Tekinahanta by Setheo
Titles Violent Hunting Spider
Nicknames Spider Jhoe
General Info
Species Temnoceran
Habitats All Areas
Size 1550.30 cm
760.80 cm
Relatives N/A
Signature Move Claw slashes, Dragon needle shooting
Elements Element Dragon Dragon
Ailments Status Dragonblight Severe Dragonblight
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Creator Setheo

A very aggressive spider, known to attack all kinds of creatures. Wanders from place to place always in search of new prey.


Tekinahanta are large Chelicerata which show various similarities to spiders. They wear a Deviljho's skull on it's back possibly to drive away larger predators so it doesn't get attacked or uses the powerful skull to attack any hunter that dares threaten it.


Tekinahanta wander between the Desert and Jungle areas so that they can find prey to feast on, this ranges from small Bird Wyverns such as Yian Kut-Ku within the Jungle areas and Cephadrome in the Desert areas. Tekinahanta have very dangerous saw-like claws which easily slice through prey making them easier to digest.


It does not kill a Deviljho to take it's skull but it will search for the body of a Deviljho to take its skull as it would be completely outmatched by a Deviljho due to its immense strength. Tekinahanta have also been seen dwelling near the water off the jungles where they may attack and kill a Ludroth to eat it.


Tekinahanta has a pin attack where it will slam the Deviljho skull down on the hunter then turn around to begin attempting to eat the hunter before the struggle free. Most of its attacks include deadly swings from its claws which deal great damage and also backwards charges in attempt to hit the hunter with the solid skull upon its back.

It is also able to use a Dragon breath attack similar to Deviljho from the skull upon its back and it has retractable spikes similar to the Gobul's but instead of using them as a defensive mechanism it uses them to attack by shooting them from its body at the hunters.

Breakable Parts

  • Deviljho Skull x2
  • Claws x 2
  • Head x1



  • Tekina Hunter - Bow
  • Hanta's Fury - Great Sword
  • Tekina Pride - Sword and Shield


  • Tekinahanta Icon