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This is the Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter Venture

Thallidos is a Flying Wyvern first appearing in Monster Hunter Venture. Along with Seicheluth and Cerambus, it is one of this game's 3 flagship monsters.
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Titles Fishing Wyvern
Nicknames Aqua Steve
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Great Sea, Volcanic Coast, Gelid Ocean, Mount Calamity, Crumbling Arena, Forsaken Tower
Size Large
Relatives Seregios, Polar Thallidos, Wavecutter Thallidos
Signature Move Hurricane
Elements Element WaterWater
Ailments Element WaterWaterblight
Status SoiledSoiled
Weaknesses Element FireFire
Element EarthEarth
Creator TheBrilliantLance


Thallidos is a large Flying Wyvern resembling a cross between a albatross and a Thassalodromeus. It has a body structure similar to the Seregios, its distant relative. Its body is mainly gray and white, with blue tips on its wing membranes. Unlike most other Flying Wyverns, its skin is smooth, slick, and seemingly devoid of any scales. Thallidos also has pleated skin on its underbelly, similar to that of a baleen whale. Thallidos's jaws are long and beaklike, with long needlelike teeth. Its bottom jaw has an inflatable red pouch. It also has a large trianglular crest on its head, which is used as a rudder in flight. Thallidos also sports large, cutlass-like blades on the edges of its wings.


Thallidos is capable of spitting out beams and balls of seawater from its beak. It can also use its anchor-like tail as either a whip or a hook to pull in enemies from afar. Thallidos also has sharp blades on its wings which are useful not only for fishing, but also for slashing at hunters.


Low Rank


Wing Slap: The monster sweeps to the side with one of its wings to knock a hunter away.

Ocean Spray: Thallidos regurgitates a glob of seawater and mucus in a similar fashion to Yian Kut-Ku. Causes Waterblight, and can be performed multiple times in a row when enraged.

Fish Dinner: Thallidos projectile vomits up the remains of its fish prey, along with some seawater. Causes Soiled.

Cutlass Combo: The monster swings its sharp-edged wings in front of it. It slices first with its left, then its right, and it finishes with a double slash.

Double Kick: While flying, Thallidos kicks at a hunter once with each leg.

(Land Only)

Side Bite: Thallidos quickly snaps to the side of its head to attack a hunter.

Flying Harpoon: Thallidos flies into the air before divebombing a hunter with its sharp beak.

Enraged Only


Tail Sweep: Like Gypceros, the monster swats its tail around behind it.

Advancing Wing Swing: The monster stands up on two legs before swiping forward with its wings in an alternating pattern. It can perform anywhere from 1 to 5 swings.

Cutlass Craze: Thallidos slashes 4 times with its wingblades, then finishes with a double slash.

High Rank


Briny Blast: It shoots a large beam of water from its beak. This is like Plesioth's water beam, although it has a wider blast radius.

(Land Only)

Anchors Aweigh!: Thallidos drags its large, anchor-like tail against the ground. This attack looks similar to Ridley's tail-drag attack in Smash Bros.

Tail Smash: The flying wyvern slams its heavy tail on the ground. Causes a tremor around it.

Backhand: Thallidos raises a wing, then swings it backward to hit a hunter behind it.

Enraged Only


Typhoon: The monster spits out a large vortex of water that causes Waterblight.

Rising Wave: Thallidos tenses its body, then suddenly springs forward to attack.

Anchor Grapple: Thallidos whips its tail in front of its face and tries to spear a hunter on one of its tail spikes. If this attack connects, they will be brought to its face and left open for additional attacks.

(Land Only)

Wingblade Swipes: The monster jumps forward and swipes quickly with its wingblades.

Belly Slide: Thallidos shoots out a stream of seawater, than slides into it on its belly. Getting hit by this attack can cause Waterblight.

G-Rank Exclusive


Rushing Tail Whip: The standard Flying Wyvern tail spin attack, but much faster.

Strafing Stream: The monster spits out a jet of water, but strafes to extend its range. This attack can cause Waterblight.

(Water Only)

Hurricane: Using its large, powerful wings, Thallidos makes a small vortex of water that pulls hunters in. Causes Waterblight.

Giant Wave: The monster pushes back quickly with its wings, creating a large wave of water that travels forward a short distance and pushes hunters back. This attack can cause Waterblight.

Enraged Only

(Water Only)

Dolphin Jumps: Thallidos jumps in and out of the water, a bit like an Agnaktor. This attack can do some surprising damage.



  • Order: Ornithoscelida
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Infraorder: Fin Wing Wyvern
  • Superfamily: Flying Wyvern
  • Family: Thall

Habitat Range

Thallidos has been seen living in the Great Sea, Volcanic Coast, Gelid Ocean, and Forsaken Tower in the recently discovered continent of Genoia. Flocks of them have also been observed congregating at Mount Calamity, but the reason for this is unknown.

Ecological Niche

Thallidos is a piscivore, meaning it exclusively eats fish. It must also compete with Lagiacrus for food. When mature, it doesn't have any major predators, but when it is young it has several. Lagiacrus is a major predator of young Thallidos, as is Gobul. The Piscine Wyvern Plesioth also preys upon young Thallidos. As it ages, Thallidos becomes far more competitive and agressive, and fights back against its attackers with more ferocity. Due to this and the fact that there are not many monsters big enough to eat it where it lives, an adult Thallidos does not have much competition.

Biological Adaptations

Built for a life at sea, the Thallidos has many adaptations that help it survive where other Flying Wyverns cannot. Its large, thick wings function as both wings and fins, so it is equally adept at swimming and flying. When its wings are folded, its body takes on a torpedo-like outline, which enables it to make deeper dives underwater and to strike fish from above. Its upper beak is long and thin, and acts like a fishing spear while the bottom beak is large and broad and functions more like a fishing net. Thallidos's powerful wing muscles also make it a surprisingly good climber, which is useful as it nests mainly in rocky cliffs near the ocean.


? Pelagic wyverns that make their home in beach cliffs. Known for their fishing skills, they can dive to depths of up to 50 meters in search of food. They can store water and fish alike in their expandable throat pouches, and can even release its contents upon unsuspecting attackers.


  • When enraged, it will huff water vapor and its pouch will inflate.
  • When fatigued, its eyes will decolor and its pouch will deflate.
  • Thallidos will feed upon fish to recover lost stamina.
  • Thallidos can be carved 3 times.
  • Thallidos's roar requires Earplugs to block.
  • It can be hunted underwater, in the air, and on land.


  • This monster stemmed from when I heard that Astalos was designed after pterosaurs, and I decided to take it one step further by basing it on a specific kind of pterosaur.
  • Its name is derived from Thassalodromeus and Diomedea, the genus name of the Wandering Albatross.