Titles The Poisoned Taloneer
Nicknames Gilo
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Ancestral Steppe, Primal Forest, Sunken Hollow, Misty Peaks, Deserted Island, Everwood, Lush Peaks
Size Largest: 1261.31 cm
Shortest: 822.27 cm
Relatives Hypnosis Thanagilo
Signature Move Barb Throw
Elements None
Ailments Status Poison Poison
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Dragon Dragon
Element Ice Ice
Creator Clairebear165

Thanagilo (デッドリータロン, Deddorītaron) is a Bird Wyvern that appears in Monster Hunter DX.


Thanagilo is a Bird Wyvern. Like Great Jaggi, Great Baggi, and Great Wroggi, Thanagilo also resembles a theropod dinosaur. It's eyes are a deep crimson red, it's tongue is royal blue and the inside of it's mouth is icy blue. It's scales are forest green with a dark green underbelly. Long, quill-like barbs occupy Thanagilo's neck and it's back is lined with black, sharp spikes. Sharp lime feathers line Thanagilo's arms and legs. It's feet are anisodactyl, and it has three sharp talons on each hand. It's mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth used for gripping onto prey. Thanagilo's tail ends with more sharp barbs that can be used for attack or defense.

Question Mark Icon Purple A Bird Wyvern capable of poisoning it's foes with it's tail. These small monsters hunt alone and will viciously attack any hunter who enters it's territory.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State:

When enraged, Thanagilo will start huffing steam and the feathers on the monster's arms and legs are puffed up. It's attacks become stronger and also speed increases.

  • Tired State:

When tired, Thanagilo's attacks and speed will decrease and it will start drooling. It will fail to use it barb fling attack and will look for a monster carcass or hunt the herbivores in the area to recover stamina.


You mount Thanagilo the same way with Great Jaggi


The barbs on Thanagilo's tail are filled with poison. It can shoot these barbs at the hunter, much like Sergios can with it's scales.


Thanagilo is usually found in hot and humid areas, like the Sunken Hollow and Misty Peaks, but it has been spotted in places like Ancestral Steppe and Primal Forest. It is sometimes found in the Everwood and, rarely, the Deserted Island.

Ecology Video

The hunter enters Area 4 of Misty Peaks. He/She is ambushed by 4 jaggi and is surrounded. The closet one leaps at the hunter. He/She dodges the attack only to be hit by another jaggi and lose his/her balance and fall on the ground. A Great Jaggi enters the area and looks at the hunter for a moment before howling. The jaggi close in on him/her. One leaps at the hunter but he/she rolls out of the way and gets back on his/her feet. A roar could be heard and grabs the Great Jaggi's attention. A Thanagilo stands on the roof of a ruined building. It suddenly lunges at the Great Jaggi and pins it to the ground. The jaggi instantly forget about the hunter and runs to help their pack leader. One tries to jump onto the Thanagilo but is swatted away by the monster's tail. The Thanagilo grabs the second with it's jaws and throws it at the third and forth. The Bird Wyvern then crushes the Great Jaggi's neck, killing it. The Thanagilo notices the hunter and carefully approaches him/her. The monster glares at him/her for a moment before roaring and the fight begins.



Order: Saurischia - Suborder: Theropoda - Family: Bird Wyvern - Species: Thanagilo

Ecological Niche

Thanagilo is a skilled hunter that preys mainly on herbivores like Aptonoth, Kelbi, and Bullfango. Thanagilo hunts by either ambushing and using it's tail to poison it's prey, or chasing the herbivore, tiring it out, then killing it. Thanagilo also preys on smaller carnivores like jaggi and genprey. Thanagilo will hide from larger monsters such as Rathian, Rathalos, Mizutsune, and Deviljho.

Biological Adaptations

Thanagilo prefers warm and moist climates rather than cold climates. Usually found in Misty Peaks, these bird wyverns unknowingly keep the herbivore population even. Thanagilo is preyed on larger monsters such as Glavenus, Deviljho, Zinogre, and Nargacuga.


Thanagilo is an aggressive monster and will attack a hunter on sight.


Low Rank

  • Bite

Thanagilo will atempt to bite the hunter.

  • Tail Swipe

Thanagilo will swipe at the hunter with it's tail. If hit, the hunter will get the poison aliment

  • Hip Check

Thanagilo's hip-check is the same as Great Jaggi's.

  • Barb Throw

If the hunter is out of Thanagilo's melee range, it will swing it's tail and fire poisoning barbs. If hit, the hunter will get the poison aliment.

Rage Mode Only

All attacks do more damage.

High and G Rank only

  • Lunge

Thanagilo will lunge at the hunter in a way similar to Velocidrome.

  • Tail Slam

Thanagilo will slam it's tail into the ground, sending poisonous barbs flying in three directions.

Rage Mode Only

  • Lunging Swipe

Thanagilo will first do it's tail swipe attack before going into a lunge attack immediately after.

