Titles Carapaceon of the Dark
Nicknames Shra
General Info
Species Carapaceon
Habitats Snowy Mountains, Tundra, Frozen Seaway, Shadowy Cavern, White Lake, Polar Sea
Size Medium
Relatives None
Signature Move Dark Spray
Elements Element Darkness
Ailments N/A
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator MegaBeedrill
Shrabo are Carapaceons that utilize the Darkness element. Its first appearance is Monster Hunter Supremacy and it is encountered a High Rank and above.


Shrabo's body is oval shaped and is black with tiny white stripes. On both sides of its body are three legs, sharing the same colour scheme as the body. It also has two giant pincers at the near the front of its body. Its tiny, white eyes are located at the front of its body. Unlike other Carapaceons, the Shrabo does not have a shell on its back. It is roughly the same height as Damiyo Hermitaur, but it is wider than a Rathalos.


Shrabo can use pincer attacks, use dark clouds to weaken foes, and use a variety of other attacks.

Attack Description
Pincer Swipe The Shrabo swipes the

hunter with one of its


Pincer Smash The Shrabo smashes

one of its pincers on

the hunter.

Surprise Smash The Shrabo clings to the ceiling,

then smashes down onto the hunter.

Dark Spray The Shrabo covers the area in the Dark element.

Does little damage over time.

Pincer Trap The Shrabo jumps at a hunter and catches them with its pincers.

Then, it sprays Dark element on the trapped hunter.


Shrabo only live in cold environments and caves, because of the height advantages and because Shrabo cannot live in heated environments.

In-Game Info (MHS)

Shrabo are Carapaceons that live in cold and dark environments. Utilizing its ability to stick to surfaces, it confuses and outsmarts opponents. It also can cover entire areas with darkness by spraying clouds of the Darkness element.

Materials and Carving Chances


Shrabo Scale+: 30% body carve

Description: A black scale with white stripes. Filled with darkness.

Shrabo Carapace: 20% body carve

Description: A black carapace with white stripes. Not the most durable.

Shrabo Pincer: 14% body carve

Description: A huge, black pincer. Darkness surges through it.

Shrabo Leg: 33% body carve

Description: A slender, black leg. Thin, but strong.

Shrabo Gem: 3% body carve

Description: A rare gem from a Shrabo. Contains dark powers from within.


Shrabo Shard: 30% body carve

Description: A sturdy, black scale with white stripes. Contains traces of dark power within.

Shrabo Cortex: 20% body carve

Description: A pitch black shell with white stripes. Considered by some to be flimsy.

Shrabo Pincer+: 14% body carve

Description: A towering, shadowy pincer. Filled with darkness.

Shrabo Leg+: 33% body carve

Description: A thin, dark leg. Looks flimsy, but is quite strong.

Shrabo Gem: 3% body carve

Description: A rare gem from a Shrabo. Contains dark powers from within.


Shrabo Shard+: 30% body carve

Description: A durable black scale with white stripes. Filled to the brim with darkness.

Shrabo Plastron: 20% body carve

Description: A deep black shell with white stripes. When compared to other shells, it may come off as weak.

Shrabo Ripper: 14% body carve

Description: A massive, intimidating pincer. Can incapacitate monsters in one hit.

Shrabo SuperLeg: 33% body carve

Description: A flimsy-looking leg. May come off as weak, but can hold up most things with ease.

Shrabo Shadowgem: 3% body carve

Description: A treasured gem from a Shrabo. Contains dark power greater than usual darkness.


Shrabo are quite cowardly, as they usually run away instead of facing danger head on.

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