Shrouded Forest
Name Shrouded Forest
Japanese Name 死衣森林
"An ancient area that was created ages ago by man. Now nature has reclaimed this once lost forest and covered it with fog and mist to keep it hidden."
Area No. 10
Hazards Poisonous puddles
Small monsters Aptonoth, Bnahabra, Kelbi, Konchu, Ioprey, Ludroth, Slagtoth, Wroggi
Big monsters Barroth, Baruragru, Chameleos, Congalala, Emerald Congalala, Deviljho, Savage Deviljho, Duramboros, Great Wroggi, Gypceros, Purple Gypceros, Iodrome, Malfestio, Nargacuga, Nerscylla, Plesioth, Green Plesioth, Rathian, Dreadqueen Rathian, Royal Ludroth, Purple Ludroth, Seltas, Seltas Queen, Shogun Ceanataur, Yian Garuga, Yian Kut-ku, Blue Yian Kut-ku
Creator/s MonsterHunterFlacko
Icon {{{Icon}}}
Climate Boreal
Weather Rain
Secret Areas 1
Aquatic Areas 1
Shortcuts 1

The Shrouded Forest (Japanese 死衣森林) is a forested area usually covered in thick fog and mist.


  • Base Camp: The Base Camp is at the base of a massive tree. Several thick roots encompass the area like a sort of cage. Near the entrance to the next area is a stone structure with a circular section cut out.
  • Area 1: A wide area with a lot of trees and several puddles. Aptonoth, Kelbi, or Slagtoth can be found here. Two passageways leads to Areas 2 and 3 respectively.
  • Area 2: Many small trees and mushrooms can be growing within the shade of larger trees. The roots of said larger trees protrude slightly from the ground. A way leads to Area 4.
  • Area 3: Another forested area with a big puddle of mud. The passageway brings you to Area 6.
  • Area 4: A forest area with a glade where mushrooms and herbs are scattered throughout. There are also a few poisonous puddle so watch your step. There a few bug gathering spots in this area. Area 8 can be reached from here.
  • Area 5: Area 5 is partly forested with a large pond. Plesioth, Green Plesioth, and Royal Ludroth are commonly found here. Hunters are able to swim in the pond. This area leads to area 7
  • Area 6: This area of a massive, fallen tree than has been hollowed out, forming a sort of cave. The passageway goes up to Area 8.
  • Area 7: This area is at the exit of the trees and includes the last part of the tree and another glade similar to the one in Area 4. Stone structures similar to the one in the base camp can be found here. Poisonous puddles are strewn through the area. The passageway leads to Area 8.
  • Area 8: Another huge tree can be found here, with the roots forming multiple ridges in the ground . The passageway leads to Area 9.
  • Area 9: Area 9 is inside the tree in Area 8. Several shelves and ledges allows for climbing up to area 10
  • Area 10: The top of the tree. It is a large platform of sorts with several branches. The branches can be traversed. Following off the branches will cause you to fall down to Area 9.
  • Secret Area: The secret area can only be reached by starting at it. It is hollowed out section of the tree seen in the base camp. Rare herbs and bones can be found here. Jumping down leads to Area 4


  • In Areas 4 and 7, there are large pools of poisonous liquids similar to those in the Primal Forest. You will remain poisoned as long as you stand in the pool and the poison will last for approximately 60 seconds after stepping out of the pool. Taking an Antidote will instantly cure the poison.

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