The Stormy Lowlands (Japanese 嵐低地) is a hunting ground that spans a wide dry region of prairies and shrublands. This area is known for the sudden storms that appear during the stormy season.


Stormy Lowlands Map by Narwhaler
  • Base camp: Located over a small elevation and sorrounded with trees, there's a spectacular sight of the lowlands in front of it.
  • Zone 1: A wide prairie with herbivores grazing around, the grass is slightly dry.
  • Zone 2: A greenish, forested field with a slow mud current flowing through the middle.
  • Zone 3: A muddy plain located in the shrubland, there are some Neopteron flying around.
  • Zone 4: This zone is located in a hollow of the giant tree that grows in the forest of the mire. The Felyne Village is set here.
  • Zone 5: An increibly wide field of golden tall grass with some rocks and trees, hunters can use the rocks to jump.
  • Zone 6: This zone is completely dry, most of the ground is cracked mud, with two white logs that hunters can use to jump. There's a border of the area covered in tall grass.
  • Zone 7: The cracked mud ground becomes a wide field of dry grass with a solitary tree in the middle, storms can be heard from far.
  • Zone 8: Located over the tallest elevation of the area, this rocky zone is the nest of several monsters, which come here to rest.
  • Zone 9: Dry shrubland with an open zone of reddish ground and giant anthills, insectivore monsters come here to regain stamina.
  • Zone 10: A slight hollow of the lowland surrounded by trees and full of bones, some monsters use it as nest.



  • This area has two differentiate seasons: the dry season and the stormy season
    • During the dry season the sky will be clear and the zones 5, 6, 7 and 9 will be hot during the day.
    • During the stormy season, storms can suddenly appear in the area just like in the Highlands. There won't be temperature hazards, but occasionally lightning can strike the ground and cause massive damage to hunters. There's only rain in zones 2, 3 and 4.

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