Telificus by DinoHunter2
Titles Sea Wyrm
Nicknames Teli
General Info
Species Snake Wyvern
Habitats Sea
Size Long
Relatives Najarala
Signature Move Poison bite
Elements None
Ailments Status Noxious PoisonStatus PoisonElement Water
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator DinoHunter2
Telificus is a marine Snake Wyvern that lives in the ocean.


Telificus has a slender long body, partially flat on the sides for a hidrodynamic shape, its scales are blue with black stripes. It has rows of spiky fins along its back and its front legs have become paddles. Its head is small and it looks quite similar to a mosasaurus.


Telificus is a fierce predator that lives in the sea. Its long body makes it very fast and flexible, with free movement in the water.

Telificus is known for being a highly toxic monster. Its fangs secrete an incredibly powerful toxin that can be lethal for hunters and prey alike. As a defense it can create lasting clouds and trails of toxin by oozing poison from its body. Apart of this it can use its agility to evade and attack the hunters.


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