Thilypasaria are powerful Piscine Wyverns that makes an appearance in Monster Hunter Legacy. The female counterpart of Arsenipsaria. it can be fought alongside its male counterpart in G-Rank.
Titles Female Fish Wyvern, Sister of the Abyss
Nicknames Psari, Thily, Ladyfish
General Info
Species Piscine Wyvern
Habitats Reef Sanctuary (exclusively)
Size 1145.95cm- 2300cm
Relatives Arsenipsaria
Signature Move Ice Beam, Darkness Tornado combo.
Elements Element Ice Ice
Element Darkness Darkness
Ailments Element Ice Iceblight
Weaknesses Element Blaze Blaze
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Werequaza86 Rack&ruin


Thilypsaria is orange with pink stripes along with a moderately sized barracuda head and a v-shaped tail fin. The dorsal fin is large and triangular that folds back when fatigued. The foot webbing is green and her face is Dark pink with a mouthful of blade-like teeth. Thilypsaria's arms that support its wings are orange while the webbing of its wings are violet.


When a hunter or group of hunters are spotted by the couple in the land phase of the Abyssal Reef, Thilypsaria will be the very first to attack, barraging the hunter or hunters with a multitude of physical and ice attacks. Despite attacking almost instantly as if in a blind rage, thilypsaria are very intelligent for they will deliberately target the hunters with the lowest defense and will use its weaker but strong attacks to pick off other hunters with low hp and or stamina. Despite all of this, it rarely uses her darkness combo attacks in the first phase. Rather, she is very dependant on being called on by arsenipsaria via screeching to perform a darkness combo attack. Thilypsaria never strays too far from the nest until phase two,  where thilypsaria and arsenipsaria will destroy the nest and be brought into an even deeper part of the cavern and stage three is when thilypsaria is killed by it's mate out of desperation and rage.


Thilypsaria along with arsenipsaria are very rare and aren't found anywhere but the Abyssal Reef. Thilypsaria hunts for food for the babies while the male gaurds their nest. Thilypsaria has very few predators except for Lophiil, for they reside in the Depths which is below the abyssal reef, waiting for the newborns to venture too deep for the carnivorous fish to lure them in and eat them.

Carves (G Rank)

Scale Icon Pink
Thilypsaria Shard The scale of a Thilypsaria. Its bright orange and pink color is sought for as jewelry.
Hide Icon Orange
Fine Thily Hide Top quality hide from a piscine wyvern. Usually worn as capes by female wristblade user as a sign that they've defeated Thilypsaria.
Webbing Icon Purple
Hrd Thily Webbing The wing membrane of the thilypsaria. Extremely resistant to extremely cold weather.
Claw Icon White
Hvy Thily Fang A jagged fang from an adult thilypsaria. Countless hunters's lives were claimed by this very fang.
Monster Parts Icon Pink
Thilypsaria Bonehead The thin head of a thilypsaria. It would be a great ornament, if the jagged teeth and and fins weren't on it.
Monster Parts Icon Orange
Fine Thily Fin A top notch fin from a thilypsaria. Its better than the fin structures of other water dwelling monsters.
Mantle Icon Light Blue
Thilypsaria Soul An odd gem reaped from seldom thilpsaria. Said to be used in rituals to call upon the dead.