Titles Cavern Wyvern
Nicknames Troglo
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Tundra
Frozen Seaway
Sunken Hollow
Arctic Ridge
Abysmal Trench
Size 1859 cm
1351 cm
Relatives None
Signature Move Adhesive Spit, Sleep Bite
Elements None
Ailments Status Gooey Gooey
Status Sleep Sleep
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Trogloscuro (トログロスクーロ, Torogurosukuro) are Brute Wyverns.


Trogloscuro are Brute Wyverns with smooth, pale pink hides. Its large, pear-shaped head holds regressed eyes that are covered by a layer of skin, long pointed ears, and end in large, powerful jaws. The bottom jaw is capable of splitting in two to spit its slimy adhesive. Their hind limbs are thin and have broad feet with five clawed digits. The tail is long and has a frayed end.


Trogloscuro can spit a slimy substance used to ensnare prey and for defensive purposes. They secrete a sleep inducing toxin through special glands located in their mouths. Trogloscuro's inner set of jaws are powerful enough to smash through bone. The tail is a potent weapon that can be used as a club or claw against predators and Hunters.


Trogloscuro are highly aggressive and territorial. They will viciously attack and attempt to kill anything they find within their territory without hesitation.


The habitats of these strange Brute Wyverns include the Frozen Seaway, Jungle, Snowy Mountains, Sunken Hollow, Swamp, and Tundra.



No icon available. Repulsive Brute Wyverns that inhabit caves and other dark places. Completely blind, Trogloscuro rely on their keen auditory senses to detect prey. Once prey is found, they squirt an adhesive mucus and then puts the target to sleep by a toxin located in their jaws.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Theropoda
  • Superfamily: Cavern Wyvern
  • Family: Trogloscuro

Trogloscuro is an unusual member of the Brute Wyvern classification. Other members this group are the Brachydios and Deviljho.

Habitat Range

Trogloscuro primarily inhabit the Frozen Seaway, Jungle, Snowy Mountains, Sunken Hollow, Swamp, and the Tundra.

Ecological Niche

Trogloscuro are mainly cave-dwelling predators that ambush their prey from the darkness, though they will venture out of their caves to search for prey. Trogloscuro primarily feed on Herbivores such as Popo, Anteka, and Bullfango, merely overpowering them and devouring them. Some lesser predators such as Baggi, Great Baggi, Lagombi, Giaprey, and Giadrome require the use of the Brute Wyvern's adhesive slime and sleep inducing bite to take down. Trogloscuro occasionally scavenge and eat carrion. They are at threat of other predators such as Tigrex, Deviljho, Blangonga, Brachydios, Glacial Agnaktor, Stgyian Zinogre, Khezu, and Gigginox. Each of these predators are very capable of killing a Trogloscuro that leaves the safety of the caves, but despite these dangers Trogloscuro are capable of defending themselves by utilizing their restraining slime and razor sharp teeth that can deliver a painful bite.

Biological Adaptations

Trogloscuro possess many unique adaptations that separate it from other Brute Wyverns. Given that they're blind they rely entirely on their sense of hearing to detect prey. However, their keen auditory senses renders them susceptible to the effects of Sonic Bombs. Trogloscuro have a sac under their necks that can be engorged to forcefully squirt a glue-like slime. They do so either in defense against predators or to capture prey. Contained within the monster's throat are a set of pharyngeal jaws. These pharyngeal jaws, along with their normal mouths, can inject a soporific toxin. This sleep-inducing venom is used to put predators to sleep and escape but is sometimes used to subdue prey. Their long tails terminate in four prehensile pincers that can be used as a club or claw against predators and used as a grasping appendage to grab a hold of prey.


Trogloscuro are very aggressive and territorial creatures and will readily take on anything if they just so happen to encroach upon its territory. They spend the majority of their time in caves but will venture out if search of food, whether it be in broad daylight or in the middle of the night. This makes them cathemeral (sporadic and random intervals of activity during the day or night in which food is acquired).


  • The name Trogloscuro is a combination of the word troglobite (an animal that lives entirely in the dark parts of caves), and oscuro (the Spanish word for dark, referencing its dark environments).
  • Trogloscuro draws inspiration from cave salamanders and velvet worms.
  • Since Trogloscuro are blind and detect targets via hearing, they are not affected by Flash Bombs.
    • It can, however, be stunned briefly by Sonic Bombs.
  • When low on stamina, Trogloscuro will be unable to spit slime and won't be able to inflict Sleep.
    • Trogloscuro can recover Stamina by eating from a carcass or preying on Herbivores.
  • Trogloscuro's head and tail can be broken.
  • Trogloscuro's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.