Titles The Jaguar Warrior
Nicknames Tenga, Bara
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Forested Highlands
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Beheading Bite
Elements None
Ailments Status Bleeding
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator YukiHerz

The Tengabara is a large quadruped Fanged Beast that inhabits forested highlands.


Tengabaras are quadruped Jaguar-like Fanged Beasts, their body is covered in fur, the top is a light blue color with darker spots, while the belly fur is white, they have two large horns curving backwards, the average adult Tengabara's overall size is on par with that of a full grown Zinogre, their tails are thin ending in a small bulge, if a Tengabara has its tail raised and uses it to attack often, then its a Female, if its kept low and unused during fights, its a Male. All Tengabaras are adept at travelling the land, and can even pose a threat on water, as they are commonly seen swimming with great maneuvering, thanks to their bone structure. Some individuals present a white mane around their necks, it is unknown if this serves a purpose or not.


While lacking in innate elemental power, their physical strength is more than enough to keep them high in the food chain, they are among the fastest and most vicious monsters when fighting.

Question Mark Icon White The Tengabara is a Large Fanged Beast similar to a Jaguar, it inhabits forested regions high in the mountains where the grass takes a color similar to its fur.


When looking for prey, it usually stalks hidden from view until they can procure an instant killing blow, Tengabaras have perfected the Jaguars' hunting technique, with their superior strength and size they simple pound into an unsuspecting prey and bite their heads off.

When fighting, it will pounce, jump, bite, slash and run towards its targets, utilizing its strength and velocity it can compete against other large monsters that inhabit the same regions, such as Rathalos, Raizeks and Chameleos, but it prefers to hide and escape when faced against monsters such as Deviljho or Kushala Daora.

When enraged, its attacks will leave visible waves of wind much like White Gale Nargacuga, it will also start using its horns to ram down opponents, making distance combat much more difficult.