Shadowmarcher Bladigo
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Titles Shadow Clone Wyvern
Nicknames Cloning King of the Shadowy Winds
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Jurassic Frontier
Size 2246.53 cm
Relatives Rathian, Rathalos, Bladigo
Signature Move Shadow Illusion
Elements Shadow, Dragon
Ailments Dragonblight, Shadowblight
Weaknesses Dragon
Creator Scholarworld
Shadowmarcher Bladigo (Shadow Clone Master Burajigo in Japanese) are dangerous, incredibly hostile Deviants of Bladigo.


Shadowmarcher Bladigo is almost exactly similar to Bladigo, except for the fact that it now has the color scheme of Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern).

In-Game Information

Shadowmarcher Bladigo has a terrifying ability to clone itself. But fear not, has these clones go down in one hit and it can only spawn four of them. However, they disintegrate when their death animation is complete.

Quest Info

The Shadow Trial

Objective: Hunt the Shadowmarcher Bladigo

Subquest: Take down all of the Shadowmarcher Bladigo's clones without any reappearing.

Small Monsters: Larinoth, Maccao, Rhenoplos

Large Monsters: Shadowmarcher Bladigo

Location: Jurassic Frontier

Time Limit: 1 hour

Environment: Stable

Reward: 91000z

Client: Trialan, the Loc Lac City Cheif

Quest Info: I'm impressed with your capability to defeat Deviants. You've come so far; from the Drilltusk to the Massacre Demon. There is only one left. The Shadowmarcher. A dangerous entity, indeed. Be weary of it's attacks, and you will then be granted permission to hunt Elder Dragons.


Jurassic Frontier: Area 6

The hunter goes into the area and looks around, when suddenly 4 shadowy wyverns come rushing towards him/her. The hunter covers his/her eyes, waiting for the worst. No damage. He/she looks up and sees no sign of the shadowy monsters anywhere. Only one seems to remain. Suddenly, 4 other shadowy wyverns appear. They all turn around and charge. The battle with the Shadowmarcher Bladigo begins.


Eats meat to heal.

All the clones go down in one hit. The real problem is that they have the same powers and attacks as the real Shadowmarcher Bladigo, and when any of them are paintballed, all of them, including the actual one, are marked.

Shadowmarcher Bladigo
Icon Needed A shadowy deviant that can clone itself. According to legend, it was born when a hunter that had a grudge of Bladigos in which no one knows why created a special, deadly potion in which he used against a Bladigo. The Bladigo, however, harnessed the power. The fate of the hunter was not said.

Natural Behavior

It's behavior is quite similar to Bladigo, except for the fact that it now is unable to use Whetstones to power up it's attack. It also has a new ailment called Shadowblight in which, if you stay idle for 2 minutes, you will be defeated. It stays in effect even after being brung back to camp. The only way to cure it is to eat a Nulberry.

Carves and Breakable parts

Bladelike appendages.



Scales (X10)

Shadowy Appendages: A part from a Shadowmarcher Bladigo's bladelike appendage. It can be used to make powerful weapons.

Shadow Scale: Scales from a Shadowmarcher Bladigo. It looks very similar to obsidian.

Ghostly Talons: Talons from a Shadowmarcher Bladigo. It can be used to make ammo for ballistas.

Shadowy Tooth: Teeth from a Shadowmarcher Bladigo. It's incredibly dark looking, and can be used to make special armor.


  • Shadowmarcher Bladigo's roar needs HG Earplugs to block.

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