Breakable Parts

  • Head (Scarred)
  • Tail (Severed)


Low Rank
Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Price
Helmet Icon Purple Gilo Helm 14-102 --- A helmet made from the scales of a Thanagilo. Light but durable. 150z
Chest Icon Purple Gilo Mail 14-102 -00 A breastplate forged from Thanagilo parts. Strong for such a inexpensive item. 300z
Arm Icon Purple Gilo Vanbraces 14-102 0-- Forest green vambraces crafted from Thanagilo parts. Tough grips ensure weapons don't slip. 150z
Waist Icon Purple Gilo Faulds 14-102 00- Faulds made from the finest hide of a Thanagilo. Strong while also looking pretty. 200z
Leg Icon Purple Gilo Greaves 14-102 -0- Thanagilo greaves made from the bird wyvern's scales. Durable while also being lightweight. 150z
High Rank
Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Price
Helmet Icon Pink Gilo Helm S 43-104 --- A stronger Thanagilo helmet. The lime green feathers are really pronounced. 7900z
Chest Icon Pink Gilo Mail S 43-104 000 A tough and light Thanagilo chestplate. Tough to forge, but it's worth it. 8000z
Arm Icon Pink Gilo Vambraces S 43-104 0-- High Rank Thanagilo Vambraces. Highly durable and water resistant. 7900z
Waist Icon Pink Gilo Faulds S 43-104 000 Strong High Rank Thanagilo faulds. The feathers make it more impressive. 7900z
Leg Icon Pink Gilo Greaves S 43-104 0-0 Greaves made from the parts of an elder Thanagilo. Firm grips ensure the hunter doesn't slip on ice. 7900z
Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Price
Helmet Icon Teal Gilo Helm X 71-114 0-0 The helm for the Gilo X set. The bright feathers are the overwhelming quality about this piece of armor 12,300z
Chest Icon Teal Gilo Mail X 71-114 000 A very strong chestplate made from the parts of a G-Rank Thanagilio. 12,300z
Arm Icon Teal Gilo Vambraces X 71-114 0-- G-Rank Thanagilo hand guards. Very strong, but difficult to create. 12,300z
Waist Icon Teal Gilo Faulds X 71-114 00- Very durable G-Rank Thanagilo waist piece. 12,300z
Leg Icon Teal Gilo Greaves X 71-114 --- Last rank Thanagilo feet guards. One of the parts for the Thanagilo X set.



Thanagilo Materials (Low Rank)
Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Green Thanagilo Scale A forest green scale carved from the body of a Thanagilo.
Claw Icon Green Thanagilo Claw A sharp, serrated talon carved from a Thanagilo. Nothing too special about it.
Hide Icon Green Thanagilo Hide Tough hide from a Thanagilo. Could be used to store water.
Fang Icon Green Thanagilo Fang A jagged fang from a Thanagilo. Small but strong.
Feather Icon Light Green Thanagilo Feather A vibrant lime-green feather torn from a Thanagilo's arm or leg. It looks soft, but the edges are in fact very sharp.
Sac Icon Purple Poison Sac A monster organ that contains a lethal toxin. Handle with extreme care.
Claw Icon Purple Bird Wyvern Fang A sharp, durable fang from a bird wyvern. Used to make Bowgun ammo.
Thanagilo Materials (High Rank)
Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Green Thanagilo Scale+ A scale carved from a strong Thanagilo. Hard and tough to forge.
Claw Icon Green Thanagilo Claw+ A razor sharp talon from only the strongest Thanagilo. Sharp enough to cut through flesh like paper.
Hide Icon Green Thanagilo Hide+ Thanagilo hide worth quite alot for both hunters and merchants. Highly water resistant.
Feather Icon Light Green Thanagilo Feather+ Bright and sharp. They burn very easily, unfortunately.
Fang Icon Green Thanagilo Fang+ A Thanagilo fang capable of cutting through rock. Doesn't break easily.
Monster Parts Icon Green Thanagilo Barb+ A sharp, poisonous barb from the tail of a Thanagilo. Handle with extreme care.
Sac Icon Purple Toxin Sac A monster organ filled with an extremely potent toxin. Just touching it is dangerous.
Thanagilo Materials (G-Rank)
Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Green Thanagilo Shard A G-Rank Thanagilo scale. The younger the monster, the harder the scale.
Claw Icon Green Thanagilo Razor The ivory claw from a G-Rank Thanagilo. It could prick you're finger easily.
Hide Icon Green Thanagilo Piel The forest green hide of a G-Rank Thanagilo. It has been dulled out over the years.
Feather Icon Light Green Thanagilo Bluntfeather These Thanagilo feathers have lost their sharp tips, making them less dangerous to handle.
Fang Icon Green Thanagilo Incisor A G-Rank Thanagilo fang. Still very sharp, but less durable.
Monster Parts Icon Green Thanagilo Injector The extremely toxic barb of a G-Rank Thanagilo. One of the only parts of a elderly Thanagilo that stays intact.
Sac Icon Purple Deadly Poison Sac A monster's internal organ filled with a most lethal toxin. Use extreme care!


  • Thanagilo's name is a combination of the Greek word "Thanásima," meaning "Deadly," and the Italian word "Artigilo," meaning "Talon."
  • Thanagilo doesn't have a pin attack, but it's subspecies does.

Battle Theme

Thanagilo's battle theme depends on the area it is fought in (Ex. Misty Peaks Battle Theme)