Snowy Malfestio
Snowy Malfestio
Titles Snowy Nocturnal Bird
Nicknames White Malfestio, Snowy Malfestio, Hedwig
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Glittering Falls, Mountainous Pass
Size Large
Relatives Malfestio
Signature Move Scream Beam
Elements Element Ice

Element Ice

Status Snowman(In an area with snow)

Status Confusion

Status Stun

Weaknesses Element Fire, Element Thunder
Creator Gojira57, adopted by Werequaza86

A walk through a snow covered forest sounds peaceful and quiet. But there is such a thing as too quiet, as the Snowy Malfestio thrives in these conditions. Stealthily waiting and watching, until the perfect moment arises. A muffled flap of the wings, followed by a dazzling array of colors and a loud screech signals the hunt is finished.

Snowy Malfestio
Snowy Malfestio Icon by Werequaza86 A subspecies of Malfestio that is practically invisible in snowy forests. It uses a wide variety of disorienting tactics to take foes and prey it could not handle otherwise.


The Snowy Malfestio resembles a large Snowy Owl, with its body being covered in white, grey, and black feathers. Its eyes are a pink color. On its throat, it has a patch of feathers similar to a hummingbird's gorget. At certain angles, these feathers flash blue and purple colors, and the Snowy Malfestio uses this, in addition to a sonic scream, to disorient foes. In comparison to the original Malfestio, this subspecies is a bit larger.


The Snowy Malfestio retains all the physical attacks of the original. In addition, it can combo its swooping attack. It also retains the ability to confuse foes with the powder it releases, although the color is now grey instead of yellow. It'll move the powder around like the original, but Snowy Malfestio can split the power into anywhere from 2-4 clouds. It can use its wings to fling snow at its foes as well. The sleep beam that the original uses is replaced with a loud, concentrated scream. It combines this "scream beam" with flashing colors on its chest to disorient and stun its foes and prey. This scream will cause hunters near the monster to cover their ears.


The Snowy Malfestio is a stealthy predator. It hides in snow covered trees in wait of unsuspecting prey to appear. While they are mainly nocturnal, they have been sighted during the day more than the original. They aren't usually aggressive towards humans without being provoked, but older, larger ones have seen humans as prey in the past. While the Snowy Malfestio wouldn't attack a larger predator on its own, should a monster like Barioth attack, it can use its confusion pollen or its scream and flashing colors to escape.


High Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Feather Icon White
Snowfeather A Snow White Feather that helps the Snowy Malfestio blend in with it's habitat.
Claw Icon White
S. Malfestio Wingtalon+ A Wing Talon from a Snowy Malfestio. Sharp enough, but often kept clean by the Snowy Malfestio.
Wing Icon White
S. Malfestio Wing A Wing from a Snowy Malfestio, complete with the Wingtalons! Beautiful as white wings can get!
Feather Icon Black
S. Malfestio Black Feather A Black Feather paired with the numerous snow white feathers of the Snowy Malfestio.
G-Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Feather Icon White
Snowfeather+ High Quality Snow White Feather that helped the owner Blend in. Now its good for armor decoration....
Claw Icon White
S. Malfestio Wingblade A Blade like Talon from the wing of a Snowy Malfestio. Sharper than normal, be careful, or you might be releived of a finger.....
Wing Icon White
S. Malfestio Fellwing A High Quality Snowy Malfestio Wing. Great for Armor and weapons alike.
Feather Icon Light Blue
S. Malfestio Iridescent Feather A colorful feather from a Snowy Malfestio. At certain angles, the light it reflects is almost blinding.



HR Defense: 280-590

GR Defense: 550-760

Fire: -25

Water: 10

Thunder: -20

Ice: 20

Dragon: 0

Skills: Capture Guru, Sneak, Double Stun


HR Defense: 140-295

GR Defense: 330-465

Fire: -15

Water: 20

Thunder: -10

Ice: 30

Dragon: 10

Skills: Capture Guru, Sneak, Double Stun



Snowy Falx

Hidden Duke

Sword and Shield

Snowy Fan

Duke Stealth

Hunting Horn

Windy Harp

Blistering Harp


Cross Freeze

Quiet Duke

Switch Axe

Snow Captor

Freezing Talon


Windy Zofar

Dormant Winds

Heavy Bowgun

Binary Freeze

Camo Cannon


High Rank

Melting Malfestio Lv ★★★★★
Snowy Malfestio Icon by Werequaza86
Hunt a Snowy Malfestio
Reward: 15000z Location: Glittering Falls
Contract Fee: 500z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear Sub.Reward: 2100z
Other Monsters:

Popo, Baggi

Client: Freezing Felyne

"It's already too cold out here, and nyow a Malfestio is on the purrrrowl? This is too much for me and my 6 remaining lives. Help a furreezing fur ball out, nya?"

Freezing Feathers and Smoldering Scales Lv ★★★★★★
Snowy Malfestio Icon by Werequaza86 Ignition Astalos icon by TheBrilliantLance
Hunt a Snowy Malfestio and Ignition Astalos
Reward: 16500z Location: Mountain Pass
Contract Fee: 600z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Konchu, Remobra

Client: Researcher

"This mountain is home to quite an array of species. They seem like total opposites, but yet they both live so close to eachother. It's so fascinating. I wish to study them closer, if you don't mind."

G Rank

Snowy Celebration Lv G 2★
Snowy Malfestio Icon by Werequaza86
Hunt a Snowy Malfestio
Reward: 18500z Location: Mountain Pass
Contract Fee: 620z Time Limit: 50 min.
Subquest: Wound Snowy Malfestio's head Sub.Reward: 2000z
Other Monsters:

Giggi, Kelbi

Client: Village Man

"We have a big celebration coming up, and i thought that feathers from a Snowy Malfestio would make for an excellent decoration. So can you take care of it for us? We uh... don't know hunting very well."

Notes and Trivia

  • It's head and tail can be wounded, and both wingtalons broken once each.
  • Will feed on Anteka or a Carcass to regain Stamina.
  • It's Roar requires Normal Earplugs to block.
  • It is fought in High and G-Rank.


  • Chaoarren for Current Render