Sicarapax Render by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Ancient Spark Bird
Nicknames ???
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Ancestral Steppe, Deserted Island, Verdant Hills, Arctic Ridge, Marshlands, Misty Peaks, Heavens Mount, Jungle, Jurassic Frontier, Everwood, Primal Forest, Great Forest, Tundra, Frozen Seaway, Flooded Forest, Old Jungle, and Primal Coastline
Size Large
Relatives Torveneros
Signature Move ???
Elements Element Thunder Thunder
Ailments Severe Thunderblight Thunderblight
Severe Thunderblight Severe Thunderblight (HR only)
Status Paralysis Paralysis
Status Blastblight Blastblight
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Dragon Dragon
Creator Nrex117


Sicarapax is a large and surprisingly agile Bird Wyvern that has a build similar to another famous wyvern called Seregios, but these similarity's evolved due to convergent evolution and similar lifestyles. These wyverns are infamous for their intelligence and powerful legs adorned with sickle like killing claws that they use to pin down prey. Their hind limbs have sometimes been referred to as second wings, but this statement is false as they don't serve much purpose in flight and are adorned with feathers for display purpose alone. Their tails end in a fan of feathers that aid them in flight. Their entire body is covered in a coat of feathers and explosive conductive quills. Their feathers are a silver in color with their quills being a light blue color and their underside and being a dark grey color.

They are known to pick fights with other members of their species and even other large monsters, currently it is unknown as to why they do this. They are known to adorn their nests with the body parts of other monsters to impress their mates.


Sicarapax are excellent fliers and are even known to engage other wyverns in combat during flight! Sicarapax are known to produce large amounts of electricity and they have hollow modified quill like stuctures that can conduct and store the large amounts of energy and explode and can be used to form traps to aid in hunts. They have powerful wings that aid them well in flight and unlike most wyvern species their wings are composed of blade like feathers rather then skin. They have thick coats of feathers the warms Sicarapax in cold climates and cools them in warm climates. The strength and sharpness of a Sicarapax talons is strong enough to crush solid rock.

In-Game Description

Sicarapax Icon by Narwhaler These majestic bird wyverns are powerful and cunning and are known for their mastery of the thunder element, explosive quills and their fearsome talons, they have on occasion been seen to prey upon far larger monsters in gangs making hunting these beasts only for the most experienced of hunters.



  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Bird Feet
  • Infraorder: Wing Runners
  • Family: Sicarapax

Habitat Range

Although once native only to the Primal Coastline Sicarapax have since spread far and wide, they are able to thrive in a vast array of habitats thanks to their insulating coats of feathers that can keep them warm in even in the coldest of tundras and cool in the most sun baked deserts. They tend to frequent rocky or hilly areas and are quite adept at climbing.

Ecological Niche

Sicarapax are macro-carnivores that require large territory. Due to their capability of living in a number of different environments, Sicarapax compete with a large number of other large predators including monsters such as Tigrex, Astalos and Yian Garuga which are fearsome predators themselves, but they most take care as Sicarapax is quite dangerous itself. There is an interesting trait that Sicarapax has evolved, in some circumstances they are known to form loosely organized packs or gangs to bring down larger more powerful prey they normally wouldn't hunt while solitary, in these gangs they have been known to hunt other large monsters such as the Monoblos, Diablos, Doramboros, Gammoth and even some of the smaller elder dragon species on rare occasion, but events like these are extremely rare and often end up in feeding frenzies. Sicarapax when not in their fearsome mobs tend to specialize on smaller prey such as Kelbi, Bullfango and Anteka.


Sicarapax are generally calm monsters compared to other macro-carnivores and generally spend their time roaming their territory, but this behavior quickly changes when they sense other large predatory monsters in their land causing them to attack relentlessly the intruder, the only other large predatory monsters they tolerate is their own kind. During the mating season males will build nests out of various materials including rocks, tree limbs and other monsters body parts to impress the larger females. They are attracted to large amounts of energy which often leads them into conflicts with other thunder element wielding monsters and some towns and citys.


Gore - Sicarapax rears up on one leg and gores the hunters with its other legs powerful sickle claw and talons dealing moderate damage.

Bite - Sicarapax lunges at the hunter with its powerful maw full of blade like teeth, dealing low damage.

