Steiloth by Setheo
Titles Cliff Runner
Nicknames Cleff
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Drowning Cliffs, Thunderstorm Valley, Mountain Side, Crystal Canyon, Gorge, Highlands
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Boulder smash
Elements Element Earth
Ailments Element Earth
Weaknesses Element Water (head)
Element Thunder (legs)
Creator Setheo
Steiloth is a territorial Brute Wyvern that roams mountainous areas.


Steiloth appearance is quite strange compared to other Brute Wyverns because their front legs are actually longer than their hind legs, making it have a pose similar to Fanged Beasts. Despite of its rather big size, Steiloth is an slender and agile monster. It has a sturdy earth-coloured shell covering its back and chest, with big dorsal spines of a dark brown tone. Its long limbs may look thin but are quite muscular, with sharp claws made for climbing, its tail quite short and weak. Its most prominent feature is the crest on its head, which looks similar to Gogmazios or Alatreon helps it to break through rocks.


Steiloth can be seen in several mountainous regions, as the weather is not a great hazard for it, however, it prefers rocky and arid zones. Using its powerful limbs it can move at great speed through steep walls and canyons with ease, this helps the monster to hunt and chase the prey, mostly herbivores. Steiloth can be seen feeding on minerals too, this is meant to nourish its shell and make it harder.

Steiloth is incredibly agressive towards invaders, similarly to other Brute Wyverns, and it will attack with blind fury to any intruder in its territory. It can make use of its environment to take advantage on the fight.


Steiloth is known for its great speed and agility when moving through rocky areas. Its roars can also emit a certain frequence that can provoke an avalanche in unstable areas.

Though powerful, Steiloth's fighting strategy is rather simple and will generally attack with physical attacks such as charges, bites, body slams, claw swipes, jumps or using its horn in a wide variety of ways. Besides, it can break and throw rocks with its horn, or even grab huge boulders with its front legs and smash the ground with them.

When enraged Steiloth eyes will turn bright orange and it will sometimes climb through a cliff and jump towards a hunter or even turning around and hitting the ground with its back, dealing massive damage.


  • Its horn, front legs, back and chest can be broken and its tail can be severed.
  • It's very weak to paralysis ailment.