Titles Hyperactive Wyvern
Nicknames Techi
General Info
Species Fanged Wyvern
Habitats Desert, Verdant Hills, Misty Peaks, Sandy Plains, Dunes, Heaven's Mount, Ruined Ridge, Tropical Savanna
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Ultrasonic Howl
Elements None
Ailments Status Stun Stun
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Creator User:MonsterHunterFlacko

Techihua is a Fanged Wyvern.


Techihua is a large, canine-like Fanged Wyvern with a lean, sinewy body. The majority of its body is covered in short black fur. It has a white, arrowhead-shaped marking on its chest, a white semi-circle above each big eye, and white fur on its snout. Its ears are incredibly large in comparison to the rest of its body and have a diamond shape to them. The paws are white and covered in scales rather than fur. It has a long, oblong tail with shaggy fur at the base and tip.


Techihua can emit a powerful ultrasonic howl by opening its muzzle. This ultrasonic howl is generated by an extremely developed larynx and vocal cords, and can either cause considerable damage to targets, reflect incoming projectiles, or even propel the wyvern upward like a rocket booster. Its large eyes and ears grant enhanced senses of sight and hearing.


Techihua are jittery and twitchy creatures, constantly shivering as if they were cold. This shivering is actually due to them being in a constant hyperactive state; they are unable to stand still at all and are always moving about. However, their perpetual activity eventually causes them to tire out. This is when they are at their most vulnerable so they find shelter to rest when they know they are going to become tired.

Techihua are very solitary and avoid contact with other individuals of their species as they will fight for territory. The only time two Techihua interact with each other is for mating. The mated pair will raise their young and part ways once their offspring are old enough to fend for themselves.


Techihua inhabit rocky, mountainous areas such as the Desert, Verdant Hills, Misty Peaks, Sandy Plains, Dunes, Heaven's Mount, Ruined Ridge, and the Tropical Savanna.


Ankle Biters Lv 6 Stars
Frenzy Quest Icon Frenzy Quest Icon Frenzy Quest Icon
Hunt 3 Techihua
Reward: 20000z Location: Tropical Savanna
Contract Fee: 2300z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: Suppress the Techihua's Frenzy. Sub.Reward: 2500z
Other Monsters:

Apceros, Altaroth, Deviljho

Client: Nature Enthusiast

That's it, I've had it with those darned Techihuas! I can deal with one, maybe two, but three is just too much! Hunter, do you mind dealing with those pests for me? Those little goons keep scaring off the wildlife! I'd do it myself, but my body ain't what it used to be.


  • Techihua is obviously based off chihuahuas (Flacko's chihuahua in particular).
  • Getting hit by the Ultrasonic Howl instantly Stuns a hunter.
  • It can be infected by the Frenzy Virus.
    • When infected, Techihua can do its Ultrasonic Howl twice in a row, and can sweep it across the area, similar to an Akantor sweeping its Wind Tunnel.
  • Throwing a Sonic Bomb at Techihua before or during its sonic will stun the monster and cause it to drop a shiny.
    • Sonic Bombs don't work when it is in Rage mode.
  • Breakable parts include its chest, its head, its claws on the two forelegs, and its tail, which cannot be cut off.
  • Techihua's roar requires HG Earplugs to block and causes damage.