Augite Gobul
Smokey Gobul by Joe333red
Titles Malevolent Trickster
Nicknames S. Gobul, Volcano Gobul, Smokin Gobul
General Info
Species Leviathan
Habitats Old Volcano, Volcano, Volcano (3rd), Volcanic Hollow, Magma Mountain
Size 2045.1 cm
1672.2 cm
Relatives Gobul
Signature Move Rapid-Fire Funnel
Elements Element Fire Fire
Ailments Element Fire Fireblight
Element Light Lightblight
Status Sleep Sleep
Status Stun Stun
Weaknesses Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Cottonmouth255 Adopted by TheElusiveOne

The Augite Gobul is a gray-colored, fire-breathing Lone Species of the Gobul.

Basic Information

Monster Class: Leviathan

Weakness: Thunder

Element: Fire

Status Ailments: Fireblight, Lightblight, Sleep, Stun

Habitats: Old Volcano, Volcano, Volcano (3rd), Volcanic Hollow, Elder's Recess, Apocalyptia, Town Ruins


  • Feeds on Aptonoth/Apceros to restore stamina
  • Cannot use its whirlwind attacks when low on stamina
  • Sleep attacks are slower to take effect when low on stamina
  • Drops an item when fished out of the ground
  • Skin turns dark, back inflates, and eyes glow yellow when enraged
  • Cannot use its lantern attacks when its lantern is broken

Physiology and Behavior

The Augite Gobul is an alternately-colored lone species of the Gobul, sporting an ashy grey skin in order to camouflage itself in volcanic environments. Strangely, this Leviathan is entirely terrestrial, although it does submerge itself in deep water when resting. It still has a soft spot for Frogs, and can be fished out of water in the Volcano (3rd) and Apocalyptia subregions. Despite this, it prefers to move about on land.

This monster is an ambush predator like its cousin, burying itself in volcanic soil to lunge out at unsuspecting prey. It contains a flame sac in its body, which, along with its humongous lungs, allows it to breathe fiery whirlwinds at its enemies. Its spines are venomous, and inject a sedative toxin on contact. Much like how the Ivory Lagiacrus is more adept on land than the Lagiacrus, the Augite Gobul is stronger and more aggressive than the Gobul when it comes to manoeuvring on land.

Frenzied/Apex Behavior

Augite Gobul can be infected with the Frenzy. When this occurs, its grey hide turns to dark purple and its eyes glow red instead of yellow. Its roar becomes deeper and more gravelly, like rocks being crunched underfoot. Now, it becomes able to use a Charge-Bite combo where it performs a Galloping Charge before instantly transitioning to a Wide Bite.

The existence of an Apex Augite Gobul has not been confirmed.

In-Game Description

Augite Gobul
Augite Gobul Icon by TheElusiveOne Strange Leviathans that prefer to live on land. With glowing lanterns and an internal flame sac, Augite Gobul's are not to be underestimated. Their spines contain a powerful sedative..


Augite Gobul can have its body carved three times, have its tail severed, have its lantern broken, and drop an item.

Note: Items are listed in order from most common to least common.


Icon Name Description
Hide Icon Grey A.Gobul Hide+ Silky-smooth hide from an Augite Gobul. Its gray coloring is appealing to most.
Monster Parts Icon Grey A.Gobul Fin+ The fin of an Augite Gobul. Strong enough for the monster to walk on land with.
Claw Icon Grey A.Gobul Spike+ This spike contains a powerful sedative, enough to plunge a person into a deep coma.
Bone Icon Grey A.Gobul Whisker The spiny, tough whisker mimics a volcanic plant in order to lure Herbivores.


Icon Name Description
Hide Icon Grey A.Gobul Piel A silky-smooth piel from an Augite Gobul. Its volcanic appeal is strangely fascinating.
Monster Parts Icon Grey Fine A.Gobul Fin The powerful fin of an Augite Gobul. Strong enough for the monster to run on land with.
Claw Icon Grey A.Gobul Surspike The venom in this spike is so powerful, the comas it induces are almost everlasting.
Bone Icon Grey A.Gobul KingWhiskr This tough whisker lures Herbivores to their doom. Identical in every way to a volcanic shrub.



