Titles Pirate Volk
Nicknames Mugger
General Info
Species Lynian
Habitats All Areas
Size N/A
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Speed Charge
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator Setheo

A very aggressive Lynian. They create weapons from everything, assault hunters and steal items from unskilled people.


Being able to steal, and mastering that task, they are able to steal ANY material from hunters and even from monsters (As far as that is possible). They often attack with a staff or spear like stick. Using sonic bombs will knock them out for a few minutes as well as using specific Hunting Horn notes as they are used to silent places and don't have very well developed hearing abilities.


It is known that these lynian lurk dark caves and rarely go out during the day and hunt in the night, looking for sleeping hunters and monsters where they rob these. During the day they act more like merchands who always try to scam hunters. When they have made a profitable trade they follow hunters and act like scouts and guides.


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