Solar Emperor Estrellian
Titles Twilight Dragon

Nebular Star Destroyer

Nicknames Solar Estrellian
General Info
Species ???
Habitats Temperate Forests
Size Large
Relatives Estrellian, Doom Estrellian
Signature Move Solar Ray
Elements Unknown
Ailments Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown
Creator YukiHerz
The Solar Emperor Estrellian is a powerful Deviant monster, like its standard form, it is under the ??? category.


The main features of Solar Emperor Estrellian that separate it from its common brethen are the crown-like formation of its horns, which have straight jagged edges, making a star-like shape, and, most surprisingly, developed wings, the monster appears to always be in a highly energtic state, as it shines brightly and is followed by a flock of Star Butterflies.

The shelling of this Estrellian is glossy, reflecting light and giving the monster a divine look, during its initial sighting it was also called Twilight Estrellian and Nebular Dragon.


Solar Emperor Estrellian
Solar Emperor Estrellian Icon The Solar Emperor Estrellian is a powerful monster that is still being researched, having reached field research level, the guild commission the highest ranking hunters to take it down.


The Solar Emperor Estrellian can expel a powerful form of energy that still figures inconclusive to the guild scholars, it isn't simple Fire or Thunder element, and its blight cannot be cure by a nullberry, its energy can be so destructive to the environment that the grass around starts vaporizing when idle.

This Estrellian has improved battle tactics, it can launch multiple energy blasts from its mouth, form nodes of Star Butterflies that can do minimal damage to hunters but keep them on spot for a few seconds or become an energy landmine that explodes when someone gets near, its melee attacks expell extraordinary amounts of energy, and it also gains a flight mode.

Its unnamed ailment causes steam to come off the afflicted, their skin slowly turning red and their health quickly diminishing, it can be cured only by rolling on fresh water or by using the guild-supplied Coolant Spray, which can heal several hunters.

While flying, it can launch energy blasts directly towards targets, circle an area while dropping star butterfly nodes or use a flamethrower-like laser attack when close to the ground, similar to a Kushala's tornado breath.

When enraged, the area will be infested by Star Butterflies, and any water in the area will begin vaporizing, the wind increases and, if night time, the sky will become so clear without any clouds that hunters can see nebulas and shooting stars crossing the skydome.

While enraged it gains an edge in melee attacks and can access a powerful laser cannon attack, which deals massive damage even if blocked.


  • Its element is unofficially known among scholars as "Twilight Force", and its ailment is known as "Twilight Decay".

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