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Titles The Black Emperor, The Wrath of a whole World
Nicknames Shruki, Shrunky
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Colossal Cliff
Size Gigantic
Relatives None
Signature Move Coming soon...
Elements Element Fire Element Dragon Element Black Flame
Ailments Element Fire Status Possession
Weaknesses Element Dragon Element Water
Creator User:Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
The Shurikanotus is a new Elder Dragon, that is not related to any known Elder Dragon.  


These Dragons are a mystery. There are no founded sighting reports, and as such, not even one of these beasts has been seen for decades.

They are pitch black on their entire body, not even one scale is different. Their crooked and bent-upwards horns are glossy black and their claws look like if they were made of pure silver. Their most distinctive features are their glowing blue eyes. These eyes look like glaciers, and the dragons appear to be capable to look right into your soul, piercing through your mind and destroying every wall they find inside your thoughts. Some say you can even hear them speak in your inner thoughts.  

Their size is incredible, and it is a mystery, how these dragons manage to reach their incredible speed.  


In its first phase the dragon is slow and does not fly at all. It behaves very passively and only attacks slowly. However, it gets enraged pretty fast and this rage will last very long. While enraged it attacks like Gogmazios and Miralis.

Its two other phases are described better by the attacks. Fast paced flying attacks, elemental bursts and so on.


In addition to their strange, literally mind-blowing abilities, these Dragons have learned how to perfectly control the Black Flame Element. Some say their power comes directly from their brain, some claim that they have a special organ, located in their throats.


In the Ancient Times, only one of these Dragons was born every thousand years. They were extremely rare, and as such, every scientist of the Ancient Civilization was drooling over knowing more about them. There were many old stories going around, some claiming that the dragons were able to speak and praising their human-like intelligence, while others were cursing them, saying that they were dumb and aggressive.

After some research done by today's scientists, they found out, that the Shurikanotus played a big role in the Great Dragon War. One Shurikanotus teamed up with the Fatalis brethren and they destroyed half of the land together. However, one day, the Fatalis brethren realized that the Shurikanotus would collect all their glory - since the average Shuri is much bigger than a Fatalis and also stronger than Black and Crimson, and it is believed to be smarter - and blew out its hiding spot. The Shurikanotus fled, but was eventually killed by human soldier, who got help by the Black Fatalis. Since then, all Shurikanotus are born with an immense hatred for both Fatalis and human beings. Every Shurikanotus is wandering through the land, only to find the mighty Fatalis brethren.


MH4-Question Mark Icon An ancient beast with a hatred for Fatalis. The only thing known about it is narrated in this old poem:

Piercing your soul with one glance

His mind won't let you stand a chance

Ending your life with one slash

The last thing you see is a black flash


Phase 1

Phase 1 Cutscene

  • Area: Colossal Cliff
  • Synopsis: The sky is clear and sunny, no wind, no clouds, nothing. Suddenly, the flapping of huge wings can be heard, as the area suddenly darkens. A huge paw is seen touching the ground and as the Black Emperor lands a high pitched roar is heard. The hunter enters, however, he/she doesn't know that the Dragon already awaits her. The room the hunter is in is dark and thus he/she lights a torch. Suddenly, something inside the room moves. The hunter looks up to see the "roof" shiver and wiggle as it slowly moves to one side. As the hunter slowly realizes what happens, something grabs his/her mind. The hunter feels the power and hatred of a hundred dragons, concentrated in his/her mind. Suddenly, his/her mouth opens and an ominous laughter is heard - the dragon laughs through the hunter! Two icy blue eyes pierce through the darkness, staring at the hunter. As the hunter manages to break free from the dragon's grab, the Shurikanotus roars and the hunt begins.

Phase 1 Battle

The first phase starts with the dragon being very slow and passive, attacking almost like Gogmazios or even Lao-Shan Lung. However, even though the Dragon does not consider the hunter to pose a threat towards it, it does find him/her annoying. As such, it can already perform very powerful attacks, although rarely.

