Snow Pantauros
Titles Snow Tiger Beast
Nicknames Snow Pan
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Arctice Ridge
Size 2077.25 cm
1509.44 cm
Relatives Pantauros, Nemean Pantauros
Signature Move Snow Breath
Elements Element Ice Ice
Ailments Element Ice Iceblight
Status Snowman Snowman
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Snow Pantauros (ウシトラス亜種, Ushitorasu Ashu) is a Subspecies of Pantauros.


Snow Pantauros sports white fur with pale blue stripes and a light blue mane. Its horns, claws, and hooves are gray in color.


Snow Pantauros sports the same basic abilities as standard Pantauros, expect for Snow Pantauros being able to breathe powdery from their mouths, allowing them to coat Hunters in show.


Snow Pantauros are just as aggressive as their relatives.


Snow Pantauros inhabit the Arctic Ridge and Tundra.



Pantauros that have adapted to live in harsh, cold climates. Their fur has changed color to provide camouflage with their snowy environments. They have acquired the ability to breathe a powdery, snow-like substance that buffets enemies with icy powder.


  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Suborder: Feliformia
  • Family: Pantauros

A closely related Subspecies of Pantauros.

Habitat Range

In the New World, Snow Pantauros can be found living in the Tundra, while within the Old World they inhabit the Arctic Ridge.

Ecological Niche

Snow Pantauros are one of the monsters who are seated at the end of the food chain in their icy domain. They are very agile yet they hit hard at the same time. They ambush Popo, Anteka, and Bullfango. Other competitors who have the capacity to defeat a Snow Pantauros are, Barioth, Stygian Zinogre, Brachydios, Gigginox, Baleful Gigginox, Anorupatisu, Giaorugu, Zamtrios, Deviljho, Tigrex, and Glacial Agnaktor. Gammoth are also a threat.

Biological Adaptations

Snow Pantauros are more accustomed to the Arctic Ridge and Tundra. Their pelts, which are now colored white, provide camouflage that easily allows them to ambush prey, or even top predators, in the snow. They have razor-sharp claws which would deal heavy damage to a foe such as Glacial Agnaktor, and could mince anything in a few slices. These claws and its hooves also aid Snow Pantauros in climbing slippery, steep ice canyons and glaciers. Their icy powder breath comes from water stored in a special organ that freezes the water and converts it to snow. This snow is then expelled at high speeds equivalent to a blizzard.


Snow Pantauros are just as temperamental as their relatives. During breeding season, male Snow Pantauros will show off their impressive horns to attract mates. After a female Snow Pantauros has mated it will find a nice secluded cave to raise their offspring in. Females often have 2-3 fur covered young that hide in the caves of their home until they are old enough to fend for themselves. Sometimes males will stay with the females they mated with, providing food and protection for his mate and young. On other occasions, they simply leave the females to raise the young by herself.


  • Snow Pantauros's horns, front claws, and tail can be broken.
  • When low on stamina, it will trip after charging and will be unable to breath snow.
    • It will feed on Herbivores to regain stamina.
  • Pantauros's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.

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