Tophet Astalos
Tophet Astalos by Narwhaler
Titles Underworld Electric Wyvern
Nicknames Rai, Raize, Asta, Astraroth, Dragonfly
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Jurassic Frontier, Sunken Hollow, Volcanic Hollow, Old Volcano, Volcano, Old Swamp, Marshlands (Swamp), Poisonous Marshlands
Size Large
Relatives Astalos
Signature Move Dirt Nap
Elements Element Dragon
Ailments Status Sleep Element Dragon Status Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Kanade
Creator BannedLagiacrus (Adopted by Chaoarren)

Tophet Astalos is a Subspecies of Astalos, created by BannedLagiacrus.

Tophet Astalos Icon by TheBrilliantLance


Tophet Astalos has a body that is almost entirely covered in sharp, dark yellow-black plating, although it has a more bright colored underside. Unlike Astalos, it has a dual-crested horn and three pincers ending on its tail. The third, middle pincer is long like a stinger, though produces different toxins found in not only the tail. Tophet Astalos' face is noticeably a mixture of crimson and orange with glowing red eyes. The wings of Tophet Astalos are also known to be larger.

When enraged, Tophet Astalos will huff puffs of dragon from both its mouth and horn.


Tophet Astalos are known to live in the Jurassic Frontier, Sunken Hollow, Volcanic Hollow, Old Volcano, Volcano, Old Swamp, Swamp, and Poisonous Marshlands.

Attacks and Moves

Tophet Astalos shares the same attacks as the normal Astalos.

Constantly Fully Charged: Unlike Astalos, Tophet Astalos is constantly fully charged in battle. Even when one part is knocked out of the charged state, it is only knocked out for a few seconds.

Dirt Nap: Though its two side pincers is able to paralyze prey, the third middle pincer is like a hornet's stinger. Tophet Astalos will fly backwards before stick its tail out in front of it. When its tail is stuck out, it will stick out its stinger and charge forward before putting its tail back behind it, continuing to hover normally. The stinger can cause Sleep.

Triple Wing Slice: It will rear back swing its wings forward twice at the hunter before hopping back. When it hops back, Tophet Astalos will quickly charge up its right wing and swing it forward, making Tophet Astalos spin, turning it in the opposite direction of the hunter. This attack can cause Dragonblight.

Dual Lightsabers: Due to its dual-crested horns, Tophet Astalos can chop two hunters at once without much warning in the air.

Brachydios' Great Jump: Tophet Astalos will charge forward like Rathian and quickly hop forward at a target, from a great distance away, like Brachydios halfway through the charge.

Tophet's Berserker Charge: Astalos will fly backwards before charging forward at the hunter like Brachydios but with a twist. Unlike before, when it ends the charge, it will drag its wings to one side, sliding and turning to the next target, before charging forward again. It'll repeat this charge up to three times before ending the last charge with a powerful pound of its wings. This attack can cause Dragonblight.

Quick Turn Around: Tophet Astalos will quickly turn around and breath a dragon projectile at a hunter behind it.

Underworld Mode

Underworld Mode: When all of its parts have been knocked out at least once, it'll go into this state. Tophet Astalos will spin into the air, as its eyes fill with blood and a strange substance leaks from its parts, making it roar violently as it lands.

Blindly Attacking: Tophet Astalos won't be able to see in this mode, however, it can still hear pretty well in this mode.

Coma Leak: Due to an internal protection that Tophet Astalos has hidden away, though only when its life is truly in danger, it will begin to produce a sleepy substance used to put its enemies to sleep, combined with the Dragon Element.

In Underworld Mode, it gains seven new attacks.

Hell's Mauling: Tophet Astalos will stand in place for a few seconds, taunting at something, before flying forward in a random direction, knocking a hunter down. Once knocked down, the Tophet Astalos will jump on the target as it begins to bite and tear the hunter apart with its wings, just like the Velocidrome in its ecology, while hunters mash buttons to get out of the pin. If hunters take too long to get out of the pin, Tophet Astalos will grab the hunter in its mouth before shaking them violently and throwing them away at another hunter. This attack does a surprising amount of damage.

