Sticky Panoplis
Titles Adhesive Armor Insect
Nicknames Sticky Pano
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Great Forest
Jurassic Frontier
Verdant Hills
Size Medium
Relatives Panoplis
Signature Move Glue Spit
Elements None
Ailments Status Defense Down Defense Down
Status Silked Silked
Weaknesses Element Water Water
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Sticky Panoplis (アンバルグマ亜種, Anbaruguma Ashu) is a Subspecies of Panoplis.


Sticky Panoplis has a dark gray exoskeleton mottled with light brown and black. It has a much smoother shell compared to standard Panoplis, lacking the ridges that its relativ possesses. Sticky Panoplis also sports projections on its head and forelegs, but Sticky Panoplis has spiked projections instead of blunt ones. The Neopteron's most noticeable trait is the whitish, translucent fluid that coats its body. They also sport mandibles instead of a proboscis.


Where as Panoplis coats itself in sap to create its armor, Sticky Panoplis secretes a glue-like substance that constantly remains in a liquid state. Sticky Panoplis can spit this "glue" at attackers to incapacitate them, either allowing the creature to flee or to attack. The glue also has acidic properties that can corrode and damage armor.


Sticky Panoplis is noticeably more aggressive than normal Panoplis. They often attack enemies after spitting glue on them. They have even reported to eat whatever is trapped in their glue. They avoid water to prevent the adhesive on their body from being washed away. Because of this, they are not found in certain areas Panoplis would be found in.


Sticky Panoplis's habitats include the Great Forest, Jungle, Jurassic Frontier, and the Verdant Hills.



Neopterons that coat themselves in resin to create armor. They feed on sap from the trees they obtain their resin from. If a tree has been stripped of its bark, a Panoplis was most likely the culprit.


  • Order: Coleoptera
  • Suborder: Polyphaga
  • Superfamily: Resin Bug
  • Family: Panoplis

Sticky Panoplis, like its relative, is a member of the Neopteron monster class. This class includes other insectoid monsters such as Seltas, Vespoid Queen, Seltas Queen, and Lightenna.

Habitat Range

The known habitats of Sticky Panoplis include the Great Forest, Jungle, Jurassic Frontier, and the Verdant Hills.

Ecological Niche

Sticky Panoplis is higher up on thee of the food chain than Panoplis. Sticky Panoplis are very active hunters, preying on the likes of Vespoid, Bnahabra, Konchu, Kelbi, and Theropod Bird Wyverns. It does so by incapictating the prey with its adhesive fluid and then inserting its rostrum into the prey, liquefying its insides with digestive enzymes and then sucking up the liquids. While being a more significant threat, they can be preyed upon by larger predators such as Nerscylla, Tetsucabra, Seltas Queen, Chameleos, and Deviljho.

Biological Adaptations

Sticky Panoplis are known for the glue-like that covers their bodies. The glue is actually formed inside Sticky Panoplis's body and is then secreted through pores in its exoskeleton. A special chemical prevents it from drying out, keeping it in a liquid state. They sport sharp claws and spiky protrusions on their limbs. The sharp spikes on their limbs, along with their claws also serve as weapons against predators.


Sticky Panoplis are noticeably more aggressive and will attack without hesitation should it feel like it is in danger.


  • Its design comes from milkweed, which has a latex defense system against Monarch Butterfly caterpillars. As the caterpillars bite the plant's veins, the latex engulfs them which can drown the caterpillars or glue their jaws together.