Galloping Charge: Clumsily gallops forward until it reaches its target, then trips over its own feet and lands on its face.

Wide Bite: Opens its vast maw, then jumps forward and chomps down hard. Can do two if the first misses.

Mud Lunge: Burrows into the ground, approaches a target, and then emerges and performs the Wide Bite. Like the Wide Bite, it can do two if the first misses.

The Light: Lowers its head, sparks its lantern twice, then roars and creates a blinding flash of red light. It cannot do this when its lantern is broken. (Lightblight, Stun)

Rolling Pincushion: Arcs its back, inflates its back spines, then barrel rolls over the target. It will then take a moment to retract its spines. When enraged, it is difficult to see this attack coming.

Sleep Slap: Opens its mouth slightly, raises its tail, then swings it once to the left and right. (Instant Sleep, regular Sleep if low on stamina)

Funnel of Death: Burrows into the ground, approaches a target, and then emerges and exhales a fiery whirlwind. It will end by jumping up out of the ground. (Fireblight)

Body Slam: Rears up onto its hind fins, stays still for a moment, and then crashes down onto all fours.

Knockout Pain: Burrows into the ground, approaches a target, and suddenly extends its spines without warning. (Instant Sleep, regular Sleep if low on stamina)

Rapid-Fire Funnel: Takes two slithering steps back, roars, and fires three whirlwinds in quick succession. One goes to the left, one to the right, and then one to the center.(Fireblight)

Roar: Unlike the regular Gobul, the Smoky Gobul can produce a deafening roar when enraged. It will puff up its back, open its mouth, and release the roar. Can be blocked with Earplugs.

G-Rank Onwards

Sleep Spines: The Smoky Gobul can now leave spines behind on the ground when it does its Pincushion attack. They vanish after a short amount of time. (Regular Sleep)

Roll-Funnel Combo: Performs a Rolling Pincushion and then immediately burrows into the ground. It will then perform a Rapid-Fire Funnel attack. (Regular Sleep, Fireblight)



Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire +15
  • Water -10
  • Thunder -15
  • Ice +5
  • Earth +10
  • Sky (0)
  • Dragon -5

Skills: Recovery Speed +1, Negate Stun, Status Atk +1, Demonic Protection


Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire +15
  • Water -10
  • Thunder -15
  • Ice +5
  • Earth +10
  • Sky (0)
  • Dragon -5

Skills: Recovery Speed +2, Negate Sleep, Status Atk +1, Demonic Protection


Sword + Shield

Wolfsbane --> Gorgon's Bane --> Gorgon Slayer --> Gorgon Slayer+ --> Baleful Gorgonripper --> Baleful Gorgonfire:

Dual Blades

Smoky Sleepswords --> Smoky Slumberers --> Smoked Slumberswords --> Smokebane Slumbersword --> Smokebane Slumbersword+ --> Smokeslumber Firebane:


Hypnotizing Lotus --> Chloro Lotus --> Chloroflorm Blossom --> Chlorine Oleander --> Chlorine Oleander+ --> Chlorofire Oleander


Slumber Lance --> Shadowy Slumberspear --> Shadowed Slumberstabber --> Stabbing Shadow --> Stabbing Shadow+ --> Shadowspiked Slumberpike


  • The upgraded Sword and Shield gets its name from a Greek monster that could turn victims to stone. The upgraded Hammer's name comes from "chloroform".
    • Its fully-upgraded weapons possess two elements - Fire and Sleep.
  • Its lantern produces a red flash of light instead of a blue one.
  • There exists an Event Quest in which you can hunt a giant Augite Gobul.
  • Render and icon by Joe333red.