Discharge - Sicarapax discharges large amounts of electricity from its quills dealing high damage to the hunter and inflicting thunderblight and paralysis.

Thunder trap - Sicarapax flings its conductive quills towards them hunter creating a electric barrier that can stun the hunter if they trip it, deals low damage but inflicts paralysis and thunderblight.

Hunting projectiles - Sicarapax will fire its explosive quills towards the hunter and inflict blastblight.

Carpet Bomb - Sicarapx flies over a hunter and drops multiple quills that land on the ground and explode inflicting blastblight and dealing moderate damage to hunters.

Arial ambush - Sicarapax will take to the air and circle the hunter before diving towards them with open talons.

Arial pounce - Sicarapax will take to the air and pin the hunter to the ground, if the hunter doesn't escape it deals very high damage.

Arial tail whip - Sicarapax will take to the air and flip hitting hunters with its tail.

Tail whip - Sicarapax will electrify its tail quills and smash the hunter with them dealing moderate damage and paralysis and thunderblight.

Enraged Only Attacks

Spark pulse - Sicarapax will fire electric pulses towards hunters that when striking the ground create a surge of electric sparks dealing high damage and inflicts thunderblight.

Charged beam - Sicarapax will charge up energy and fire a high powered energy beam at foes that can one hit hunters if hit directly and give of sparks that inflict paralysis and severe thunderblight.

Punch - Sicarapax will bash the hunter with its wing talons dealing moderate damage and knocking them back.

Light Pulse - Sicarapax charges a bolt of electricity causing and explosion and dealing low damage to the hunter but causes instant paralysis to anything in the area unless blocked.

Voltic charge - Sicarapax will charge towards the hunter encased in energy dealing high damage and severe thunderblight.

Blast sweep - Sicarapax will take to the air and spin spreading its explosives quills all around the area exploding on impact and will inflict blastblight to hunters hit by them.


Low Rank Carves:

Feather Icon White


Sicarapax Feather: An insulating feather plucked from the body of Sicarapax, it is surprisingly durable.

Wing Icon White


Sicarapax Wing: A powerful feather covered wing that aids Sicarapax in flight and conquering the skies.

Hide Icon Grey


Sicarapax Hide: An durable and insulating rubber like hide that is covered in conductive feathers.

Claw Icon Blue


S. Sickle Claw: A powerful and incredibly sharp talon from a Sicarapaxs leg, able to crush steel!

Feather Icon Light Blue


Sicarapax Quill: A conductive quill filled with explosive dander used to transfer powerful bursts of energy towards prey.

Scale Icon Grey


Sicarapax Scale: A scale carved from the legs, despite its dull color it glimmers beautifully in light!

High Rank Carves:

Bone Icon White


Sicarapx Wishbone: A bone that holds the massive flight muscles of Sicarapax.

Claw Icon Teal


S. Sickle Claw +: A larger more extravagant sickle claw.

Feather Icon Teal


Sicarapax Quill +: A fine example of a conductive quill can explode with enough force .

Monster Parts Icon White


Sicarapax Head: A mighty head carved from a Sicarapax body, proves your worth as a hunter.

Sac Icon Teal


S. Lightbolt Organ: The energy producing organ found inside a Sicarapax chest.

Feather Icon White


Sicarapax Feather+: A large feather found on a Sicarapax body.

Non-Subspecies Variants



  • Sicarapax sounds.
  • Its weakness is fire, but it also has a slight weakness to the dragon element.
  • When enraged their quills stand up and emit sparks similar to tesla coils.
  • When low on stamina, they become slower, trip during certain attacks and fail to use projectile attacks.
    • They will prey on herbivores like Aptonoth, Kelbi, and Bullfango when low on stamina.
    • They will also feed on smaller predators like Corvolos or Velociprey when low on stamina.
  • They are based on Microraptors, Yi Qi and Harris's hawk.
  • Like Microraptor their legs are covered in flight feathers, but unlike them they server little purpose in flight.
  • Their skill in flight is only rivaled by their own naturally fighting ability.
  • They are attracted to large amounts of electricity, which often leads them to conflicts with other monsters that use the thunder elements.

Battle Theme

MHFO 2012 Anniversary OST Disc 3 - 15 - Swamp Battle (HR100)

MHFO 2012 Anniversary OST Disc 3 - 15 - Swamp Battle (HR100)

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