Sigtrel by Narwhaler
Titles Seawind Bird
Nicknames Seagull
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Foaming Cliffs
Size Small
Relatives Sigtrel
Signature Move Peck
Elements None
Ailments Element Water
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator Narwhaler
Sigtrel are small Bird Wyverns that live at the coastline.


Sigtrel have the body structure of a Pterosaur, more specifically a Rhamphorhynchus. Their size is rather small, similar to Remobra, and their bodies are covered in white plumage with grey markings. They have a small crest on the head and their beak has a small protrusion, the light blue eyes and dark markings on its face take after a gannet. Their wings are wide, with a single claw to move through the cliffs, despite having webbings on the wings, they're covered with big feathers for flight too. Sigtrel's feathery tails work as rudder.


Sigtrel are adapted to living at the cliffs of the shoreline around numerous areas, they build their nests in the apertures of the cliffs or in the foliage growing on them. They have a single claw on each wing that helps them and the chicks to move through their steep home. They mostly feed on fish and other animals like crabs, but also on the carcasses of dead sea monsters that beach. They are known for being very aggressive towards hunters for getting near to their nests.


Sigtrel are able to fly for long periods of time thanks to their wings and the air currents that are common on the shore, that's why they're usually called Seawind Birds.

They can fly at high speed and catch fish with their beaks or claws. If threatened they can also spit saltwater that they store in a special organ located in the maw, but this only happens in rare occasions.


Icon Name Description
Monster Parts Icon White Sigtrel Feather A beautiful feather from a Sigtrel's wing, light as the air.
Fish Icon Orange Sushifish A fatty, delicious fish that restores a small amount of Health when consumed.
Bone Icon Yellow Monster bone S A very useful material; indispensable for both hunting and daily life.