  • Roar: Stands on all fours, roaring in the fashion of Gore Magala/ Gogmazios. This roar can send hunters flying.
  • Paw Scrape: Lifts one paw and drags it over the ground. This can cause firebligth, as the claws may ignite when dragged over stone.
  • Body Slam: Lifts its upper body up and slams it onto the ground with great force. This causes very high damage and Dragon Wind.
  • Reverse Slam: Raises its tail and whole lower body, slamming it down. This causes quakes. and can even make the ledge where the Ballistae are collapse.
  • Bite!: Swings its head forward multiple times, chomping everything in its path.
  • Tail Slash: Smashes its tail on the ground, trying to pierce anything in its way with the spikes on its tip.
  • Wing Flap: Flaps its wings, causing dirt and stones to hit the hunter. This causes Dragonwind and 
  • Charge: Charges in the manner of Gogmazios, however, it does not finish it up with rearing, instead it may even turn around.
  • Horn Charge: Lowers its head and rams anything in its path, finishing the charge with an upswinging of its head. 
  • Fireball: The Dragon will spit a fireball in the fashion of 4th-Gen Crimson Fatalis. The fireball explodes when hitting something.
  • The Emperor's Possession: When a hunter gets too close to the Dragon's head, it will start to stare at the hunter. If the hunter does not manage to get away in time, the dragon will grab his/her mind. Laughing loudly through the hunter's mouth, the dragon forces him/her to crouch and cover his/her head with the hands. This acts like a pin, causing high damage over time, as the dragon's power tries to kill the hunter.
  • Firewall: Charges up a flame in its mouth and spits it into the ground, constantly flapping its enormous wings. The fire already causes extremely high damage but if the attack isn't interrupted, the constant flapping of its wings will increase the firewall until the flames engulf the dragon's body. This does not harm it, working like an extremely powerful version of Teostra's flame aura. This aura lasts for approximately five minutes.
Phase 1 Victory Conditions
  • The Shurikanotus must have lost a minimum of 15% of its health.
  • The hunter must have broken free of the mental grab at least thrice.
Phase 1 Failure Conditions
  • The hunter faints thrice.
  • The Victory Conditions aren't met within 20 minutes.

Phase 1 Failure Cutscene

  • Doesn't play when the hunter faints.

The dragon grabs the mind of the hunter once more, speaking through his/her mouth: "HAHAHAHAHAAA! YOU ARE A FAILURE!! Noone of your kind will ever beat us again!! NEVER!! NEVEEEEER!!" While speaking, the dragon starts lifting itself up into the air, flying away, searching for the next city where it can get revenge.

Phase 1 Victory/Phase 2 Cutscene

The dragon flinches and falls to the ground, closing its eyes. The hunter approaches one eye, checking if he/she really won. Suddenly, the eye opens violently. The slit pupils are bigger than the hunter itself, the glow is more intense. Dragon suddenly surges around its horns and mouth, the intense rage it is now in has changed its elements. The dragon roars, now more distorted and deep, flaps its wings and lifts itself up into the air. The hunt continues.

Phase 2

Phase 2 Battle

Now the Dragon gets enraged for the first time. The intro starts the fight off with the dragon flying, which means that it can now use every flying attack, but it mostly begins with it using its strongest flying attack. When on the ground, the dragon can use all of its Phase 1 Attacks, some, however, altered.

