Solstice Conquest War Crimson Fatalis
Conquest War Crimson Fatalis
Titles The Crimson Demon
Demon of the Land and Sky
Nicknames Fata, Fatty
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Ingle Isle
Size Large
Relatives Fatalis, White Fatalis, Dire Miralis, Shoji Akalis, Hellion Shoji Akalis, Yurei Shoji Akalis, Ultimoetalis
Signature Move I Love You!
Elements Element Crimson Demon Element Black Flame (SCW)
Ailments Element Crimson Demon Element Black Flame (SCW) Element Dragon Element Fire Status Possession Status Blastblight
Weaknesses Element Frozen Seraphim Questionsmark None
Creator BannedLagiacrus

The Solstice Conquest War Crimson Fatalis was made by BannedLagiacrus. This monster is one of the strongest Conquest War Monsters in the New World.


A powerful irregular mutation of Crimson Fatalis that has learnt how to manipulate lava and has also learnt many ways to use Fire and Dragon together.

Aesthetic Differences

Three horns on head, differently shaped spikes on back, sharp spike on tail, larger wings, glowing core on chest, lava-like markings on feet, spikes on shoulder, and a different darker roar.


This Crimson Fatalis has been seen living inside active volcanoes and occasionally outside near active volcanoes such as the Ingle Isle.


The hunters will slowly walk around near the lava of the Lava Island as they look around the area. All of sudden the screen zooms out to show something watching them before it disappears into the lava. One of the hunters look to where something was only to see nothing but than looks again to see a tail on the rocks as it disappears in the lava. The ground begins to shake and suddenly the lava rises up into the air before Crimson Fatalis slowly walks out of the lava towards the hunters. The hunters look at it in horror as it slowly walks towards them. Crimson Fatalis than gets on all fours and flies upside down back into the lava. The hunters look at each other in relief before Crimson Fatalis flies from out of the lava behind them and spits a fireball down on the ground above the hunters. The moment the fireball is fired, the fight will begin and hunters will have to evade the attack.

Attacks and Moves

Level 1-247

Unlike previously in Monster Hunter Frontier G, it now uses both its 4th Generation move set and its Frontier G Generation move set.

Quick Backwards Fly: While on all fours, if hunters are behind Crimson Fatalis, it may perform this attack. Crimson Fatalis will turn its head backwards before flying backwards at them while flying upside down at hunters. It will fly into the lava before crawling out of the lava, back on all fours.

Aliment Counter Attack: If hunters paralysis or put the Crimson Fatalis to sleep, it will flap its wings twice before falling to the ground. When it flaps its wings, it will leave scales floating in the air that cause Blastblight. When the Crimson Fatalis falls to the ground, it will snap its jaws and ignite the scales, causing them to all explode at once, causing Crimson Demonblight.

Slow Drifting Fireballs: Crimson Fatalis will look into the air and begin to spit three different fireballs into the air. These fireballs will slowly drift to the ground and the moment they touch the ground, five different fireballs will be shot at once from that one drifting fireball in five different directions. This attack can catch many hunters off guard and can cause Crimson Demonblight.

Crimson Clouds: Crimson Fatalis will open its mouth and roar into the air, forming a dark crimson cloud as it stands up and flaps its wings. The cloud will surge with dragon and dragon will strike the ground around where the Crimson Fatalis is standing. This cloud will disappear after dragon strikes the ground ten times around Crimson Fatalis. This attack causes Dragonblight.

The Demon's Tale: It will quickly look back behind itself before swing its tail. When it swings its tail, it will actually try to impale a single hunter with its tail, pinning the hunter on its tail. Crimson Fatalis will than swing its tail from side to side while looking at the hunter. Hunters need to break out of this pin as fast as possible. If hunters fail to break out this pin, Crimson Fatalis will wildly swing its tail and send hunters flying into the lava, instantly killing hunters the moment they touch the lava. This pin can easily instant kill hunters and can make hunters fail the quests.

