Titles Electric Insect
Nicknames Sera
General Info
Species "Arachnacris gargantua"
Habitats Old Jungle, Jungle, Flooded Forest, Primal Forest, Great Forest, Everwood, Hermit Forest
Size 1168.13 cm
857.43 cm
Relatives None
Signature Move Electric Charge
Elements None
Ailments Status Paralysis Severe Thunderblight
Weaknesses Element Ice
Creator FreeWillyNilly
The Seragamtrife is a Neopteron. It resembles a member of the Tettigoniidae family of insects(such as katydids).

Physiology and Behavior

Seragamtrifes are medium-sized Neopterons, about the same size as a Great Wroggi. They have dull yellow carapaces and dull brown forelegs. The other four legs are grey with a faint green tint. Their wings are see-through. Their antennae are very long, but serve no purpose than warding off predators. Their carapaces have small holes located inside that absorb static electricity from the fur of the Kelbi and Bullfangoes they eat. When low on stamina, they fly to another area to kill and eat either a Kelbi or a Bullfango.

Aggressive for their size, they attack and kill anything even remotely smaller than them. These giant insects are relatively common in jungles and forests. Their diet consists of Kelbi and Bullfango, but they will eat the carcasses of dead large monsters if food is scarce.

Frenzied/Apex Behavior

Seragamtrifes can be infected with the Frenzy. Their carapaces change to grayish-purple and its forelegs darken in color, while its four other legs and its wings become tinted purple. The noises they make are now much lower in pitch.

The existence of an Apex Seragamtrife has not been confirmed.


A Seragamtrife can be carved four times, have its wings, head, and forelegs broken, and drop an item.

Note: Items are listed in order from most common to least common.

Low Rank

Icon Name Description
Carapace_Icon_Yellow.png Seragamtrife Shell The shell of a Seragamtrife. Used for storing electricity for use in combat.
Webbing_Icon_White.png Seragamtrife Wing The wing of a Seragamtrife. Prized by Smithies for use as an abrasive.
Carapace_Icon_Dark_Brown.png Seragamtrife Leg Shell The shell from a Seragamtrife's front leg. Covered in small, razor-sharp spines.
Monster_Parts_Icon_Yellow.png Seragamtrife Eye The eye of a Seragamtrife. So fragile that only an expert hunter can handle it without breaking it.

High Rank

Icon Name Description
Carapace_Icon_Yellow.png Seragamtrife Carapace A hard piece of exoskeleton that once served a Seragamtrife well. Electricity glows within the shell.
Webbing_Icon_White.png Seragamtrife Innerwing A vital organ that helps Seragamtrifes fly. It has strange properties when used as an abrasive.
Carapace_Icon_Dark_Brown.png Seragamtrife L.Carapace A hard piece of exoskeleton from a Seragamtrife's front leg. The tiny spines are used for defense.
Monster_Parts_Icon_Yellow.png Seragamtrife Eye+ The eye of a Seragamtrife. This eye has almost no fractures, making it extremely rare.
Monster_Parts_Icon_Yellow.png Seragamtrife Antenna A sensory organ from a Seragamtrife. Even when carved, this organ still twitches.

G Rank

Icon Name Description
Carapace_Icon_Yellow.png Seragamtrife Cortex A thick but shockingly light piece of exoskeleton with electricity stored inside. Just touching it is dangerous.
Webbing_Icon_White.png Seragamtrife Razorwing A fluid-filled wing that once beated at high speeds to grant the Seragamtrife flight.
Carapace_Icon_Dark_Brown.png Seragamtrife Leg Cortex A hard piece of exoskeleton from a formidable Seragamtrife's front leg. The tiny spikes can cause serious injury if not handled properly.
Monster_Parts_Icon_Yellow.png Seragamtrife Optic The compound eye of a Seragamtrife. This one has no damage to it, making this one vanishingly rare.
Monster_Parts_Icon_Yellow.png Seragamtrife Sensor The antenna of a Seragamtrife. This one flails around on occasion, as if it was still attached to the beast it came from.
Frenzy_Wyvern_Crystal_Dark_Blue.png Seragamtrife C.Essence The solidified blood of a Seragamtrife. Impossibly hard, blades made of it can slice diamonds.
Medicine_Icon_Dark_Blue.png Seragamtrife Essence The blood of a Seragamtrife. Previously unobtainable, as it rapidly becomes solid on contact with air.
Ball_Icon_Yellow.png Seragamtrife Pyrite Truly the gold of fools. There are rumors that say that if you sell this gem, the buyer is cursed with eternal misfortune.


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