels much further than usual, up to its absolute limit. Hunters can only see it as a bright blue star in the sky as it is so far away. Then, it disappears for a second. A bright flare is then seen where the Valorgod went, and then... it reappears. Blazing in so much heat that it cannot be seen, the Valorgod Barufaruku comes rocketing down at the area like a blue meteorite with no sign of slowing down. The Valorgod's descent can actually be seen from all areas on the map as it heads for the targeted one. As it nears the area, the BGM will blur out as a heavy rumbling drones ever louder and even the ground begins shaking from the force of the Valorgod. The sight will then become blinded by nothing but a whitish blue and at the very last second, hunters will see Valorgod Barufaruku itself inside the unstoppable comet. Instantly the area becomes nothing but a white glow as the ultimate comet impacts the area, and completely destroys it! Any hunters that were in the area instantly faint unavoidably. The shockwave of the attack is so strong that it will travel into the areas linking to the one destroyed and strike hunters there for high damage. Hunters from all over the location will be able to hear and see the impact happen regardless of the area they are in. But, this isn't the end of the attack yet. Valorgod will emerge from the smoke of the destroyed zone and fly up into the sky again and go to an area where the hunter who delivered the last hit on it is. Once there it will preform its Comet Impact on him/her then slide to a halt. Valorgod will then scriptedly have to do its charge up animation due to the attacks taking up all its energy for flying, which will give hunters free hits on it. If this attack is done in a location with only one area there, or six remaining then it will do the attack differently when it nears the area. It will emerge from the comet and fire it like a mega version of its Comet Fire attack. It will engulf the whole area in its main hit, causing a OHKO to those who didn't Farcast out of the area or panic dive to avoid it. The area will not be destroyed by the attack in this variant. Then afterwards the ground around the area will be left burning, draining health away at the same rate as MH4U's G-rank Crimson Fatalises heat wave attack for 6 seconds. Then Valorgod will use its Comet Impact then charge as the normal version of the attack.
    • This attack is rather unique as well. If Valorgod Barufaruku destroys an area that leaves other areas inaccessible, then the area will survive only as an earthy bridge with the smoking, flaming remains below and around it. And it cannot destroy all areas on the map, it will leave at least 6 areas remaining intact, switching to its projectile based variant of the attack instead.

Death Scenes

Ground Death

Upon the final hit being done to Valorgod Barufaruku, it rolls backwards like Gore Magala being de-frenzied, and its Black Flame begins to engulf its body. With a weak droop it raises itself up onto its hind legs and makes a final screech to the heavens as the flames burst into a beautiful flare, like a comet. Then, as the flames die, so does the Valorgod as it collapses to the ground, now without its glow or energy.

Aerial Death

Upon the final hit being done to the Valorgod Barufaruku it stammers midair and climbs up high with still flaring jets. As its Black Flame surrounds it, it creates the comet aura it usually has when flying at high speeds. The Valorgod makes makes a final call to the skies as the comet aura becomes a bright flare. The flames die out along the Valorgod, who falls slowly from the sky and crashes onto the ground on its back, its wings spread out like lifeless steel.


Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Blue Valorgod Heavenshard The Valorgod's shard has an eternal shine that glistens even in the darkest nights, like heaven trapped in a piece of steel. Its blue shade is enough to captivate anyone who looks at it.
Carapace Icon Blue Valorgod Holycortex The Valorgod's cortex is an armor meant for its holy acts of defence and offensive tactics. Made of hardened steel, no normal weapon or claw can damage it.
Eye Icon Dark Blue Valorgod Sacredeye The Valorgod's eye lets nothing out of its sights, not even for a fraction of a second. It can pinpoint a small monster from heights of over 60,000km high and target them accurately with a direct strike.
Claw Icon Blue Valorgod Deityclaw The Valorgod's claw crushes those who rebel against its authority and rule under wrathful power. They have a shape ideal for trapping and immobilising prey and threats.
Claw Icon Dark Blue Valorgod Divinityblade The Valorgod's blade will sever the evil and darkness in its reach that dares to defy it. There next to nothing that can escape being scarred or sliced apart by this wind cutting blade.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Blue Valorgod Godwing The Valorgod's wing has nigh unlimited power, allowing it to achieve ludicrous speeds that can surpass 10 times the speed of sound. Those on its wrong side will be shot down without issue by relentless bombardment.
Monster Parts Icon Blue Valorgod Divinelash The Valorgod's lash is the thing that aids its great divine movement and creates impressive surges through it that cover a large area at once. Swung at high speeds its no less deadly than its other parts.
Mantle Icon Dark Blue Valorgod Creatororb The Valorgod's orb is an jewel of perfection, created inside the chest. With this orb, one will take on its title and powers for a new cause, wherever may it be for the good kind like it before, or for the evil kind that it tried so hard to repel.


