Supremacy Ivory Lagiacrus
Supremacy Ivory Lagiacrus Icon by Chaoarren
Titles Ivory Soul Collecting Sea Wyvern
Nicknames Ivory Lagi, I. Lagi, White Lagia, White Lagiacrus, Land Lagia
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Deserted Island
Size Large
Relatives Lagiacrus, Abyssal Lagiacrus
Signature Move Aftershock
Elements Element Thunder
Ailments Element Thunder Status Paralysis Status Stun Element Water
Weaknesses Element Fire Element Dragon Element Blaze
Creator BannedLagiacrus

A rarely seen Ivory Lagiacrus beyond Ivory Lagiacrus, created by BannedLagiacrus. This Ivory Lagiacrus is legendary due to it being thought to collect the souls of the dead to fuel its power.


Extremely rare, unusual Ivory Lagiacrus that have adapted to live on the land completely without needing much water to survive. These rare Ivory Lagiacrus are supposed to be Abyssal Lagiacrus by now, according to the Guild.

Aesthetic Differences

Larger shell shockers, long antler-like horns, bite marks on neck and dorsal spikes, blue bands running from head to tail, blue parts on body glow bright blue in Rage Mode, glowing blue eyes, and scars on tail fin.


These Ivory Lagiacrus are most commonly seen in the Deserted Island though finding one is hard. It is recommended when searching for to look for glowing blue orbs flying in the air to find one.

Attacks and Moves

Supremacy Ivory Lagiacrus shares attacks with Lagiacrus (4th Gen) and Ivory Lagiacrus.

Aftershock: Now when it backs up to shoot lightning balls at a hunter, it will produce an electrical barrier around itself for each lightning ball it shoots. This barrier causes Thunderblight and

Side Bite-Hipcheck Combo: Now when the Supremacy Ivory Lagiacrus does its side bite it will instantly home in on one hunter and hipcheck forward to whatever side the hunter is.

Defensive Shocks: Similar to Farunokku, a surge of lightning will be produced on its horns and explode with electricity every so often in Rage Mode.

Air Swipes: Now it has a tail swipe similar to Shantien that causes High Wind Pressure, knocking nearby hunters away. If in water, it will instead cause Waterblight.

Super Shockers: Do to living on land and becoming more skilled, Supremacy Ivory Lagiacrus' attacks now cover a much wider range.

Tail Slam: It will slam its tail down on the ground to cause the quake effect around it before performing its Air Swipes.

Double Side Bite: It will bite to its left and than bite to its right before performing its Spinning Bite.

Spinning Bite: The Ivory Lagiacrus will raise its tail up and do a quick bite to the side in a similar way to Tigrex before spinning kinda like Tigrex.

Lightning Summon: The Ivory Lagiacrus raises its head as lightning begins to charge up on its tail and head. As it charges up, the lightning begins to run towards its shell shockers. When it reachs the shell shockers, the Ivory Lagiacrus will roar and lightning will come from its shell shockers. Bolts of lightning will rain from Ivory Lagiacrus as lightning strikes the ground violently around it, much like Zinogre. This attack can cause Thunderblight and Paralysis.

Double Lightning Hipcheck: It will charge its body up with electricity, as if it was underwater, before hipchecking forward and quickly sliding next to the hunter and hipchecking again. This attack cause Thuderblight.

Sliding Barrel Roll: It backs up before sliding forward and turning to its side before quickly doing a Hyujikiki style Barrel Roll.

Lightning Ball Barrage: Lightning begins to charge in the Ivory Lagiacrus' mouth before it shoots multiple lightning balls in similar to Yian Kut-Ku. It will shoot four lightning balls wildly as each lightning ball surges on the ground for a few seconds for extra damage. This attack can cause Thunderblight and Paralysis.

Triple Electrical Discharge: It perform the attack normally but will instead produce the barrier three times in a row. This attack causes Thunderblight and Paralysis.

Lightning Pulse: Ivory Lagiacrus will growl before releasing a pulse of lightning down on the ground that makes hunters dizzy. After doing this, it will taunt for a few seconds before roaring.

Fulgurbug Mode: When the Ivory Lagiacrus loses 35% of its health, it'll go into this mode. The Ivory Lagiacrus will produce an Electrical Barrier, but as it does it, Fulgurbugs from all around the area will begin to fly towards the Ivory Lagiacrus and will gather all over its body. While this happens, its roar will become deeper and its eyes will turn completely blue. As the barrier disappears, it will seem normal but, than all of sudden, the Lagiacrus howls in the air with lightning bursting from around it. The Ivory Lagiacrus now glows blue like Zinogre and lightning is constantly surging from its blue bands, horns, shell shockers, and tail.

Its defense and attack are increased in this mode.

Added Power: A lot of its attacks that usually wouldn't cause Thunderblight now cause it.

Flying Fulgurbugs: Like G-Rank Zinogre(4th Gen.), Ivory Lagiacrus sends multiple bugs at hunters with some of the attacks it does now. This adds extra range to some of its attacks.

Lightning Beam: The Ivory Lagiacrus takes five steps back before shooting a beam of lightning at the hunters. It will stand up and sweep it forward a few times before landing back on its feet.

Rainbow Ball: The Lagiacrus charges a ball of electricity in its mouth before shooting it in the air. When its shot in the air, rainbow colored lightning will strike around the area for a few seconds before the ball disappears. When enough damage is dealt to during battle later on, Fulgurbugs will gather in the ball and fly towards a random hunter. When it impacts the hunter, the ball will explode with a large explosion.

Electrical Trap: The Lagiacrus will smack its tail and neck before doing this attack, causing quake. As it does this, it will use its Lightning Pulse to stun the hunters before using its Electrical Barrier to deal heavy damage. After doing this attack it will taunt for 10 seconds.

High Voltage: The Ivory Lagiacrus begins to charge high voltages around its body causing small bits of lightning to strike the ground. After this it stands in place and roars, before it tries to shoot a lightning ball. When it tries to shoot it, it will implode inside it, causing a massive surge of electricity to appear around the Lagiacrus.

Super Explosive Wave: The Supremacy Ivory Lagiacrus' strongest attack. The Lagiacrus curls up to do its Super Electrical Barrier but a few things different happen. Lightning will surge around its body, Fulgurbugs will gather around it, a few Fulgurbugs will move around in sphere formation away from the Ivory Lagiacrus giving a hunters an idea how far it may spread as the ground begins to shake. As the ground shakes, rocks will begin to pop up from the ground randomly before it does a sphere barrier of lightning that covers a large amount of the area that can possibly KO a hunter in one hit. After doing this attack it will taunt for 15 seconds.


BlackLute - Monster Hunter Guitar Arrangement - Tremble Of Land and Sea (Lagiacrus Theme)

BlackLute - Monster Hunter Guitar Arrangement - Tremble Of Land and Sea (Lagiacrus Theme)

Thunder Wo- Sea Wyvern!?


  • Supremacy Ivory Lagiacrus is fought only in Zone 5 of the Deserted Island.
  • Many hunter say this monster does damage on par with the more powerful Burst Species.
  • This monster's charge is well beyond a Zinogre's fully charged state.
    • Well, at least beyond a normal Zinogre's.
  • In legend, these Lagiacrus are said to be collecting the souls of those who have earned a calm and honorable death.
  • The so called souls are actually just Fulgurbugs.