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Titles Thunder Blade Crab
Nicknames Crab Horseman, Plug
General Info
Species Carapaceon
Habitats Jungle (2nd), Old Jungle, Flooded Forest, Primal Forest, Everwood, Muddy Jungle, Defiant Stronghold
Size Moderate
Relatives None
Signature Move Thunder Swipe
Elements Element Thunder
Ailments Severe Thunderblight
Weaknesses Element Ice
Creator Chaoarren

Tonihiru are thunder element Carapaceon. They are often seen with Venelarius.


Tonihiru Icon by Chaoarren Jungle dwelling Carapaceons with electric pincers powered by conductive spikes on their backs. They have been known to follow Venelarius in search of food, and can even form a sort of, "merge" with it by mounting them.

The shape is like if Daimyo Hermitaur lost its shell and got Ceanataur pincers. The main body has a blue colour which sometimes glows yellow in patches. Covering the legs is green moss, resembling that of the Venelarius. Along the back line several dark blue spikes.


These crabs can use thunder element from their pincers, generated from the spikes on its back. Normally they won't try to fight much unless enraged or there is a Venelarius nearby. Venelarius have a strange bond with these, they have ridges on their backs allowing them to merge with them and aid it, then feed on food remainders left.


  • Sparking Pinch: Jungle (2nd): Area 3

The hunter walks towards the river bank, seeing a spark come from the foliage. A pincer strikes out from it, following with the crab. It clutches both together twice, charging them as it walks forward towards the hunter, looking to be a reasonable hunt.

Rage and Tired states

  • Enraged: Pincers become electrified and bubbles foam in mouth.
  • Tired: Will fail to use thunder swipes and will drool.


  • Left Pincer Wounded
  • Right Pincer Wounded
  • Left Legs Wounded
  • Right Legs Wounded
  • Abdomen Scarred


  • Swipe: A quick swing from one of its pincers. (Can be done while on Venelarius)
  • Thunder Swipe: Charges up a pincer and swings it in an arc like Shogun/Plum Daimyo. This obviously causes Thunderblight. (Can be done while on Venelarius)
  • Stab: Moves forward and stabs downwards at a target, piercing into the ground for a second. (Can be done while on Venelarius but doesn't pierce to ground)
  • Double Stab: Shakes its pincers and does a stab with both pincers one after the other, taking a step forward with each.
  • Thunder Stab: Lifts a pincer upwards to generate thunder element through it then does its stab, creating a larger range of attack from the sparks. (Can be done while on Venelarius)
  • Double Swipe: Does the swing with both pincers forward.
  • Thunder Spark: Its pincer will spark with thunder. The pincer swipes at the target, launching sparks at the target. (Can be done while on Venelarius)
  • Leap: Bends down and jumps onto a target. This isn't as far as Daimyo's.
  • Merge: Will leap onto Venelarius's tail and is launched onto its back. It will attach onto its back by the ridges with its legs and give Venelarius thunder element to its horn and tail.

(High Rank and above)

  • Leap Slash: Right as it lands it slams its pincers into the ground.

(G Rank only)

  • Thunder Leap Slash: The attack is now electrified unless both pincers are broke.


Low Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Shell Icon Dark Blue Tonihiru Hide This skin is like Hermitaur shelling, but with electric inside the cells.
Claw Icon Dark Blue Tonihiru Pincer Thin pincer from the Tonihiru which can conduct electricity.
Horn Icon Dark Blue Tonihiru Spike An organ that stores amounts of electric enough to be dangerous to humans.

High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Shell Icon Dark Blue Tonihiru Hide+ It is usually wet from the crabs nature to be near rivers, making it even more lethal.
Claw Icon Dark Blue Tonihiru Pincer+ The muscle is elastic, as if it has to reach from high places.
Horn Icon Dark Blue Tonihiru Spike+ More power is stored within from multiple uses.
Monster Parts Icon Blue Sparking Crabmeat Fine flesh from the Tonihiru, although it looks tasty, it cannot be consumed.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Shell Icon Dark Blue Tonihiru Piel Thick hide that can take a head on lightning strike from the heavens.
Claw Icon Dark Blue Tonihiru Lightpincer From the electronic power the pincer has lost weight, allowing faster swings.
Horn Icon Dark Blue Tonihiru Thorn A fine conductor, and fine killer to those who bite it.
Monster Parts Icon Blue Cardiac Crabmeat Consumption of this flesh will cause heart failure from the electric current.


It is mounted on the body, like the Shogun Ceanataur. Unlike Daimyo and Shogun it will try to shake the hunter off instead of jumping up and down repeatedly.

Interactions with The Frenzy/Hyper Status|Apex

Tonihiru when frenzied gains purple hide and reddish moss. It is frenzied if Venelarius is frenzied.

Hyper Tonihiru

There are no confirmed Apex Tonihiru.