  • Flying Roar: Like Rathalos it performs a roar in mid-air. This roar can not only send hunters flying, but it also spawns three large dragon orbs around it. These orbs are burning hot and inflict both Dragon and Fireblight.
  • Dragon Orbs: Now when performing any of its Phase 1 Attacks, the aforementioned orbs spawn around it and hit the hunters. Even though they're very similar to those of Stygian Zinogre, they fly in curved paths and are not as exact in hitting the hunter. Depending on how heavy the attack is, there may be up to five orbs.
  • Advanced Paw Scrape: Now the claws are covered in dragon energy and deal more damage than before.
  • Wing Flap: The wing flap now sends six (!) orbs directly at one hunter.
  • Draconian Wall: Its firewall now is replaced by a huge beam of dragon element. The beam also randomly spawns the dragon orbs, which will not fly away but explode heavily. The Dragon Element covers the Shurikanotus's body, acting like the Flame Aura, but also enhancing the Dragon Orbs released by the Dragon's horns.
  • Dragon for Fire: Now the Fireball is replaced by a dragon beam.
  • Flying Charge: Charges through the air like a Gore Magala, however; it can do this up to four times in a row and at an incredible speed. The winds caused by this send hunters flying.
  • Chomp it!: The dragon lands, breathing in large amounts of air. As it does so, it starts flapping its wings again, flying high up into the sky. Still breathing, it starts to fly circles around the hunter, each one faster than the one before, releasing numerous dragon orbs. It then flies even higher, folds its wings to its body and falls down with its mouth snapping through the air. When it catches the hunter with its mouth, it lands, resulting in a pin attack, however, this won't last long, as the sheer force of the attack can already cause a faint. When it doesn't, it will land as well, however, instead of continuing with usual attacks, it will follow this up with a possession attack.
  • I'll show you!: The dragon roars and flies directly at the hunter. It won't pin him/her, but instead tries to knock the hunter down with the winds caused by it. After that it flies up and fires a beam of dragon element down onto the floor. This goes on and on, until the whole floor is covered by a huge, burning "carpet" of energy. The Shurikanotus then snaps its jaws together and growls, making the energy explode with great force. Hunters can only evade this by either diving twice (which is almost impossible), performing a Perfect Evade or standing behind the Ballistae, as they're on a ledge.
  • Advanced Possession: Starts like the usual Emperor Possession, however, now the hunter actually helps the Shurikanotus if it's a hunting party. If not, the Dragon makes the hunter come closer to its mouth. When close enough, the hunter must break free, if not he/she will faint. The dragon snaps its jaws together twice, making two large Dragon Orbs appear on each side of its face. The hunter won't be able to break free at this point and the two orbs crash into his/her body, causing fatal damage. If this doesn't make the Hunter faint already, the dragon hisses and throws the hunter away, making him/her crash into a nearby boulder, knocking him/her out.
  • Black Death: Rears up and flies into the sky like MH4U White Fatalis, circling around the area. It releases multiple orbs and a cloud of black steam, darkening the area. The area is now pitch black, the only light coming from the orbs and the dragon's blue eyes. The hunter can only prevent what's coming by firing the ballista on the dragon's wings. If not successful, the dragon fires a large burst of dragon energy that breaks through the dust cloud, blinding the hunter, as the sunlight suddenly is back. The dragon uses this to its advantage and makes the spawned orbs go after him/her. It will then crash into the floor, causing quakes.
  • Flying Claw Swipe: Drags its forelegs over the ground, sharpening its claws and thus igniting them. It then swipes its paws in front of it multiple times, lifting itself up and charges through the air swiping its claws around, attempting to hit anything in its way. It finishes this attack with either a pin or an Advanced Possession. 
  • Black Plague: It will perform the regular Black Death attack, however, it attempts to break the entire cliff off with it. It launches the dragon orbs into the ground, and also - if the Ballistae are still there - breaks the ledge with the Ballistae off and launches it into the ground before crash landing onto the floor.. If it succeeds and the cliff falls, depending on how much health the hunter has, the quest will end either like a Subquest or fail, if the hunter does not survive the fall into the water. This attack can only be prevented if the hunter makes the dragon fall with the ballistae fired into its chest, a mount in the right moment.or throwing a knive into the dragon's chest before it crashes into the floor.
Phase 2 Victory Conditions
  • The Shurikanotus must have lost a minimum of 45% of its health.
  • The finisher must be prevented.
Phase 2 Failure Conditions
  • The hunter faints thrice.
  • The Black Plague attack is successful. 

Phase 2 Failure Cutscene

  • Plays right as the Dragon crashes into the ground, if not prevented.

The cliff crashes and slowly falls to the ground. The dragon flaps its wings, still staring at the hunter, hissing and roaring. The hunter desperatley tries to get to the base camp, running and jumping over the falling rocks. As the cliff finally collapses, the hunter falls into the water. If he/she has enough health, the quest will finish like a Subquest, rewarding one item. If the hunter had less than 50% before the cutscene started. he/she will faint and the quest fails with him/her unconscious in the water.

Phase 2 Victory/Phase 3 Cutscene

The dragon crashes into the ground, falling and screaming in pain. The hunter sees the dragon's wounded chest. Suddenly, the wound starts to glow blue, like the dragon's eyes. As the hunter realises that he/she needs to get away as quickly as possible. Hiding behind a rock, the hunter sees the Black Emperor's final transformation. 

Its eyes now start to glow more intense, being almost white, however, the black pupil now is deep blue. Its chest wound starts to glow deep blue and light blue flames surge around its horns and mouth, replacing the dragon element. As the hunter stands up, a huge explosion of black flames throws him/her to the ground. The dragon stands up, shakes its head, flaps its wings and roars. The last phase has started.

Phase 3

Phase 3 Battle

Victory Conditions
Failure Conditions

Repel Cutscene

Death Cutscene

Final Cutscene

Music Themes

Two Steps From Hell - Fire Nation03:02

Two Steps From Hell - Fire Nation

Phase 1

Immediate Music - Novus Arcana - Epic Fast-Paced Choral03:08

Immediate Music - Novus Arcana - Epic Fast-Paced Choral

Phase 2

Two Steps From Hell - To Glory04:36

Two Steps From Hell - To Glory

Final Phase


  • Name, abilities and look based off Shruikan from the Inheritance Franchise.

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