Dragon Supernova: Similar to Dreadking Rathalos, Tophet Astalos will prepare to breath a projectile, though it will take longer than usual breath it, before it flies backwards and breaths a large electrical supernova on the ground that slowly consumes a set area almost immediately. The supernova will cover a wide area for a few seconds, causing Dragonblight, before it actually disappears. Tophet Astalos will still be fighting normally while this attack goes off.

False Laser: It will turn and place its tail on the ground like it is firing a Dragon Laser before it quickly lifts up its tail again and fires the real laser. When it begins to fire the true laser, it won't just fire it where the hunter is at now but it will also spit three Dragon Projectiles on the ground, similar to Lagiacrus(4th Gen), that when the laser is fired it actually connects with all the balls, making it harder to predict where the laser may go. Once it fires the laser, it will quickly recover and fight normally. This attack causes Dragonblight.

Hunter's Spark: Tophet Astalos will roar at the hunters before it flies backwards with its tail surging with dragon. It will than fly forward with its tail open, to grab someone, before flying higher into the air. If a hunter was hit by its tail, than Astalos will be holding them in its tail as a meter pops up. Its tail will begin to build up with more dragon as it aims the hunter at another hunter. Hunters will have to mash buttons fast if they want to escape this attack. If hunters take to long, Tophet Astalos will than fire the hunter away from its tail like a cannon, causing an thunderous explosion and giving nearby hunters Sleep. After the attack, Tophet Astalos will fight normally in the air.

Grim Reaper's Scythe: Tophet Astalos will drag its third pincer on the ground, like a scythe, leaving behind a deadly fume of disgusting sleep. After doing this, it will swing its stinger tail downward to damage hunters and inject sleep before pulling its tail back up. This attack causes Sleep and Dragonblight.

Neopteron Swarm: It will raise its wings, making a clicking noise or buzzing noise with them, summoning a large number of Neopterons to it. It can summon up to fifteen Neopteron in a zone.

Death to the Neopteron: Tophet Astalos will begin to surge dragon in its wings as it rattle its wings, making all Neopteron die in the area. Out of nowhere, Tophet Astalos will begin to glow, along with the corpses, as it surges with dragon before all the corpses explode and dragon burst from Tophet Astalos' body. When the Neopteron corpses explode, it causes Paralysis, but the Tophet Astalos' charge up causes Dragonblight.


Blademaster Set

  • Fire +10
  • Water -35
  • Ice -35
  • Thunder +5
  • Dragon +15

Skills: Hunter of The South Wind, Mutual Hostility, and Taunt.

Gunner Set

  • Fire +15
  • Water -30
  • Ice -30
  • Thunder +10
  • Dragon +20

Skills: Hunter of The South Wind, Mutual Hostility, and Taunt.


  • Tophet Astalos' concept came from BannedLagiacrus' Supremacy Stygian Zinogre.
  • The HC Astalos was actually what encouraged BannedLagiacrus to make an Astalos Subspecies.
  • Tophet Astalos' appearance is somewhat based on the Japanese Giant Hornet.
  • Compared to normal Astalos, Tophet Astalos are known to be savages in battle.
    • These Astalos have even been seen destroying the armor plating of some monsters in their environments, even if the Astalos are losing the battle.
  • Like Astalos, Tophet Astalos are known to sometimes to eat their own young. However, the young make certain chirps so they can't be mistaken eaten.
  • Hunter of the South Wind grants Heat Cancel, and increases your Attack and Defense while in Hot Areas. Using Hot Drinks will boost Defense. (Attack +15 and Defense +20 in Hot Areas, Hot Drinks give +10 Defense.)
  • Mutual Hostility grants increases Attack when you have temporary damage (the red portion of the Health Gauge).
  • Tophet Astalos have even been seen attacking their green cousins.
  • Like Astalos, Tophet Astalos has one of the Rath Species greatest weaknesses.
  • Tophet Astalos have been seen attacking all sorts of Rath Species, including their relatives like Canopus.
  • Tophet Astalos are known to put prey to sleep with their stinger before violently beating the prey item to death.
  • The only way to knock Tophet Astalos out of its Underworld Mode is to not attack it at all for twenty seconds.