Umigashia by Setheo
Titles Wide Fin Slug
Nicknames Umi
General Info
Species Mollusk
Habitats Frantic Bay, Southern Reef
Size Medium
Relatives Lidonkyai, Glapioterix
Signature Move Watery globules
Elements Element Water
Ailments Severe Waterblight Status Gooey
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Thunder
Creator Setheo


Umigashia is a medium sized Mollusk. Its body is many tones of blue and it has four very wide fins at its sides. Plating protects its back and head and it has a fairly long tail that makes up almost half of its body lenght.


Umigashia lives all of its life underwater. They cannot go inland, as they would soon dry off and die. This monster is surpirisingly voracious, and it will attack smaller monsters without second thought. Seeing one is considered a good omen for sailors, since Umigashia gather in places where lots of fish can be found.


Umigashia can spit watery globules from its mouth, causing both Waterblight and Gooey. They can also charge at a hunter, leaving a trail of goo behind. Although this monster prefers to attack from a distance, they can also use its tail and fins for melee attacks.

Rage and Tired State

Rage: Becomes noticeably faster and attacks more aggresively.
Tired: Taunts often, and becomes unable to use goo. In this state, it gains a pin attack.


Same as other mollusks.

Breakable Parts/Weakness Chart

  • Head (x1)
  • Left front fin (x1)
  • Right front fin (x1)
  • Left hind fin (x1)
  • Right hind fin (1)
  • Tail (sever)