Snowy Malfestio
Snowy Malfestio
Titles Snowy Nocturnal Bird
Nicknames White Malfestio, Snowy Malfestio, Hedwig
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Frigid Forest, Mountainous Pass
Size Large
Relatives Malfestio
Signature Move Scream Beam
Elements Element Ice
Ailments Element Ice, Status Snowman, Status Confusion, Status Stun
Weaknesses Element Fire, Element Thunder
Creator Gojira57, adopted by Werequaza86

A walk through a snow covered forest sounds peaceful and quiet. But there is such a thing as too quiet, as the Snowy Malfestio thrives in these conditions. Stealthily waiting and watching, until the perfect moment arises. A muffled flap of the wings, followed by a dazzling array of colors and a loud screech signals the hunt is finished.

In Game information

Snowy Malfestio
Snowy Malfestio Icon by Werequaza86 X


The Snowy Malfestio resembles a large Snowy Owl, with its body being covered in white, grey, and black feathers. On its throat, it has a patch of feathers similar to a hummingbird's gorget. At certain angles, these feathers flash blue and purple colors, and the Snowy Malfestio uses this, in addition to a sonic scream, to disorient foes. In comparison to the original Malfestio, this subspecies is a bit larger.


The Snowy Malfestio retains all the physical attacks of the original. In addition, it can combo its swooping attack. It also retains the ability to confuse foes with the powder it releases, although the color is now grey instead of yellow. It can use its wings to fling snow at its foes as well. The sleep beam that the original uses is replaced with a loud, concentrated scream. It combines this "scream beam" with flashing colors on its chest to disorient and stun its foes and prey. This scream will cause hunters near the monster to cover their ears.


It is a nocturnal Predator that preys on Anteka, Popo, and other small monsters in the Bitterchilled Wastes.


High Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Feather Icon White
Snowfeather A Snow White Feather that helps the Snowy Malfestio blend in with it's habitat.
Claw Icon White
Snowy Malfestio Wingtalon+ A Wing Talon from a Snowy Malfestio. Sharp enough, but often kept clean by the Snowy Malfestio.
Wing Icon White
Snowy Malfestio Wing A Wing from a Snowy Malfestio, complete with the Wingtalons! Beautiful as white wings can get!
Feather Icon Black
Snowy Malfestio Black Feather A Black Feather paired with the numerous snow white feathers of the Snowy Malfestio.
G-Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Feather Icon White
Snowfeather+ High Quality Snow White Feather that helped the owner Blend in. Now its good for armor decoration....
Claw Icon White
Snowy Malfestio Wingblade A Blade like Talon from the wing of a Snowy Malfestio. Sharper than normal, be careful, or you might be releived of a finger.....
Wing Icon White
Snowy Malfestio Fellwing A High Quality Snowy Malfestio Wing. Great for Armor and weapons alike.

Notes and Trivia

  • It's head and tail can be wounded, and both wingtalons broken once each.
  • Will feed on Anteka or a Carcass to regain Stamina.
  • It's Roar requires Normal Earplugs to block.
  • It is fought in High and G-Rank.


  • Chaoarren for Current Render

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