Ring of Fire and Explosions: While turning towards hunters, Crimson Fatalis will quickly lower its head and spin in place in mid turn to catch hunters off guard. As it spins, it sends out explosive scales around it before spinning again and breathing fire at the same time. When it begins to breath the fire, the fire will ignite the scales and cause them to explode around the fire. These attacks cause Blastblight and Crimson Demonblight.

Powder Ignition: It will smash both of its feet into the ground, sending multiple scales around it before it flies up into the air . When it flies into the air, its wings will send more scales to fly in the air before it smashes down into the ground and igniting the scales. These scales will send hunters into the air before it stands up and ignites the scales above it, dealing more damage. This attack causes Blastblight.

Meteor Shower: Crimson Fatalis will roar in place and multiple meteors will strike the ground behind it as it taunts. The meteors will also strike the lava in the environment and send some rocks from the lava at hunters, causing Crimson Demonblight.

Meteor Strikes: Crimson Fatalis will look down on the ground, breathing fire from its mouth, before flying into the air and howling. When it howls, multiple meteors will rain around where it was standing and lava geysers will randomly pop out of the ground. After the meteors and lava, Crimson Fatalis will dive from the sky and breath a stream of fire down on the ground before landing. This attack causes Crimson Demonblight.

Supernova: It will hover into the air, much like Teostra, and release a large burst of fire from its body. This attack causes Blastblight.

Level 248-320

Rising Lava: Its chest will begin to glow and than Crimson Fatalis will turn towards a hunter. When the it turns towards the hunters, it will summon a small lava geyser under the hunter, sending the hunter into the air. It will than swing its tail above the geyser and make it larger than before for a secondary hit for hunters, causing Crimson Demonblight.

Crimson's Rage: Crimson Fatalis will rear back and stand up right with its chest bearing out as it glows. This attack is a counter attack used to catch hunters off guard and used to give Crimson Fatalis some space. If a hunter hits it while its reared up, it will unleash a burst of dragon from its body, causing Dragonblight to any nearby hunters.

Crimson Winds: Crimson Fatalis will stand up right and begin to flap its wings. While flapping its wings, Crimson Fatalis will send hunters backwards from the wind to give the Crimson Fatalis some space. In Rage Mode, Crimson Fatalis will use the winds to push them into the wall of lava behind them for an instant kill.

Join My Army!: Crimson Fatalis' eyes will turn red and the clouds around it will become larger before instantly surrounding the hunter without warning, making them fall to their knees. When they fall to their knees a meter will pop up and hunters will be given a choice, fight against Crimson Fatalis or fight with Crimson Fatalis. Crimson Fatalis is attempting to try to possess one or more of the hunters. Crimson Fatalis will even say "Join the Origin Dragon Army or perish from my wrath!" to the hunters. If hunters have low health or just let the meter fill, it will instantly possess them and they will do whatever it wants. When a hunter is possessed, they will first fall to the ground and dragon will surge around their body before they raise with glowing red eyes. If a hunter isn't possessed, they will stand up and begin to fight normally. The possessed hunters objective is just to help Crimson Fatalis kill and defeat the other hunters, making them fail the quests while also protecting the Crimson Demon.

Raging Supernova: It will quickly fly into the air before diving into the lava. When it dives, it will send four different balls of lava at hunters to deal damage. After that, a large hot spot will appear under one of the hunters and Crimson Fatalis will burst out of the lava on fire. When it bursts out of the ground, a large lava geyser will constantly release lava and send multiple balls of lava at hunters. Crimson Fatalis will than fly downwards towards a hunter and mid charge it will perform its Supernova as it flies. When it lands, its Supernova will disappear and it will fight normally. This powerful attack causes both Crimson Demonblight and Blastblight.

The Giant Floating Fireball: Similar to before, it will make Slow Drifting Fireballs but it will also make one larger than usual Slow Drifting Fireball. This large fireball will not only stay in the air but will slowly get bigger as the battle continues. The Crimson Fatalis can use this fireball for two extremely powerful attacks: Wrath From the Skies and The Great Extinction.