  • Head Slightly Wounded
    • Head Wounded
  • Back Spines Wounded
  • Chest Slightly Wounded
    • Chest Wounded
  • Left Wing Slightly Wounded
    • Left Wing Wounded
  • Right Wing Slightly Wounded
    • Right Wing Wounded
  • Left Arm Slightly Wounded
    • Left Arm And Left Claw Wounded
  • Right Arm Slightly Wounded
    • Right Arm And Right Claw Wounded
  • Tail Wounded
    • Tail Severed

Interactions with The Frenzy/Hyper State/Apex

Valorgod Barufaruku is a Deviant and thus cannot be infected by any statuses.



  • Fire: 25
  • Water: -10
  • Thunder: 10
  • Ice: 5
  • Dragon: 30


Valorgod Soul, Razor Sharp, Negate Bleeding, Artillery God, Movement Speed +2

Valorgod Soul is the combination of, Airborne, Negate Paralysis, Acrobat and Dragon's Spirit.


Valorgod Lv G1
Valorgod Barufaruku Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Slay a Valorgod Barufaruku
Reward: 32400z Location: Ruined Ridge (Night)
Contract Fee: 5820z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Fully wound both of Valorgod's wings Sub.Reward: 3950z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. The target: a Valorgod Barufaruku, known for its unrivalled speed in the air and willingness to show all its known ablities to those who hunt it. This monster is beyond dangerous, you must take the utmost caution when fighting it.

Valorgod Lv G2
Valorgod Barufaruku Icon by TheBrilliantLance Barufaruku Fanon Icon
Slay a Valorgod Barufaruku and a Barufaruku
Reward: 35850z Location: Heaven's Mount
Contract Fee: 6280z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Barufaruku's head and wings Sub.Reward: 4250z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. Both a Valorgod Barufaruku and normal Barufaruku have been spotted at the Heaven's Mount and must be slain. Be aware of them both, as focusing too much on one will result in the other taking its chance to attack you from behind.

Valorgod Lv G3
Valorgod Barufaruku Icon by TheBrilliantLance Shinewing Silver Rathalos Icon by Chaoarren
Slay a Valorgod Barufaruku and a Shinewing Silver Rathalos
Reward: 38640z Location: Battlequarters
Contract Fee: 6545z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Fully wound Shinewing Silver Rathaloses wings and head Sub.Reward: 4650z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. Your main target is the Valorgod Barufaruku is approaching the Battlequarters with dangerous intent, but there is also an Shinewing Silver Rathalos following it that must also be taken out. Make good use of the weaponry at the areas to bring them down.

Note: Shinewing Silver Rathalos will appear in 15 minutes if Valorgod hasn't been slain by that time.

Valorgod Lv G4
Valorgod Barufaruku Icon by TheBrilliantLance Massacre Demon Diablos Fanon 4th Gen Icon
Slay a Valorgod Barufaruku and a Massacre Demon Diablos
Reward: 41480z Location: Forlorn Arena
Contract Fee: 6850z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Sever Massacre Demon Diabloses horn and tail Sub.Reward: 4850z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. A Valorgod Barufaruku and a Massacre Demon Diablos have been spotted at the Forlorn Arena and must be slain. Both of these Deviants are extremely powerful, do not make any mistakes if they are both there at the same time.

