Sobekulos Render by Ailuromancy
Titles The Rogue Maw, Armored Brute Leviathan
Nicknames Sobek, Vector, Croc
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Flooded Forest, Swamp, Old Swamp, Primal Forest, Great Forest, Old Jungle, Desert, Deserted Island, Everwood
Size 3810.6 cm (Largest)

2416.8 cm (Smallest)

Relatives Hacksaw Sobekulos
Signature Move Death Roll
Elements Element Water Water
Ailments Status Bleeding Bleeding
Weaknesses Element Dragon Dragon
Creator Ailuromancy
Sobekulos is a large and aggressive Leviathan introduced in Monster Hunter Farblaze. They are only encountered in G-Rank.


SobekulosIcon Prehistoric Leviathans that ambush their prey from below the water. Their jaws are easily capable of crushing bone and ripping flesh, and the Sobekulos proves this well. They are one of the few monsters that enjoy the taste of human prey.

Sobekulos is a crocodilian-esque Leviathan. Its sides and belly are covered in smooth scales of a grey color, and its back is protected by chalky black osteoderms with blue spines. Its eyes are lime green, and seem to glow when it is underwater. Sobekulos walks like a Leviathan, but it swims in a much more fluid and sturdy fashion than the slender Lagiacrus and other members of its Leviathan kin; its muscular tail undulates from side to side to drive the monster through the water, while the limbs are often held close to its body to reduce drag. Sobekulos sometimes disguises itself as a log while in the water, and can be distinguished from actual logs when it occasionally lets out a small puff of mist from its nostrils. Hunters can use Raw Meat to fish the crocodile from the water, not unlike Plesioth or Gobul. This causes it to drop a shiny and also brings it onto the land.


Sobekulos is extremely aggressive towards most monsters and hunters, even its own kind. Cannibalism is not uncommon in Sobekulos habits. While it is a bit slow and clumsy on the land, and its supply of food is mostly land-based, Sobekulos is a perfect example of an ambush predator. It has been known to wait for hours until the right moment to strike, and larger specimens can easily take down something as large as a Nargacuga.


Hunt Intro

The Killer in the Forest: Area 4 of Flooded Forest: Fast Food

The hunter enters Area 4 of the Flooded Forest, which is occupied by an Iodrome. The poisonous monster barks and hisses at him/her, preparing to make an attack, but the would-be encounter is cut short when a formidable bellow sounds off, causing the Iodrome to attempt to flee the area. Before it can even run more than ten feet, the jaws of a Sobekulos snap shut around the Iodrome, easily snapping its spine in two. The hunter quickly takes cover behind a rock, taking a look from behind at this monster. The Sobekulos swallows the Iodrome whole and sinks back into the water, swimming to another area.


League of Legends REK'SAI Login Theme

League of Legends REK'SAI Login Theme

Sobekulos Battle Theme

(Land Attacks)

  • Triple Snap: The beast snaps its jaws at the hunter three times. (Inflicts Bleeding)
  • Charge: The Sobekulos growls before it rushes forwards at a target. It can turn around and repeat this attack up to three times, and will fall over if low on Stamina.
  • Lunge Bite: The Sobekulos growls lowly, steps back a bit, and leaps at the enemy with open jaws, slamming them shut when it lands. Similar to Tetsucabra's leaping attack. (Inflicts Bleeding)
  • Tail Slap: The Sobekulos whacks any hunter behind it with its tail, throwing them in front of the monster for another attack while they're recovering.
  • Tail Thrash: The Sobekulos hisses, wildly swinging its tail to the left and right while it walks backwards, hitting anyone behind it.
  • Body Slam: The crocodile rears on its hind legs and slams itself into the ground, knocking away anyone who gets hit. (Instant Stun)
  • Roll: The Sobekulos snarls and rolls to the left or right, evading attacks and knocking anyone in its path away.
  • Death Roll: The Sobekulos uses its Lunge Bite attack at a short range. It it hits someone, it will result in a pin attack. The monster holds the hunter victim in its jaws, attempting to tear them to pieces by rolling in place as it holds them by their lower half. This attack can almost instantly result in a cart. (Inflicts Bleeding)
  • Crushing Bite: Similar to the Death Roll, but the Sobekulos can continue to attack the other hunters while carrying the hunter in its maw. It will not do as much damage as the Death Roll. This is like the Savage Deviljho's pin attack. (Inflicts Bleeding)
  • Sideways Stomp: Like Tetsucabra, the Sobekulos lifts its left or right limbs and slams them down, moving in that direction as well. It also knocks away anyone attacking its sides.
  • Body Check: The Sobekulos reels back before knocking away any hunters using its massive body.
  • Charge: The Sobekulos rushes towards a hunter at full speed Tigrex style, its jaws wide open.
  • Slap: The Sobekulos swipes its foreclaws at the hunter.