Wrath From the Skies: Crimson Fatalis will look up at the The Giant Floating Fireball before roaring at it. When it roars at it, the ball will slowly drift to the ground and clouds will form around it. These clouds will shock the ball and add the Dragon Element to the fireball. The clouds will continue to strike not only the ball but the area itself before the ball touches the ground. When this ball touches the ground, it will cause a large explosion and a huge lava geyser will rush out of the ground after the attack. This geyser will stay in the area for three minutes before disappearing. This powerful attack causes Crimson Demonblight.

Watch Your Step: If hunters are near Crimson Fatalis' foot, Crimson Fatalis will stomp the ground before it uses its other foot to set the ground around it on fire. To slowly, decrease the hunter's health.

Level 321-550

Heal Me!: Similar to the attack, Join My Army!, Crimson Fatalis will actually possess the hunters and say these words, "Heal me with your potions and medicines!" It will force hunters to walk towards it as it opens its mouth and the hunters without control will take choose a random healing item. Hunters will have to mash buttons as they slowly walk towards Crimson Fatalis and if they are able to break free fast enough, Crimson Fatalis' head is much easier to hit. Depending on the healing item, a small percent of its health will be brought back but if its given a Max Potion or Ancient Potion, Crimson Fatalis regains 25% of its health. If hunters take to long to break out of its possession, Crimson Fatalis will perform a bite that decreases the hunters sharpness and or takes away all loaded shots/coatings.

Give Me Strength!: This attack is the same as Heal Me! but with a few minor differences. One, its items that give hunters buffs, two, instead of saying "Heal me with your potions and medicines!", it now says "Make me stronger!", and three, the items that give hunters buffs such as Demondrugs and Armorskins. If given an Armorskin, hunters will bounce off some parts on Crimson Fatalis.

Tale of the Crimson Demon: Crimson Fatalis will look behind itself and try to impale a hunter with its tail. If it impales a hunter, it will raise its tail in front of its face, look at the hunter with an evil stare, and than breath a stream of fire on them. As it breaths fire, it will slowly walk towards one of the pools of lava. When it makes it to a pool of lava, it will stop breathing fire and turn around before smashing them into the lava for an instant kill. Unlike the Demon's Tale, other hunters need to flinch the Crimson Fatalis so it can let go of them. The Crimson Fatalis uses this attack to make hunters waste their Lifepowders faster so they can't heal teammates for some of its stronger attacks.

Level 551-8999

The Great Extinction: Similar to the G-Rank Fatalis, it will spit another ball of fire at the Giant Floating Fireball than fly up to it make it crash down to the ground. This attack covers about the same range as G-Rank Fatalis' Giant Death Ball and can deal a large amount of damage with a single hit. Unlike the G-Rank Fatalis, it will get under the ball and use it as protection while it explodes. This attack can cause Crimson Demonblight.

Lava Wave: Crimson Fatalis will make the lava in the area rise before it flies into the lava. Unlike before, it won't come out behind the hunters but instead beside. When it comes out of the lava, it will actually send a large wave of lava at hunters to strike them. If the lava falls over the hunters, they will instantly be killed. After the lava lands on the ground, it will block paths for about 30 seconds while fighting Crimson Fatalis.

I Love You!: Crimson Fatalis will stare at one hunter for a few seconds and if the hunter doesn't block or evade when its eyes flash, they will fall to the ground and the Crimson Fatalis will fly towards them before landing in front of them. When it lands, it will use claws and pull the hunters close to it as it seemingly hugs them. As it hugs, its eyes will be closed but its chest and the ground will begin to change color. After a few seconds, Crimson Fatalis will throw them down on the ground as it flies up before a lava geyser knocks them into the air. Crimson Fatalis will than breath a burning beam of fire down on the ground to finish them off. Hunters can only get out of this pin at the hands of other hunters.

Lava Hands: Similar to the G-Rank Fatalis, it will walk forward and wave its hands twice sending burning flames on the ground in the form of a laser from its hands. This attack causes Crimson Demonblight.

