Tirraukronus is a large Brute Wyvern appearing in Monster Hunter Venture.
Titles Tyrant Wyvern
King Of Brutes
Nicknames Rexy, T. Rex
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Vast Frontier, Wild Savannah, Stone Canyon, Blasted Desert, Royal Forest, Verdant Jungle, Volcanic Coast, Frozen Cliffs, Alpine Peaks, Mount Calamity, Crumbling Arena, Forsaken Tower
Size Large
Relatives Brutal Tirraukronus
Signature Move Tyrant's Roar
Elements Element Dragon Dragon
Ailments Element Dragon Dragonblight
Status Stun Stun
Weaknesses Element Dragon Dragon
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator TheBrilliantLance


Tirraukronus is a large Brute Wyvern resembling a Tyrannosaurus. However, it has several notable differences, the most obvious one being the large crown-like horn on the top of its head. This horn is a shiny, metallic gold, and gives it an air of majesty. It is notable for its deep purple scutes and carapace, which have crimson accents on the tips and edges. It also has a band of crimson feathers on its neck which stretches across its back, giving it the illusion of a cape. Tirraukronus also has a different posture from most Brute Wyverns, taking regal, measured strides rather than lumbering.


Tirraukronus have an amazingly strong bite force, eclipsing even that of Deviljho's. This bite can crush carapaces and bone like mere sheets of paper, and its roar is comparable in volume and power to that of a Brute Tigrex's.


High Rank

Tyrant's Roar: Upon seeing a hunter, Tirraukronus will raise its head to the sky and roar extremely loudly. This roar deals damage to hunters that are too close and requires HG Earplugs to block.

Stomp: Tirraukronus raises its right foot, looks below it, and stomps down.

Stun Roar: In a manner similar to Brute Tigrex, Tirraukronus bends own in front of a hunter and roars loudly. This roar does not require Earplugs, but it inflicts Stun.

Triple Bite: Tirraukronus bites forward three times.

Crushing Fang: Tirraukronus winds up before stepping forward, delivering a massive bite. In Rage Mode, it will follow up with another one with almost no wind up.

Side Bite: A single weak bite to the side. Doesn't do much damage, but comes out very quickly.

Head Swing: The Brute Wyvern takes a step forward before lifting its head into the air diagonally, sending anyone in its way flying forward. This attack can cause Stun instantly if a hunter is hit by it and flies into a wall.

Hip Smash: Tirraukronus performs a hipcheck similar to Deviljho's.. This can be followed by a Charge or a Stomp.

Dragon King's Rage: Upon entering rage mode, Tirraukronus will do something strange. Its face and jaws will begin to turn a bloody red, and flames of Dragon energy will begin to leak out of its mouth. It will then roar extremely loudly as it did at the beginning of the hunt, but this roar will now have a black coloration like Kushala's black wind barrier. This roar inflicts Dragonblight.

Draconic Residue: In Rage Mode, all of its roaring and biting attacks will inflict Dragonblight.

Dragon Flames: Tirraukronus breathes out a large cone of draconic energy that resembles a flamethrower. Causes Dragonblight.


On Your Knees!: Tirraukronus's most powerful attack. To start it, it will suck in a large amount of air, like Brute Tigrex. It then releases all of the air in a massive roar that not only deals damage, but forces hunters to their knees so that they are forced to endure the whole attack.

Serve Me Or Die!: If a smaller monster is in the area, it will perform this attack. Tirraukronus will walk up to the smaller monster and roar in their face, terrifying them. There are two ways this attack can go from here.

  • If the monster chooses to serve Tirraukronus, they will submit to the Brute Wyvern out of fear. They will then cooperate with it to attack a hunter, and become more aggressive.
  • If not, Tirraukronus will descend upon the monster and attack it, killing it quickly. It then devours the monster's corpse to regain some of its health and stamina.

Fit For A King!: Similar to Deviljho, the Tirrankronus pins a hunter under its foot and begins to bite at them.

Off With Their Head!: The Tirrankronus bites downward quickly and powerfully, attempting to catch a hunter in its jaws. If it suceeds, it will lift the hunter up and bite them a few times before spitting them down to the ground below. This attack can result in an OHKO if the hunter has low defense.


{{{Monster Icon}}} A fearsome Brute Wyvern with bone-crushing jaws and a powerful roar. Tirraukronus establishes itself as an apex predator wherever it goes, be it a scorching volcano or a frigid tundra. It competes with its distant relative, the Deviljho, for food and territory; and can be just as destructive to the ecosystem.

Tirraukronus is an apex predator, much like Deviljho. Unusually for an apex predator, it seems to prefer feeding on more powerful prey, such as Rathalos, Zinogre, Glavenus, and Brachydios. The reason for this is unknown, but it is thought to be a show of dominance. Yet for all its bravado, Tirraukronus is a surprisingly cowardly monster, and will quickly turn and run as soon as it appears to be losing a fight.

Due to its adaptability, Tirraukronus can live almost anywhere. They have been seen inhabiting a variety of places, including arctic regions like the Frozen Cliffs and tropical areas like the Verdant Jungle.


Tyranosaurus (heavy) – Primal Carnage Soundtrack02:58

Tyranosaurus (heavy) – Primal Carnage Soundtrack

Tyrant's Arrival


  • When enraged, its face and jaws will turn blood red, and draconic flames will seep from its mouth.
  • When fatigued, it will begin to drool and its head will droop.
  • To recover stamina, Tirraukronus will either eat a carcass or kill an herbivore.
  • Tirraukronus's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • Tirraukronus has a variant known as the Brutal Tirraukronus.
  • Tirraukronus's head can be wounded twice, its chest can be scarred, its back can be wounded, and its tail can be severed.


  • This monster was made to be a rival to Deviljho.
    • The two monsters are also made to represent two "halves" of Tyrannosaurus: Deviljho represents its raw aggression and savage hunger, while Tirraukronus represents its brutal power and image as a ruler.
  • Tirraukronus's name is derived from Tiran, the Russian word for tyrant; Paura, the Italian word for fear; Krone, the German word for crown; and Tyrannosaurus.
    • This is because Russia, Italy, and Germany were all ruled by tyrannical dictators in World War II.

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