Titles None
Nicknames None
General Info
Species Fish
Habitats Underwater environments
Size Small
Relatives Fish
Signature Move None
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator Narwhaler
A Shoal is a special type of monster, it's basically a group of fish that behaves as a single monster in a similar way to a Great Thunderbug.


The shoal is composed by 6 little fish, the fish species changes depending on the area. Shoals just swim around water areas, ignoring hunters and monsters alike. Some monsters prey on them to regain stamina.

How to kill a shoal

A shoal can be "killed" in two ways, if the hunter hits a shoal with a normal weapon the fish that shape it will scatter and disappear, sometimes leaving a shiny drop.

When the hunter hits a shoal with a harpoon, three fish of the shoal will die while the other ones will scatter. Then the hunter can carve the shoal once obtaining different materials depending on the fish species of the shoal.

Fish species

The fish species that are found as a shoal are:

  • Trops (Angelfish). Colourful and exotic fish with a beautiful shape, found in tropical saltwater.
  • Gnel (Scorpionfish). Spiky red fish with heatproof scales, found in volcanic waters.
  • Argix (Deepsea hatchetfish). Creepy but harmless, bioluminiscent fish, found in abyssal waters.
  • Kibba (Knife fish). Calm and oddly shaped fish, found in tropical freshwater.
  • Lwapi (Grayling). Fast and nutritive fish found in cold waters.