Hide and Die!: If some of the hunters are in the Base Camp of the Ingle Isle, Crimson Fatalis will actually leave the fighting zone and enter the zone to the Base Camp. Crimson Fatalis will than breath a powerful beam of fire down on the ground and cover the area in hellish flames that quickly decrease a hunter's health in near seconds. This attack catches many new hunters off guard and forces them to be quick with leaving the Base Camp. This attack also causes Crimson Demonblight, Dragonblight, and Blastblight.

Death Scene

Crimson Fatalis falls to its side as all the energy surrounding its body disappears, leaving it motionless on the ground.


  • Much like Fatalis, Crimson Fatalis is said to have a guard. This guard is a Subspecies of Shoji Akalis.
  • If any hunter faints and activates the skill, Black Lifeline, they will instantly become possessed with no warning and will do increase damage to hunters.
  • Many hunters that have used Crimson Fatalis Equipment have mysteriously disappeared.
  • This Crimson Fatalis has been seen in the Castle Schrade and even reported destroying some of the area.
    • Its unknown why it was destroying the area but its rumored that the Fatalis Brethren being told to do this by a powerful Origin Dragon.
  • This Crimson Fatalis is sometimes called the True Devil.
  • When the G-Rank Crimson Fatalis dies, hunters can actually still hear its heart faintly beating as if it was still alive.
    • As the seconds go by, the heart beats become louder and if close to its body when the Quest Clear Screen comes up, hunters can see its chest glow extremely red and its eyes turn gold in color. Is this hinting to some type of Resurrection?
  • The attack, I Love You!, is reference to its unique skill in Monster Hunter Frontier G, Flaming Butterfly/Burning Love.
  • Crimson Demonblight causes hunters to lose their buffs from certain items such as Demondrugs, Armorskins, Cool Drinks, Hot Drinks etc.
  • Solstice Conquest War Crimson Fatalis quest has a large number of Farcasters in the Base Camp.

Solstice Conquest War Crimson Fatalis


The Raging Undead Sun


An immortal Crimson Fatalis that truly embodies the unstable rage of the Origin Dragons.

How to Unlock

In order to unlock this Crimson Fatalis, hunters must slay a Level 8999 G-Rank Crimson Fatalis and kill twenty Hellion Shoji Akalis.

Aesthetic Differences

Golden eyes, crimson gold scales, dark clouds surrounding body, claws and feet on fire, fire changing from red to blue, lava flowing from hide, hardened lava on legs, and glowing crimson chest.


Roars engulf the sky in crimson red with fire, as the screen peers in on shining gold eyes. Hunters find themselves fighting a Hellion Shoji Akalis in the Ingle Isle but, from a distance a footstep stomps on the screen, covering it in fire. As Hellion Shoji Akalis uses its tongue to strike one of the hunters, a portal appears behind that hunter and spits out lava, causing both Hellion Shoji Akalis and the hunter to evade it. Out of nowhere, as Hellion Shoji Akalis evades the attack, a figure flies past it and goes straight for the hunter without hesitation. The hunter is than grabbed and thrown pass their teammates. As the hunter gets up, they look up to see a glowing figure staring them down with a raging glare. The figure is a resurrected Crimson Fatalis. While staring at the hunter, it has the hunter remember the last time they fought, leading to it roaring in the air. Meteors fall around it before it unleashes a large blast of lava and fire from its body, leveling portions of Ingle Isle with a single blast. After the blast, all four hunters get up to face off against Hellion Shoji Akalis and Crimson Fatalis. At a distance, two white figures watch from a far with an eclipse behind them.

Attacks and Moves

This Crimson Fatalis uses and shares the same attacks as the Crimson Fatalis from previous levels.

Flowing Lava: As hunters fight this monster, they'll notice that lava is flowing off its back. This lava heats up the ground behind it, slowly draining the health of hunters. If Crimson Fatalis stays in one place too long, the lava will build up into a mound of lava that can instantly kill a hunter that is in or just touches it.

