Ugao by Setheo
Titles Brute Force Wyvern
Nicknames Gao
General Info
Species Fanged Wyvern
Habitats Temperate areas
Size Large
Relatives Zinogre
Signature Move Crushing Blow
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Dragon
Creator Setheo


Ugao is a huge, bulky Fanged Wyvern, around the same lenght as Zinogre, but stands a couple feet taller than a regular sized one. Its head has several horns and spikes of varying size and its front legs have hands instead of feet, with which it can manipulate objects in a rudimentary way. Its hind legs are firm and powerful, with strong claws for running. Ugao's body, except for the underside, is covered by thick, heavy shelling, giving the Wyvern great defense from attacks. Its tail is short and mostly useless.


Although mostly passive, once threatened they will go into a berserk state almost losing any sense of self-preservation. Females with whelps are extrely protective of both their offspring and turf.


True to its title, Ugao does not use any elements or ailments. Instead, it relies on its mighty physical strength to fend off foes. It will attack with its whole body, or use its front legs to both slash and punch. Its mandibles can deliver a powerful bite, and they can even hurl boulders at far targets.

Rage and Tired States

When enraged, they will begin to attack much more aggresively and use their signature attack. When the rage mode ends, they will always enter their tired states, drooling from their mouths and failing to perform stronger moves.

Breakable Parts

  • Head x2
  • Left Front Leg
  • Right Front Leg
  • Tail (sever)