Valorgod Lv G5
Silver Ridge Gammoth Fanon Icon Blue Thunder Lord Astalos Fanon Icon Heavenly Eye Mizutsune Fanon Icon Hellblade Glavenus Fanon Icon Valorgod Barufaruku Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Slay a Silver Ridge Gammoth, a Blue Thunder Lord Astalos, a Heavenly Eye Mizutsune, a Hellblade Glavenus, and a Valorgod Barufaruku
Reward: 47850z Location: Tower Summit
Contract Fee: 7420z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Silver Ridges' legs, Blue Thunder Lord's head, Heavenly Eye's claws, Hellblade's tail, and Valorgod's wings. Sub.Reward: 5885z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. It has been confirmed of the worst, the Deviants of the Fated Four and the Valorgod Barufaruku have all gathered at the Tower Summit and must all be slain. You must take ultimate preparations and care if you are to accept this quest hunter, or you may not survive this gauntlet of monsters.

Valorgod Lv Super
Valorgod Barufaruku Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Slay a Valorgod Barufaruku
Reward: 52450z Location: Tower Summit (Night)
Contract Fee: 7640z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. This is it. A Valorgod Barufaruku at ultimate strength possible has appeared at the Towers Summit, and at night it will awaken. It is confirmed that its in the state previous only seen in Valorgod's who are greatly enraged, and looks like it will be in said state for the whole hunt. This is the greatest challenge we bestow upon you, hunter,

Note: Valorgod Barufaruku begins and stays in Valorous Judgement Mode for the entire hunt.


  • Valorgod Barufaruku was created to be on time for Monster Hunter Double Crosses release on March 18th 2017.
  • Unlike the normal Barufaruku, Valorgod can only be slain, not repelled.
    • The only time it can be repelled is in its own quest in the Defiant Fortress, and can only be done once, as the next time requires hunters to slay it.
  • There is a reason why Female Barufaruku cannot become Valorgod's, they don't have the right genes to develop into them. Those who are born in such a way for the females will end up with fragile and weak scales and armor. This also is the reason why the Valorgod Barufaruku's female armor is skimpy.
  • There was several concepts for it.
    • It was originally just a Barufaruku in permanent rage mode and had more red tints with some more attacks. There was also a Barufaruku concept that has it just use its blades far more efficiently rather than flight.
      • Another concept that came up was, "A Deviant that surpasses the ablities of the Massacre Demon Diablos".
  • It, like Massacre Demon Diablos, can only be fought in G Rank.
    • They also share the ability of having two rage modes.
  • Valorgod can use the ailment coined first by BannedLagiacrus for Solstice Conquest War Fatalis known as Black Flameblight, which is a mixture of Severe Dragonblight and Fireblight. This blight also increases hunters vulnerability to the Possession ailment, which Valorgod Barufaruku does not have.
  • Chaoarren wanted to make Valorgod a truly special and unique Deviant. To make that happen, he decided to use some old concept ideas for Barufaruku and add them to Valorgod while still giving it it's own unique ablities and mechanics.
    • In addition to that, since the "god" was in its title name, Chaoarren decided make it beyond Massacre Demon's level of danger and gave it two rage modes along with major increasing in difficulty and ablities for both.
  • Some say that the Valorgod Barufaruku is the ultimate ruler of the skies, far above the powers of the Rathalos and its variants, also above the Kushala Daora, and Amatsu, and even the Shantien.
    • They say that "It destroys the King Of The Skies with a simple flyby, melts the Steel Dragon with its element powers, sends the Storm Dragon plummeting to the earth with a direct dive strike, and out-speeds the quickness and lightning of the Shantien.
  • Its Glideby Gunnery was inspired by machine gun weaponry on planes, which was given to it for the purpose of adding more variety to its aerial attacks.



  • ThumbThumb, Dinoman0310, and Rathalosaurus rioreurensis: Helping coming up with attacks for the Valorgod Barufaruku.
  • Rathalosaurus rioreurensis: Creating a render.
  • TheBrilliantLance: For the current icon.
  • ???: For the main render.