Flaming Feet: Much like MH4U's G-Rank Crimson Fatalis, its feet are on fire. With each movement it takes, it'll deal additional burn damage to hunters, causing Fireblight.

From Crimson Demon to Black Flame: Now every two minutes, the fire and lava covering this Crimson Fatalis will turn blue in color, allowing it to use the element used by Fatalis, Black Flame. This means that it not only has its own moveset but, also has the moveset of Solstice Conquest War Fatalis.

Cross Bodyslam: It'll thrust its head through the ground of the lava island, as it slowly actually drinks the lava. While drinking up the lava, its body will glow much brighter than usual before it pulls its head up and immediately performs a bodyslam. When the bodyslam is performed, four large walls of lava will shoot out from these parts: head, left wing, right wing, and tail. If hunters are caught by these walls, they will be shot into the air. After the walls are formed, it'll spit up the lava in the form of a giant lavaball that consumes all four walls of lava. This attack can instant kill without Guts, causing Fireblight.

Spinning Firestorm: Crimson Fatalis looks at hunters on either its left or right side before flapping its wings, sending three twisters of fire at the hunters with little warning. The twisters first go forward but, once they reach a certain rage, they'll go backwards towards where Crimson Fatalis once was. This attack can Crimson Demonblight.

Omega Heatwave: Like MH4U's G-Rank Crimson Fatalis, it'll gather immense amount of heat around its wings but with a twist. After gathering the heat, this Crimson Fatalis won't flap its wings, it'll instead roar sending the heatwave travelling all directions of the map, quickly destroying a hunters health. The heatwave will last a shorter time period, however, its takes away health at a faster rate. After this attack, Crimson Fatalis will taunt.

Origin Lava Beam: Like Merphistophelin, Crimson Fatalis run at foes with two legs before performing a speedy bodyslam. After performing the bodyslam, it'll quickly breath a giant beam of lava at hunters in a similar fashion to the 4th Gen's Fatalis's flamethrower. This attack can cause Crimson Demonblight.

Magma Rift: Forms a portal behind the hunter, leading to lava pouring out the portal in order to attempt to instant kill the hunter.

Blazing Crimson Roar: It gets on all fours, as it roars loudly in the air. As it roars, larger than usual meteors, along with dark clouds, will fall around it and the area for additional damage to hunters. This attack can cause Fireblight and Dragonblight.

Demon Fissure: Crimson Fatalis backs up, slams its hand into the ground, and makes giant fissures of lava trail close behind hunters with little warning.

The End!: This monster's second strongest attack. With a single roar, it makes giant walls of lava rise above it, Hellion Shoji Akalis, and the hunters. After a few seconds, the lava actually bends and pours onto the safe land like a tidal wave, consuming all that stand within it. If hunters are hit by this lava, they will be instantly killed without warning. This attack can't be evaded or blocked so the only way to avoid this attack is by using a Farcaster.

Red Sun: Solstice Conquest War Crimson Fatalis's strongest attack. Two white glows appear in the sky, as the eclipse roars, making Crimson Fatalis look up. After a few seconds, Crimson Fatalis flies into the air and absorbs energy from the eclipse. This leads to the one white glow summoning red lightning, causing Thunderblight, and another white glow breathing powerful beams of icy water, causing Soublight. As they do this, Crimson Fatalis will land and unleash a hellish burst of fire from its body not only covers the whole map but also leaves behind bits of fire, Fireblight, and explosive scales, Blastblight, to deal farther damage to hunters. This attack can easily not only instant kill one hunter but, can take out the whole team. It is highly recommended to have one Farcaster to avoid this attack.

Ending Scene

Solstice Conquest War Fatalis comes out of nowhere, making a portal in front of Crimson Fatalis as it bites Crimson Fatalis by the neck and drags the demon out of the area with this portal. Hellion Shoji Akalis proceeds to fly at one of the white glows as it follows it to somewhere else. The other white glow and eclipse just look for a few seconds before disappearing without a trace. After they leave, the hunters fall to the ground and breath heavily as their hellish fight ends.

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