(Water Attacks)

  • Ambush: This only works if the Sobekulos is in the water and its target is not. The Sobekulos glares from underwater at the target, before it lunges out of the water and slams its jaws at them. This also causes the Sobekulos to move onto land. (Inflicts Bleeding)
  • Thrash: The Sobekulos shakes around wildly, knocking away any hunters swimming too close to it.
  • Barrel Roll: The Sobekulos torpedoes at a hunter while barrel rolling. (Inflicts Waterblight, Instant Stun)
  • GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!: The Sobekulos snarls and begins to quickly swim after a targeted hunter. If it catches them, it will grab them in its jaws, swim to the surface, and throw them in a random direction. This can be problematic, as it could possibly mean being thrown out of the water, or worse, an area.
  • Chomping Charge: The Sobekulos snaps its jaws rapidly as it swims forwards. (Inflicts Bleeding)
  • Slap: The Sobekulos swipes its foreclaws at a Hunter.
  • Triple Snap: The beast snaps its jaws at the hunter three times. (Inflicts Bleeding)
  • Body Check: The Sobekulos reels back before knocking away any hunters using its massive body.

Rage and Tired States

  • Enraged
    • The Sobekulos will have a similar effect on its jaws to drooling when low on stamina, but the saliva is bloodstained. Also, the animal's eyes seem to glow when in darker areas.
  • Tired
    • The Sobekulos will drool heavily, and its biting attacks will not inflict Bleeding if they hit.


The hunter leaps onto the Sobekulos' scalp, gripping onto their upper jaw. Meanwhile, the Sobekulos will wildly thrash and flail around, not unlike Tigrex or Nargacuga.



Breakable Parts

  • Head (1): The Sobekulos' snout has some scarring on it.
  • Head (2): The Sobekulos has more scarring, and some of its teeth are missing.
  • Head (3): The Sobekulos has a scar over its eye now, and its mouth has become bloodied.
  • Tail Sever: The tail can be severed and carved once.
  • Back: The Sobekulos' dorsal spines become chipped or broken. Some of the osteoderms are cracked and scarred.
  • Belly: The Sobekulos has a trio of scars across its chest.





Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Black Sobekulos Terrorpiel "Floating through the murky glade. Blackened plates deflect the blades. The hunter's life just fades away. You cannot break the wall of grey."
Scale Icon Black Sobekulos Shard "Snarling beast of grey and black. Weapons dull with each attack. Bones are crushed and flesh is hacked. Foes are just another snack."
Fang Icon Black Sobekulos Dreadfang "Easy prey trapped in the mud. A mouth of knives, now soaked in blood. You can try to hide or run. There's no escape from the hungered one."
Claw Icon Black Sobekulos Grimclaw "During the day, it only sleeps. At night it travels through murky deeps. Out of the river does it leap. Just one of many meals it eats."
Flipper Icon Black Sobekulos Bogsplitter "The tail only sways and swims. The light of life will fade and dim. The chance to run is far too late. A single snap will seal their fate."
Horn Icon Teal Sobekulos Bluespike "Armored from the head to tail. One can try to live and fail. Foolish is the act to flee. All one can do is lie and bleed."
Bone Icon Black Monstrous Jaws "In the water it waits to strike. Grey scales glisten in the night. Many struggle to stay alive. None survive the final bite."


  • Sobekulos is based off of a nightmare that Ailuromancy had after watching Lake Placid as a small child. It is also based off of Gustave, a crocodile notorious for killing over 300 people and escaping death many times.
  • Sobekulos' name is partially made of the word "Sobek," who was an Egyptian god with the head of a crocodile.